Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sentimental Clothing

As previously mentioned, I am going to New York City for the first time in a couple months! Whenever I am bored or apathetic (a little too often), I think about neat outfits to wear because my friends and I made a pact that we have to look our absolute best at all times during our stay in the city. A worthwhile and rewarding challenge, it seems. Through this pursuit of 'cool', I have come up with what might be my 'favourite outfit ever'. Yes, ever. For now, at least. It consists of my old patchy punk jacket, which just so happens to be my favourite jacket of all time. I bought the jacket in a discount store 5 years ago and all the patches myself. The jacket itself should be shredded to bits from wear and tear, but the fabric has been worn to softness instead. Then there is my prom dress, worn only once before, last June. The look is finished off by regular dark tights, cashmere legwarmers that used to be the arms of a sweater that I cut up and my favourite green leather pixie boots. Or elf boots. Or Robin Hood boots, whatever strikes your fancy.

I can't wait to wear this in fabulous NYC. Can you say Sartorialist?

Band patches: KMFDM, Bad Religion, Nirvana, Operation Ivy and Adam + the Ants. I would kill for a Minor Threat patch.


Anonymous said...

I Love You

WendyB said...

Let me know when you'll be here!

dianca_london said...

Im jealous. I love NY. I've only been a few times... That jacket would be killer with black skinnies and some converse. Totally punk rock.

I hope you have a lovely time in the Big Apple.

the iron chic said...

New York will be better than you can imagine!!!!!!

torrie said...

1. i love new york, and im so so so jealous youre going
2. the jacket = love
3. question: on your picture on the top of your page, is that you? and if the answer to the previously stated question is yes.... where did you get the boots?!

hailey said...

yes, it is a great outfit! have fun in NYC, have you been before? I went in '06 and it was the best 5days ever!!

ariel said...

hell yes-operation ivy kicks ass!
cute outfit.

Junimond said...

Apart from the legwarmers I love your outfit.
I want your Robin-Hood-boots, they look so great with the dress.

morgan said...

I love your combination of textures and styles!!! The outfits is freaking amazing!!!!!
have loads of fun in NYC1

Hannah Cheeto said...

I love the combination of the military/punkish jacket with the prom dress!

Anonymous said...

oh those pixie boots ♥
imo legwarmers are too much, the dress would get the attention it deserves better without legwarmers.

LCL said...

I love the jacket. Especially the big patch on the back. Very cool.

andbemyhero said...

I've always dreamed about going to ny, but every time I ask my mum says no and we end up going to france or something instead.

However I love the way you mixed frilly girly and punk style together, it looks great.

Anonymous said...

NYC 2008!!
I simply cannot wait.
I should probably start planning
my outfits too:P
I love you Isabel, I'll see you
tomorrow at school!!

Stephanie said...

Love this, especially how you mixed in your prom dress! Imagine if most girls wore their (tacky, 17 magazine-esque) prom dresses on a daily basis..haha. Have fun in NY!

oui-abracadaver said...

there ya go. 5 different minor threat patches.


christin in ohio.

Anonymous said...

Living in New York, I can tell you that the outfit you posted will look absolutely kickass against the aesthetic of the city. Lovely's the soft, innocent, badass look that, thank god, can not be purchased at one's local mall.

Great musical choices as well. All of those bands are definitely patch-worthy.


Alix d'Laire said...

dear Isabel,

that look is amazing, period. The funny thing is, while both pieces are really good apart, they're even better together. love.

Luka[s] said...

I still have that jacket. I just found it in my closet while raiding my wardrobe for and wearing every bit of green I own last night for the St. Patty's punk show at the Bohemian. Strangely, even though we've had those things about 4 years now, I still haven't added a thing to mine. But yours is looking great.

Missing you and your hilarious sarcastic remarks like a coke addict misses his last fix.

Anonymous said...

Badass/girly combination? Damn straight! You're too cute.
xx, Sarah

Alfonso. said...

Really, don't bother.

And I'm not just some die-hard native saying "we don't need no tourists", I'm simply saying, "Don't bother coming here."

I mean, since it's your first time, maybe it does good for your personal cred or whatever to at least be able to say you've been here, but you'll soon find that it gets old, quickly.

And as far as the whole "what should I wear" thing, New Yorkers don't care how fashionable the average person is, in fact, the greater amount of effort put into the various outfits you'll see (including your own nifty punk uniform) is usually a good indicator of the wearer's delusions about the city being fashion capital of the world.

But still, if you're looking for the real NYC, try to go somewhere other than Manhattan.

Sentimental Clothing said...

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And I think you have great taste in music. Anyway have a great day!