Monday, April 21, 2008

Current Inspirations

Beware! This is a very random list of pictures and people that I think look very good.

You might be surprised to know that this picture was not lifted from Stylemob or Wardrobe Remix. I went to high school with M. (isn't that so Gossip Girl?) and her Facebook profile picture was so lovely that I just had to repost in the context of a fashion blog. M. work at American Apparel and I think she looks just like Agyness. But I won't tell her that, because I know she dislikes Agyness!

This is Sunny from Stylemob. I've had this photo saved on my computer for ages because I like her sweater and ripped tights. Nobody really seems to ripped tights other than me, but I just feel there's something very attractive in looking a little bit off.

Though I saw this picture of Boboniaa on wardrobe_remix after I bought yellow pants, this must have subconciously influenced me. Honestly, they are so cool.

Also, piksi from wardrobe_remix appears to be the reason why I am lusting after a pair of spectator pumps. If I could thrift a perfect pair, life would be marvelous. After that, perfect blonde hair and a hot pink bow blouse wouldn't be so far off...

Sigh, those Finns - they know their stuff!


Heather said...

Way too cool. My eyes are turning very green. Envy, y'know. I wanted to be that ripped tights girl so badly in high school.

Stephanie said...

Oh my god - you completely look like Piksi! Have you ever thought about platinum blond hair? Just a thought, it's something I've always wanted to try myself but I think you could pull it off.

Annie said...

i love m.'s style lol.
and the other girls are really cute too. i love how their outfits are so simple yet cute.

the iron chic said...

Piksi looks so put-together. I can never pull that look off!

some beeeyotch said...

wow, i thought the last girl was you as well! i agree, you can definitely pull it off if you ever wanted to. been sans internet AND mired in fashion show preparations, hopefully i'll be back with my blog come summer, so you'll put me back on your blog list :)