Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rodin should make a sculpture of me.

Thanks so much to Soul Tangg, for awarding me the 'Thinking Blogger Award'. Gosh golly gee, that's awesome! I'm supposed to answer three questions, but I'm not going to because I vaguely remember answering these same questions in a previous survey I was tagged to complete.

What is the story behind the name of your blog and nickname??
What has been your best, and worst, blogging experience??
What do you think/want to happen to your blog in 2008???

A better question might be, "Does anyone actually read surveys anyways??"

Here are the bloggers I choose to tag:

Liebemarlene makes me think about the possibility of physical perfection. If it can be achieved then she’s damn near.

The Iron Chic makes me think about being awesome, funny and blogging about things un-related to fashion. Read her post on Canadian money. Or spiders. Currency and arachnids aren’t something I usually pay attention to, but the posts were hella good anyways!

Stararah makes me think about colour and experimenting with fashion. That sweater is nuts, and I would assume it should be worn with jeans or black pants. But Stararah wears is with teal skinnies, which make the outfit that much more unpredictable and fun!

Yonctopus makes me think about youth and adolescence. I think that a lot of youth in their early teens (myself included, when I was in my early teens) tend to be miserable buggers, but Yonctopus just seems to be having a lot of fun. Even if she likes My Chemical Romance…


the iron chic said...

Man!'re too nice!!!
I heart your blog too.
hmmm I've never answered these questions before....gotta go think.

Stararah said...

Ahh! Yay!
Thank youuuu!

Rhiannon said...

Physical perfection! Oh man, that's so far from true but I'll take the compliment anyway. :)

Thank you Isabel!!

N/OutofFashion said...

Congrats xx

Unrealized Fish said...

I like your blog and your style :)