Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer? The air conditioning states otherwise.

Yesterday, was quite productive - I went thrifting and job-hunting! There was nothing to be had at my usual haunt of St. Vincent de Paul's, but when I stopped at a consignment shop I rarely go to there were two blouses and a pair of shoes greeting me pleasantly.

A pair of spectators with the black toe cap I desire. The downside? They hurt like HELL!

Ruffle shirt #28430815932 added to my colelction. Okay, more like ruffle shirt #4 or 5, but its vintage (made in Montreal) and I couldn't resist.

I found the polka-dotted poet blouse yesterday and ended up wearing this today. Holy crap it was cold in the school! Why must the administration crank up the blasted air conditioning when the weather is only starting to warm up? Give us kids a chance to experience the heat. Its Canada, for Gods sakes. We cherish the heat!!!

Rant over.


Ash1314 said...

the ruffles look adorable as always!

the iron chic said...

I keep seeing spectator pumps everywhere because you said you were searching for them. I'm always like, what size shoe does Isabel wear?

SICK. said...

i love those shoes !
i'm still(unsuccessfully) searching for some.


WendyB said...

You're brave to get shoes that hurt. I can never take the pain.

Anonymous said...

lol I live in Oregon so I totally get the whole "cherishing the heat" thing...we are getting some really nice weather though in the next couple of days! I love your shoes and two blouses! =]

Jello on Springs said...

Ha, it's just starting to warm up here too, I wore my winter coat to school Monday, it's May!! I shouldn't be wearing my winter coat in May -_-
and aww too bad about the spectator pumps making your feet hurt, were they too small? or just too narrow and stiff?

Sally Jane said...

The shoes are very Marc Jacobs.

Biianca said...

very successful thrifting i see!
I love everything.