Friday, July 25, 2008

The Dark Knight: Movie Review

The Dark Knight: This is my first ever movie review, so don't expect it to be enlightening. Also, may contain spoilers.

So overall it was a decent movie, probably a 7/10? Maybe 8/10 if I'm feeling really nice. But there were a few niggling details that really got to me. #1 being Batman's voice. Every time Christian Bale turned into Batman, he put on this husky affectation that made him sound more like a chain-smoking Louis Armstrong than a tough guy. Then there was the Batmobile, which could be more accurately renamed 'SUV-Mobile'. If Batman was so socially conscious, then why couldn't he have downsized that gas-guzzler into something a little more earth-friendly? Though I must admit, it was awesome when the Batmobile turned into a motorcycle. Someone else might not have even noticed these things that really irked me, but I did so they knock 2-3 points off the movie's overall score.

Predictably, the Joker was awesome in his custom-made purple suit. Heath was so convincing, that even when the Joker's makeup he was still completely in character. All criminals should dress up like the Insane Clown Posse, all the time. Oh yeah, and Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal were hot. I loved when Harvey Dent had that whole 'Phantom of the Opera' thing going on and turned into a bad guy. That was great.

"Some men just want to watch the world burn" was probably the most memorable quote, coming from Alfred the Butler. Even thought the Dark Knight was pretty cool, I am still partial to the bumbling Adam West in the 1960s tv series/movie. Which reminds me, where the hell was Robin???


WendyB said...

Batman has his sex-toy Robin chained up in the Batcave.

Mary said...

My main complaint about the movie was Christian Bale's voice, too. It reminded me of the actor trying to play young Adama on Battlestar Galactica: Razor. When it's forced, a husky voice sounds terrible.

I thought that Heath Ledger was good but was drawing a bit too much on Jack Nicholson for his character inspiration.

And overall, the movie was just too long. They could ahve cut it in half and made twice the money by releasing the two movies a few months apart.

Anonymous said...

Um...I think the overwhelming amount of violence and destruction ought to have more importance than the Batmobile's mpg when it comes to "social conscience."

But yeah...his voice = unnecessary.

Obvy, you haven't seen this in IMAX.

the iron chic said...

The voice threw me off too.
I actually burst into uncontrollable laughter at the end when he was giving his "morality" speech.
Not. Good.

Fiddy said...

I hate Batman's husky voice too. It makes him so unnatural.
Can't Christian Bale speak normally like the rest of the Batmans.

Harvey Dent is cool when he became Two-Face.

kel said...

The voice also got me. It made me think of Keanu Reeves which just made me giggle whenever I'd see Batman

Anonymous said...

HATED the voice, sometimes I could barely understand it. Also there were just some unnecessary scenes, like the thing with the two boats, that just made it too long. Plus, with the whole Dent-turning-into-Twoface thing it sort of felt like 2 movies squished together. So much got squeezed in. Overall though, I liked it.

BanderBlog said...

I thought the voice blew but what was worse was the the lame discussions. By trying to come off as as especially conscious it got hindered by really bad comic fare dialogue (especially that made up allusion to Rome's democracy). Who do you think should play the next Joker?

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see Batman Begins? I'm just curious because I thought everyone got over their "Christian Bale's voice is so annoying" thing then. Not to say that it isn't annoying, just that it was like that in the first movie too and I still thought the films were amazing.

Anonymous said...

The thing with the two boats was to show that Gotham was worth saving and that people arnt all evil, to prove The Joker wrong about society. The first thing I said when we left the theater was," why does batman sound like he has throat cancer whenever he wears his suit." LOL!

Anonymous said...

must agree with anon 11:27. Batman Begins sets up the Dark Knight, even Cillian Murphy makes a cameo in the latter. Christian Bale's batman voice is just as annoying now as it was in BB (personally it sounds like a speech impediment) but after seeing BB, you get used to it and almost forgive the guy for trying so darn hard, and no offense to Fiddy, but I don't think any of the Batmans (Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, etc) spoke normally since they had to mask their voices so people wouldn't know who they really were. And there's no Robin because it's still Batman in his "youth", hence why even in the Dark Knight he's seeking improvements for his batman outfit.

Anyway, overall, I thought the movie was really good. And I think if you watch Batman Begins, you might understand the Dark Knight a little better, but this is coming from a batman nerd ...

haha, anyway. hope this post didn't come off as ... "snobish" or whathaveyou.

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