Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Leaving for New York City tommorrow morning. Coming back Sunday. So excited! Cannot speak in complete sentences.

Just learned that technically the Statue of Liberty in New Jersey, not New York. Ironic!


Caileigh Grace said...

I love you isa boob!!
i know you'll have a great time in NYC ..

Anonymous said...

How is that ironic? Wouldn't it be ironic if it were in, I don't know, China?

Thank you.

Stephanie said...

Oh ha ha, anonymous. I think it's ironic.
Hope you have an awesome time in NY!

SICK. said...

you're so lucky,
HAVE FUN (of course you will) :]


Anonymous said...

Statue of Liberty is NOT in New Jersey but the jurisdiction of New York, and part of the Empire State.

Here's the 411 from a site about the Statue and Ellis Island:

"Some people also believe that the the statue is is New Jersey, not New York. This is an urban myth. While Liberty Island is geographically closer to New Jersey than New York, it is part of the Empire State the same way Staten Island is, even though it, too, is closer to New Jersey than New York City. There was, however, a long-standing dispute between the states of New York and New Jersey over the Ellis Island immigration station. After it was abandoned, the island was converted into a popular tourist attraction, which infuriated New Jersey. The Garden State had given the island to New York for immigration use, and now wanted a piece of the tax revenue being generated by the tourists. In the 1990's a federal court ruled that the Ellis Island immigration station is, indeed, part of the state of New York. However, it also ruled that all of the land added to the island by New York since it was originally donated is part of New Jersey since the island was expanded into New Jersey waters. So when you visit, you can stand inside the building and be in New York, then step outside and be in New Jersey."

Half the island is New York, the other half is New Jersey. And as usual, the only fight is not about liberty or freedom per se, but about the almighty dollar.

God bless America...and welcome to one of its children, New York City!

A Native New Yorker

lalaliu said...

YAY!!! exitement!

N/OutofFashion said...


Have fun! xx

princessmillatwoshoes said...

Hope you're having a great time!

Dilemma said...

I'm a lot late but I hope you had a good trip! And I hope that you're going to blog all about it when you get back.