Sunday, June 29, 2008

Riot Grrrl Backlog #5

In a weak moment of consumerism (I was buying Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at the grocery store), I picked up the ELLE magazine with Mary Kate Olsen on the cover and decided to buy it solely because Mary Kate was on the cover. What a terrible idea! Mary Kate looks way better in any unstyled paparazzi shot than she does when she’s posing and wearing someone else’s clothing. The article wasn’t even any good either. I never seem to learn my lesson about the low quality of American fashion magazines. Hey, at least I haven’t bought Vogue in…I don’t even remember the last time I bought Vogue.


Secretly Simone said...

I totally agree! I bought that issue as well hoping for a different take on an Olsen interview but I was sadly disappointed with paragraphs about their baby stardom on full house and other boring tidbits that everyone has already known for years. I also felt as though I had seen her in photos like those in other mag spreads. you're right, she does look better in photos of her taken on the street.

dianca_london said...

Not all American fashion mags are as terrible as Elle. Nylon is pretty high quality. Terribly hipster-esque, with well written articles.