Sunday, June 29, 2008

Riot Grrrl Backlog #1

I ventured out to the dreaded mall yesterday to find a pair of badass gladiator sandals. Winners had a really awesome pair, but they were $40. I was not prepared to pay that much. Then I went to Payless and saw a pair of gladiator-like sandals that did not have an ankle strap. They were $30, which was still too much for something that wasn't perfect. Then off to Old Navy. There was the perfect style of gladiators there but the quality was absolutely terrible. Perhaps if I had more money, I would be willing to shell out for the The moral of the story is: I should've bought a pair last year, before Old Navy started making crappy knockoffs.

In other news, I found my new favourite purse for $1 at St. Vincent's. It's the perfect shape and the nude-grey colour is pretty awesome too. It looks perfect when worn with a simple outfit, like a plain white shirt and jeans.

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indra said...

I really love that bag.