Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ethereal People

Some of the people I see on wardrobe_remix manage to look like they're from another planet. In a good way. Like, a planet where everyone is gorgeous/fashionable/angelic-looking, and none of those 'mere mortals' exist.

'sunshineupton' looks like a life sized fairy. The white dress, the tree and the sequin headband are whispering "otherworldly" and its not just the voices in my head.

Then there's 'snail and the cyclops', who is one of my favourite contributers to wardrobe_remix. She looks so cute in every picture! Its definitely the blonde hair and the vintage clothes.

Lastly, we have 'i believe in unicorns'. Do you really? If I told you I believed in unicorns would you let me live in your really pretty house decorated with baby clothes on the walls? Oh yes, and the vintage bag/dress combination in really quite nice.

I wonder if all of these really cute people hang out with other really cute people in real life, or do they just coexist on the internet? I can just picture them all drinking tea, eating scones and discussing the latest issue of Lula.


princessmillatwoshoes said...

Wow! Boy was I shocked and flattered, and then shocked again, to see this! Appearing one of my very fave blogs and with such luminaries (by the by am sooo stealing I believe in unicorns' doll-dress-decoration-idea)! Tea-party at my house? Scones with whipped cream and raspberry jam?
Pink and white frilly dresses are just perfect for the occasion;)

the iron chic said...

I like the baby clothes on the wall-slightly unnerving.
It's a funny thing about the internet, you never really know how truly awful or truly amazing other people's lives are.

LCL said...

I agree
there must be some secret bubble of adorableness that average people are shooed away from

Tavi said...

Thanks for the comment! I was very happy to find your blog. Glad to see other people are helping the environment =]
But I will definitely be coming back here lots and lots!
P.S. Don't feel old! Haha!

WendyB said...

People are so creative!

Hailey @ said...

I adore all 3 of these ladies, Sunshine Upton is like a dream in her hippy layers! They do seem other wordly. ;-)

Adri said...

I'm not sure I believe these lovely fairy people are real! I came to the conclusion that The Cherry Blossom Girl was either a very long-running art project, or a sociological experiment to see how inadequate and envious you could make people feel by showing them pictures of pretty things and someone's perfect-looking life! I had to stop reading, it made me too sad!
If they are real, they must devote their whole lives to living beautifully, which shows such dedication. And I am still madly jealous!

alice said...

Perhaps if we asked nicely enough they'd let us visit sometime? All those outfits are beautiful

stuffstuff said...

yeah, the cherry blossom girl had me envious for a while.
but then i realized that i would hate myself if i devoted that amount of time to everything being adorable and full of whimsy.
maybe if i was still in high school, i could manage the time to do that.
and there is something to be said about documenting your own whimsy and sweetness at all times; it kind of takes the magic out of it.

this is not saying that i wont read and enjoy her blog, i just wont be gushing with envy anymore.

Nico. said...

Love the first girls look.

jenny h. said...

ahhh i love these pictures.
all of the girls look amazing.

i loveee your blog.
i just came across it and i am so happy to find it :) hahaha.