Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back from Really Fun Nerd-land.

If I was to fill out one of those surveys telling you seven odd quirks about myself, or something of that nature, it would probably involve me admitting to being a nerd. Therefore, my brief absence from the blogosphere was because I was playing trivia. The 'Reach for the Top' Provincial Trivia Tournament, to be exact. We got 28th place, which is pretty good considering we aren't a super-competitive team that plays mainly for fun. Since I don't have anything remotely fashionable to report back (though I met some wonderful folks), the best I can do is share what our team's t-shirts look like.

Strike first, strike hard, no mercy. Is that not the best logo/slogan for a trivia team (or any team for that matter) ever!


biancaaa said...

I just came across your blog! You are adorable and have great style! I bookmarked it, would you like to link?

the iron chic said...

I just played trivia last week at a bar.
We were pretty good but this team of teachers that doesn't drink alcohol won.
Apparently they are the undefeated champions.....I'm going to study my globe all week.

Ally said...

I'm not much of a trivia person, but I'm also a member of a relatively nerdy school activity, Science Olympiad.
I must say, your team's shirts are pretty awesome. Ours are super lame and no one wears them.

princessmillatwoshoes said...

It really is! You must post a pic of yourself in it, one of these days. I bet you make it so very cool.
(I was in the model UN btw. Now that is lame and nerdy...)

Anonymous said...

hey this is like the creepiest comment ever, but!

i'm on westdale's team (also green & gold) and i thought i'd seen you before, and then today i realised i've seen your blog before

so hey, i'm katie, and i honestly would have said hi if i hadn't thought 'there is NO POSSIBLE WAY i would know her'.