Sunday, March 30, 2008

Phish no more.

For many, tie-dye is the domain of 40-something Grateful Dead fans who own a Volkswagen bus to prove it. This is not so! The masses need to reclaim tie-dye from the burnouts and learn how to wear it in a fashion forward way. It can be done, I swear! Just look at Agathe from StyleBytes, who DIY tie-dyed this shirt. AND she's wearing it with acid wash jeans and still manages to look amazing.

Consider yourself warned of the tie-dye revolution.

EDIT: Might I add Susie Bubble to the list of stylish ladies in tie-dye?


Anonymous said...

phish is so bad...greatful dead is pretty neat too.

tie dye always had some appeal to me..but i could never pull it off!

Susan said...

I've done some recently and now I want to do some more, lots more. I need some more advanced skills though. Agathe is extremely stylish

Anonymous said...

I know this is kinda random but i need your help
i just got gold lame leggings and i dunno what to wear with them

WendyB said...

Phish! LOL. Haven't thought of them in ages.

Natasha said...

I think I am more comfortable with monochromatic tie-dye than rainbow...but I haven't really seen a ton of it yet.

N/OutofFashion said...

I don't usually like tie-dye but I like the shirt

the iron chic said...

Is that gold lame leggings comment for real?
If so...dude keep it simple with an oversize black or grey t-shirt or something. No heels!!! God. Maybe a cardigan too.

Anyways, I like how tie-dye keeps coming back like an old, hippie friend.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

yes the gold lame legs comment was for real!
i got them on a whim and i love them. i just am scared i'd overdue it. you know?
hm thanks i'll try it.