Thursday, July 10, 2008

The schnozzberries taste like schnozzberries!

You know whats hot? Yellow pants. And I'm not talking about those yellow pants of victory I bought a few months ago. I ruined them while working on my friend's boat, but was secretly kind of happy about it because the yellow just wasn't vibrant enough. No, only this pair of American Apparel high-waisted skinnies can satiate my desire for lemon legs.

Come to think of it, grape legs are pretty cool too. I've thought the purple mineral wash were hot every since I saw this really fashionable girl wearing them with a plain black shirt and she looked simple and great. Purple pants are such a statement piece that I wouldn't really want to jazz them up too much.

But woe is me, I can only afford to buy one pair so I think that lemon legs will prevail!

Today is another day, so don't forget to vote kiddies!


Stephanie said...

Definitely yellow. I voted for you, you're winning right now!

Jazzy Stardust said...

I love lemon and grape :D clothing, flavours, fruits... and the like.

Yes, I vaguely remember that quote too. TF &TF is my all-time favourite documentary. Swindle is so biased and such cos of McLaren, John hated it most, but its got great footage and whatnot!

young.urban said...

Ahhhh I love those yellow pants!

Stitches & Threads said...

Yellow is most definitely a winner! x

Eli said...

Isabel, Have you always had a ? after hipster musings in your title? I just noticed it, and it makes me wonder if you changed it recently to question yourself!

Biianca said...

I am craving lemon legs too!
I have the purple pants from American Apparel, I love them quite a lot, but I had to take in the lower leg part about 3847637284 times before they were right!

Netchem said...

Teehee I have the purple pair!!
there so comfortable!!!!!