Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cover your butt, American Apparel.

The weather is finally coming out of a deep freeze, which I am completely ecstatic about. Now I can skip about town wearing dresses tights and jackets - no hat or mitts! Oops, I just jinxed it.

For now I'll focus on spring-ifying my outfits with colourful tights/leggings before the weather turns nasty again. Everybody's legs have turned into every colour of the rainbow and I'm not one to deny it. I quite like the colourful legs trend, as it injects some colour into my predominantly black/grey wardrobe. A trip to American Apparel seems in order.

Royal blue!

Purple! I already have a purple bodysuit, but leggings would be much more comfortable and convenient!


White! There is massive hype about the ethereal innocent fairytale look of white tights for spring. I already own a pair of white tights and will tell you straight up that the tights feet become a gross brown after a couple wears. The solution to this 'dirty' problem is to remove the tight's feet from the equation - just wear white leggings!

Whoa, American Apparel makes 'winter leggings'? Why didn't anyone tell me that earlier! That being said, they were probably designed for L.A. winters and not Canadian winters.


alice said...

I love the colourful tights and leggings look too, it makes such a nice change to all the usual black and white you see everywhere.

Also, I added your blog to a list of my favourites on mine and my friends new blog, I hope you don't mind.

the iron chic said...

You know what though?
My old AA leggings have been worn and washed a million times and are still perfect.
Those new forest green ones I bought recently started falling apart after a few wears.
They changed the depth of the serging or something.
So annoying. rant rant

Catbert said...

I kind of hate leggings in general, but I like the American Apparel ones. Or at least I think they look cool on the website.
It's nice that they don't cut off mid calf so you can hide the fact that you are wearing leggings.
The colour variety is also a plus.

Rollergirl said...

Haven't been on here for ages as I've been away but DON'T GO! This is a lovely blog and I hate it when good bloggers leave!

Natasha said...

you are right, white tights feet are the worst.

Kristy said...

did you see this video American Apparel made with all of the colors of tights? i love it!

hannah said...

im loving the idea of white leggings under a summery dress. like you said, very ethereal.

i must try some on when i next visit aa.

Hope said...

I own those in teal and they're amazing. Maybe it's the color, I don't know.

They haven't started to crap out so I think I'll buy a few more pairs. said...

no kidding! those don't look wintery enough even for here in Vancouver. :-)

dianca_london said...

I have AA leggings in purple, red, blue, and of course black. The white ones are lovely, but I'm sloppy and I'm sure if I wore them I'd instantly get stains all over them. So much for ethereal. If I could I'd wear nothing but tshirts, AA leggings, and slip ons.

stupidcupcake said...

oh, the winter legging could come in handy right now. The weather in denmark is acting rather schizophrenic, going from bright sun one day to frosty snow over night! THIS IS NOT NORMAL IN MARCH!!

Anonymous said...

I think you deserve to shine in the blog world. I've only read about 3 or four of your latest and the first two months of your previous posts. It's an enjoyable and funny in an oft sarcastic, critical and somewhat self-deprecating way. I'll continue reading during my spare time. Your photos may not be as enticing and well-conceptualized as you think (I'm liking the leggings display and your header photo, so far), the kick-punch shows in your writing.

Not everyone who is good in what she does gets considerable recognition right away. For some, it takes quite a while before people do come around.

Now that you've accepted anonymous commenters like me, you know there are others out there rooting for you.

And if I may say so, your feedbacks on feedbacks will probably strengthen and increase your readership.

Write on, Isabel. :-)

Sally Jane said...

Those winter leggins are a lifesaver! I lived in them this winter (my first Pennsylvania winter).

timmy said...

Being a guy, I really dig the leggings trend. Waking up to girls on the subway wearing skin tight clothing is awesome. But srsly, the hype surrounding white tights is killing The Freedom of America©.

That being said, I'm not sure why I'm on here.

Anonymous said...

How nationalistic of me! Seems like this is a Canadian blog. Should I say "Freedom on Canada©"? And when did Canada get hipsters?

I should've known though, New Yorkers are way too ironic to name a blog "hipster musings". It would be called "deer latern" or something nonsensical. Nothing so obvious.

And no offense guys, just give up and become the 51st state. You know you want it!

Anonymous said...

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