Sunday, July 27, 2008

Front Lines of the Reporter Search

This FASHION Magazine contest is starting to drive me crazy. It's messing with my head, you know? One day I'll be winning and the next day my competitor will be beating me by 5%! There is two weeks left of the competition, plenty of time left to swing the votes my way permanently but it can't be done without the help of you lovely readers. Please vote for me every day!

And while you're at it, you should check out the other entries too. There are some real gems to be read. My absolute favourite entry is from Amanda Bulman from 'Eastern Canada 2' who writes about finding a Marc Jacob's dress for $2! Plus her writing style is charming and witty. Now that is my kinda woman...

My other favourite happens to be Connie from the Toronto category. She writes about modernizing a pair of '90s skater pants. This would not normally catch my interest OR my approval, but Connies does it in such good taste that I just can't help but love her entry. Oh, and her fashion motto happens to be "it's so ugly, it works". And it really does, just look at what she did with a pair of plaid boxers!


Hailey @ said...

Okay - voted! :-)

Chloe Mae said...

Wow i really like what she did with the boxers, very creative!
I will go and vote for you right now!

Connie said...

Hi Isabel,

Wow you are so kind. I have been voting for you too!! I am surprised that your votes fluctuate as much as 5% a day. My percentage haven't changed in 2 weeks its quite odd.

Good luck :)