Friday, May 16, 2008

List-making Time


Best friends, Reach for the top, summer jobs, Vice magazine, riot grrrl, high-waists, comfy clothes club, bright yellow, no more high school, moving out, geeks, frosh week, free money, buying online vintage, baby farm animals, womens studies, American Apparel, tapestry purses.


America's Funniest Home Videos, male chauvinists, worms, fuschia, how badly I want acid wash jeans, American Apparel employees, boredom, foreign oil, Adrian Orange (no offense, Ryan), not being in NYC, excessive air conditioning, wide leg jeans, Coach purses.


Jimena said...

Your first hit is absolutely adorable, I had seen your second one plenty of times before (and loved it) but I have inmediately fall in love with that first girl.

And I couldn't agree more with you miss... it just doesn't work for me.

the iron chic said...

Hey, you can't go wrong with America's Home Videos!!!!
The laughs just keep coming!!!!!!!!
Sorry, I have simple humor.

Natasha said...

I actually think the girl in the last picture looks pretty cool, she is a teenager I think and it is a pretty young look.

Tru said...

i really enjoyed this post

stupidcupcake said...

Love the first hit.
Where is the picture from?

Anonymous said...

nice blog!
i agree, the last one is odd
but i do enjoy a good re run of america's funniest home videos

Butchie said...

Pics two and three are miss, also.

Elissa said...

I love your first and second hit. The "miss" girl kinda looks like me! He he! We could totally hang in our thrifted swimsuits as tops and acid-wash jeans from Target.