Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stalking the Face Hunter

As the post title suggests, I was stalking Face Hunter today when I came across this guy. His pompadour hair style reminds me of Little Richard.

Little Richard is awesome. I dare you to listen to Tutti Frutti or Long Tall Sally and not have the urge to dance. I used to underestimate the power of classic 1950s R&B/Rock 'n' Roll so much, but my mind has really opened up now that I've started to learn about rock's history.

Also from the Face Hunter, I am making it my life's work to look like this girl. Her style is just a perfectly well co-ordinated mess. I love it.

...but I'd also add the badass factor of this girl to complete my ultimate 'look'. Gosh, she's pretty.

I'm actually very happy with my overall 'look', but it never hurts to shop around!


Jello on Springs said...

Long tall sally is great,if I remember correctly there was some guy who covered all of his songs and little richard made this one fast on purpose so he wouldn't be able to say the lyrics. I forgot who the guy was though. And yep it never hurts to borrow, that's why i love blogs, i like borrowing from other fashionable ladies.

Natasha said...

I do love early rock and roll. I am mad about Buddy Holly.

Amy said...

Um, the guy's hair is combed down... that's not a pompadour.

Mike said...

Thats Not a pompadour, its a greasy nerd mop.