Saturday, March 08, 2008

I call her Vivi.

Remember fashion week? Yeah, me neither. But even though I'm late to the races, it would almost be a crime to not dissect Vivienne Westwood's Gold Label show in Paris. After all, it was wonderful. Apparently, Vivienne got school children to draw their vision of the post-Apocalypse and then smattered the drawings all over her designs.

I don't think I'd like to walk around wearing kiddie art, but its a novel idea. In other thoughts, this model's hairdo just caught me off guard. Wouldn't long braids be a bit tedious when you're trying to run away from space aliens all the time?

Deconstruction seems to be a huge part of Vivienne's post-Apocalyptic vision. This bizarre silver jacket/ripped tights outfit is much more my style than the fridge-art patterned stuff. Space warriors are hot.

More sexy deconstruction. Prom dresses of the future, take note!

I am in LOVE with this jacket. I don't even know what it is, but it has utterly fascinated me since first glance. The whole outfit is engrossing. Leather shorts? Why not?!

Thanks, Vivienne. The whizzing gizmos inside your head must never stop. Dystopia has never looked so hot.

P.S.: Vivi, Do you have Malcolm McLaren's phone number?


the iron chic said...

YOU try keeping your nylons in one piece during the Apocalypse!

N/OutofFashion said...

Everything is interesting and so creative, i just can't STAND ripped tights!

Dilemma said...

There's a runway community I visit, and everyone ripped on this collection so hard. I thought it was brilliant. I mean, she had people on STILTS!!! What could be better than stilts?