Sunday, June 29, 2008

Riot Grrrl Backlog #6

Today I went on the most lovely day trip. Seriously, it was perfect. First stop was American Apparel, where I picked up a dark grey jersey skirt with pockets and a gold headband. Most of the time, AA employees are scarily elitist but I actually struck up a conversation with this nice girl and it turns out we're living in the same place come September.

Then I was walking down the street and saw Cheap Monday jeans on sale for $40. Ugh, I am a slave to hipsterdom because I just had to have them.

Normally, I would never post a picture of myself wearing sweatpants but these Batman sweatpants from Value Village are THE exception. They are the coolest pair I own!

And finally, we were wasting time in this weird mall that nobody ever goes to and stumbled across one of those giant "Half-Price" book stores the pop up every so often and I found a $10 copy of "We're Desperate: The Punk Photography of Jim Jocoy". I'm not cool enough to pretend I know who Jim Jocoy is, but I remember reading about this book a long time ago in ELLEgirl and the pictures are wonderful.


SICK. said...

cheap monday jeans - despite how hipster they are - are something i'm desperately searching for.
i either want the acid wash ones (i know, i know) or the clean vintage wash (or something like that).
but norml, the only place i know of that sells cheap mondays in my nearby vicinity, never has these styles in stock.
but i think i'll get the acid wash ones from american apparel instead.
not that they're any less hipster ...


steelcloset said...


Anonymous said...

There appears to be a large metal rod sticking through your head.

Just thought you should know.

Tavi said...

Nice buys! That book looks really interesting and the sweats are sick.