Monday, April 14, 2008

Organizing my Capital

In the next few weeks, I'll be a travelling woman! Next week, I'm off to Ottawa for a day and the week after that - New York City! I'm very very very excited. Since I don't want to go too crazy spending money and end up 'in the hole' for the rest of my life, I've come up with a neat and tidy 'Buy List' for both trips. Does that make me obsessive-compulsive? Making lists seems to be my greatest talent.

1. Bright yellow hoodie from American Apparel

2. Is there an H&M in Ottawa? If so, I'm totally gravitating towards this black and white ruffled dress that Sally Jane is wearing.

New York City
1. More and more ruffled blouses. I stole this ruffly picture from Sally Jane too, because she is the Queen of Ruffles.

2. Spectator pumps. Obviously not these Chanel ones, because I'm not filthy rich but you get the point.

3. Brogues. Women's brogues. I'm praying there is such thing, that does NOT involve Urban Outfitters.

4. Cheap Monday Jeans.

5. "Miu Miu" knockoff heels. I think they're from Forever 21?

Ugh, I'm a shoe fiend AND a ruffle fiend. I need professional help.


sara said...

Bright Yellow hoodie is defiantly my favorite, because I myself have been eyeing them lately, and also that dress from H&M is really nice! Have fun traveling!

x sara o

WendyB said...

You should go to my friends' great consignment store:

Hyacinth Girl said...

I've been wanting a pair of brogues too. I did see a pair on the UO website a couple months ago, but haven't seen em' anywhere else. I see wing-tip styles fairly often, but for women, in a heeled or boot style.

I love those AmAp hoodies. I have a green and grey one. I practically live in them. They unfortunately start to lose their softness quite a bit after a few trips to the laundry. I guess that's inevitable though.

the iron chic said...

I have that yellow hoodie!
It was my boy's though, so it's kinda big-ish.

Louise said...

i have that hoodie! i love how it brightens up any outfit. it seems we share the same affinty for ruffles. love your blog :)

Amy said...

You can pick up cheap monday jeans at a suprising spot in NYC - filenes basement. I always see them in the union square location...usually marked down to 20 bucks.

Cindy said...

Ruffles ruffles!
I am so happy that I am your bus
buddy for Ottawa trip!:D
We going to have fun!

jess said...

yor shopping list great. i love the bright yellow hoodie

Kate said...

just came back from ottawa from an improv competion!

Belle said...

heyyyy, ruffles aren't bad! i'm obsessed too. maybe there's a support group?

Eli said...

it looks like you want to be a victorian man huh?

because im addicted said...

i got the dress sally jane tried on and its really wonderful! you should totally gravitate to it!

Annie said...

that hm dress isss cute. and i have that hoodie. its totally my favourite cuz its so bright..and cozy.
yes join the cheap mondays jeans club.

Dagger Deb's said...
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Lola said...

if u cant find womens brogues try looking in the mens section but just buy a small size (generally the way to do it is: womens size - 1.5 = mens size so if u wear a size 9 normally u buy a 7.5 in mens). i found shoes that look alot like the ones u posted in the jcpenney website and some similar ones in other department stores. if u have really tiny feet so that this doesnt work, maybe check the boys section? i dont know how well that would go because my feet are big but u could give it a shot. i suggest affordable stores like jc penney tho because mens dress shoes are normally very expensive in other places. sorry for the long comment..

SICK. said...

eek, sorry, no h&m in ottawa.
but while you're in ottawa, be sure to check out dalhousie street which is right close to the rideau centre (the mecca of ottawa mall shopping).
you'd love the little shops on that street (milk, victoire, workshop, etc.).

in the rideau centre, my favourite stores are american apparel, aritzia & club monaco.

but there's also a bcbg max azria, lululemon, trivium (a goth/punk store), dynamite, mac cosmetics, sports experts, american eagle outfitters, hmv, old navy, gap, lasenza, le chateau, aldo, aldo accessories, sirens, spring/transit, footlocker, guess, club monaco, aveda, miss tiggy winkles, godiva, etc.

any questions about ottawa, just let me know !!

have fun :]


Anonymous said...

I love everything on this list!

rere said...

After long days of searching, I finally tracked down my own pair of perfect womens' brogues by a small British (I think?) label named Ash. They were in a small local boutique and I think you might have to resort to similar means to find your own pair. Good luck with your excursions!