Monday, July 14, 2008

The overuse of 'brilliant'.

First off, I would like to thank Disney Roller Girl for giving me a Premio "Brilliante" Award! Though I'm not really sure what that is, I will accept it graciously and tag 7 other bloggers to receive the award!

Vintage Vinyl - Because we have a mutual friend and she looks BRILLIANT in American Apparel.
Liebemarlene Vintage - Because she writes the most inspirational blog around. Her Ebay store and constantly beautiful vintage finds are brilliant.
Style Rookie - Because she is the cutest blogger ever! Brilliant!
Fashion Robot - Because she is a brilliantly badass dresser.
Cheetos Are Orange - Because she has brilliant red hair ever, and the moxie to wear corsets over top of her clothing.
Geometric Sleep - Because I just discovered this blog yesterday and she is brilliant in Brooklyn.
Wendy Brandes - Because she is brilliantly hilarious. Honestly. Her posts put me in stitches, rolling around on the floor. And she introduced me to the joys of LOLCATZ.

I would tag Maki-Maki Vintage if I thought she was reading, but I doubt anyone that fabulous would be interested in me. The clothes from her perfectly-styled Ebay store sell for upwards of $100, not to mention she is GORGEOUS. Her clothes are the best. I cannot think of anything I want more in the world right now than that tuxedo dress she is rocking.

Speaking of rocking, "rock the vote!"


WendyB said...

I'm honored. And amazed that I was the one who introduced you to lolcats. I took your lolcats virginity!

laia. said...

woah. thank you so much!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Aww thank you! And don't worry, I voted. Several times.

gilda said...

she's also really really skinny and so i think nothing looks bad on her! :)

you and the other girl are just 4% apart! i dropped a vote for you. hope you win :)

Vintage Vinyl said...

Yeah I know Conner Kent. He was in a few of my classes back in highschool and we worked at the same place for a while.

Vintage Vinyl said...

Thanks for the award! I've awarded you as well :)

Anthea said...

That dress is fab..great for boy meets girl for fall :))

Heather said...

hey, check out my new blog :)

leslie said...

I hope you know how hard we're working to get votes for you.

Don't embarrass us by losing!

kirrily said...

Great post, thanks!