Friday, March 14, 2008

Hole is the greatest.

A hearty, wholesome and home-cooked thank you to everyone's encouragement on the last post. It was by no means the last post ever on Hipster Musings, just an exploration and explanation of how I feel right now. I'll keep chugging away for now and see where the wind takes this little train. Your comments, playing violin and certain people truly keep me sane. I've baked you all cyber brownies and will try not to be bitter about not looking like this or getting as many comments as this.

Blog changes:
-Anonymous comments are now allowed, but I reserve the right to revoke this in case of incessant spam.
-Perhaps candid pictures will be posted more frequently, but it might be hard since I'm not exactly a regular on the party circuit. Unless you count the Rattlesnake...

For the first order of business, I would like to discuss yuppies.
Yuppies are awful people. They make lots of money, have no kids and eat at expensive restaurants. I waited on a table of 6 yuppies last night, and it made me sad to be human.

Dramatis Personae:
-two non-descript yuppies wearing black framed glasses (male and female)
-a French Damien Hirst lookalike named Frederic, who kept swirling his wine and then sniffing it.

-A gorgeous but anorexic blonde woman who barely touched her Coq au Vin and said things like ‘its good to deprive yourself of certain things, because then you remember how much you miss them.” It was painfully obvious she was talking about food.
-An unshaven neurotic man who probably hasn’t slept for days. It figures that he ordered an espresso at 9:30 p.m.
-A chubby ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ type, who came an hour later than everyone else. Is the comic relief without trying. Not saying that “Everybody Loves Raymond’ is actually funny, just that this guy was so sad to look at you had to laugh.

The meal for all six came to a cool $400. I think they split the bill.

The reason behind this yuppie tirade is: I hate rich people. I never want to be rich, because I’d just end up as a yuppie asshole who drank too much wine and said things like “I usually only eat sushi”, “I won’t see you until Okanagan [Valley]” or “let’s party old school”. Those quotes are dead serious, too.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm super super happy you're using anonymous comments now. I adore your blog. Seriously, please don't ever get rid of it. You have the best style ever and I love reading your writing. :)

the iron chic said...

"I won’t see you until Okanagan Valley"


Anonymous said...

i always think that it would e great to be rich and buy a pony but i'd be probably only "partying old school" though it sounds really supid.

i didn't know you play the violin ! i love the scherzino from toivo kuula, a finnish composer. i totally recommed it ♥

- happy anonymous

Yay My Journal Is Up said...

hmm last time I was here u're header was different. & I feel this header suits you blog way more, and doesn't throw of new posters.

Actually its okay to be rich, its just some rich snobs & cliche's giev the others a bad name. I know some kids that are truly down to earth, & insanely rich but you wouldn't know.

then again, some poor rogues give poor people a bad name.

u know what what, almost every group of people have some a bad name!

andbemyhero said...

haha, if I was rich enough I'd act like that just to get on peoples nerves. And then secretly laugh at everybody else, because i'm that nice (:

Anonymous said...

It's me CINDY!
Ok, so since I'm so REECH,
I should totally check out your restaurant sometime.
I love you and miss you so much!

Anonymous said...

First off, I just want to thank you; I've been reading your blog since about the time it started and I've always wanted to leave comments...and now I can! It's such liberating feeling to be able to respond to the great stuff you have to say.

I completely agree with the yuppie tirade, ESPECIALLY the part about the sushi. There are several sushi restaurants in my town, and I avoid them for two reasons: 1.) I hate sushi, and 2.) They're continuously packed with the bleached-white-collared-shirt-and-black-framed-glasses-wearing professional types. It's nauseating, really.

Great post, as per usual.
Keep on blogging...I think you have more support than you think.


Maddy said...

I know lots of nice rich people. I don't think that being rich is an intrisic personality flaw. However those people you were waiting on do sound vile.

WendyB said...

The rich haven't exactly cornered the asshole market. Trust me, I've met jerks at every economic level. And great people at every economic level too -- obviously, because I sell luxury goods to some awesome people.

Hope said...

Anonymous comments are fun.

I appreciate that you know what black metal is. A friend is talking of getting me a clown for my birthday - I don't know if he's serious or not - and I suggested a black metal clown. The kid next to me had know idea of what I spoke of. It's irritating having to explain things over and over again.

Anywho, I'm glad you're continuing to blog!

Natasha said...

I hope you don't stop blogging, I adore your blog.

I worked at Neiman Marcus for a while, so I have certainly run into some snotty rich people who looked at me like "the help." Still, I know plenty of rich people who don't act that way and actually dedicate a lot of time and energy to charity work, not to mention spending a significant portion of their income on donations. It's definitely all about attitude.

Anonymous said...

Well, feels like about the right time for me to start commenting, too, considering your blog is way up there in my bookmarks, right between the Sartorialist and the Face Hunter ;)

So, really, I'm glad you're continuing posting and quite thankful for this anonymous feature (:

Tamara said...

hey, im glad that you took my anonymous comment suggestion! it was understandable to not want them cause of mean anonymous-ers and spam, but its also worth it to hear more peoples thoughts:)

i hate rich people like the ones you described, but i think there are definitely positives to having more money.. i wish i could travel all over the world at the drop of a hat like all of my rich friends can!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you really mean you hate pretentious jerks - understandable.
Pretentious jerks, however, run the spectrum of social class, as I learned in my two years as a Safeway slave. Money doesn't always equal bad people...

SICK. said...

no don't leave blogger!
you were one of the first blogs i had ever read/linked when zoƫ and i started blogging, i even remember your old header.
you know, the girl with the slouchy knit hat/beret and the boy, and she was shushing him ?
you remember obviously.

on a more relevant note, i know where okanagan valley is !
i went there this summer, but don't worry, not because i'm a yuppie.
it was because my friend lives there, who is also not a yuppie.

x always,

Anonymous said...

Yuppies are an interesting bunch. For the greater part, they all fit into the same stereotype: "let's dine out, meet you at my condominum, how about that hot yoga?"

What pisses me off as well, is that they seem to think they're urban and trendy by buying eco-certified everything; from their clothing to the kinds of foods they eat. Blah. Yuppies...

Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader, and would like to express how much I like your blog.


Thanks for an enjoyable read.

chaumein said...

Heys. Pretentious yuppies are scum, I agree. But I would certainly rather be rich than poor though if it came down to it.

lalaliu said...

yay you didn't disappear into the deep abyss! have you ever thought about spitting in people's food? haha it's mean but that's an power waiters/waitresses have :P

Anonymous said...

i've been reading your blog
and now i can finally comment!
i love you!
and your blog!
don't hate rich people ..
hate rich snobs ..
loves you!
-Caileigh :)

dianca_london said...

Glad to see your sticking around.

Yuppies are a bummer. My biggest fear is turning into one after undergrad ends. But since I'm an English Lit major with no clue of what to do after graduation, I'm sure I'll be safe.

I finally started a blog. Lets be blogger friends (I need some, being new and all).

Anonymous said...

Not true. The "Yuppies" you speak of are only the way they've become because they SOUGHT out to become rich. The schemers, minnie the moochers, and those who were born into it that never had to work for it.

Reconsider your thought. ;)

There are rich artists, rich (real) musicians, and rich doctors (who worked hard to get to where they are).

Like you stated in your post, they're a sad bunch of people (the yuppies you described). And, what makes them even sadder is that with all their money they can't buy happiness. But, that's what they wanted in the first place, but now they suffer.

Some people live for money and some people live through money, the only difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich are better dressed and could find better ways of using their money.

Did that make any sense?


A Starving Artist (who has heard many, many stories)

Little Bird said...

I admire that you have the confidence to post pictures of yourself. I'm in the midst of a body image crisis, and I feel that because I don't post pictures of myself, no one comments on my blog. I'm still pretty new to this idea of publicly displaying myself where everyone can see it, so kudos to you for being brave and creative!

There are lots of yuppies here in Portland too.....but then again its also the biggest hipster haven this side of the Mississippi!

Anonymous said...

$400 for 6 people? They dont sound rich...they sound like a bunch of phonies! LOL. (At least that would be the case here in NYC.)

Anonymous said...

Sushi is delish,
and not just for the rich.