Friday, June 27, 2008

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

I feel as if I should fully explain myself, but I won't for fear of sounding incoherent or possibly like a babbling idiot. However, I will briefly say that I like this blog, it likes me and sometimes things seems worse than they really are.

It shan't be interesting this "first day back on the job" post, but I have been asked by Sally Bowles to reveal my seven favourite favourite songs this summer. Or something like that. I usually think tags are really dumb and refrain from doing them, but I like music so this time I will oblige:

1. Sugar by Ladytron
2. Search and Destroy by Iggy and the Stooges
3. Killing an Arab by the Cure
4. Good Guys Don't Wear White by Minor Threat
5. Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag
6. Tess by Weird War
7. How Soon is Now? by the Smiths

My taste in music is a little bizarre...

Iggy Pop vs. Donatella Versace. Run away, fast!


Caileigh said...

three of them are from recording class!! .. four if you count iggy pop and the stooges :P
i love you!

WendyB said...

Glad you are back.

Vintage Vinyl said...

Haha I love that photo. Made me laugh.

Dapper Kid said...

Yaaay, welcome back, and that photo made my eyes hurt, too weird for words!

Stephanie said...

Aw don't worry dude, I know how it is to switch blogs. I missed my old one so bad after I left but no matter what happens us readers will stick by you while you keep writing your awesome thoughts!

lalaliu said...

yay!! so happy you're back :D

Danielle said...

happy you are back!