Friday, July 04, 2008

Slowly but surely like a python.

Having a full-time summer job keeps you busy and it pretty lucrative while you're at it. But dressing for an office can be creatively stifling for someone whose sequin cape is just begging to be worn. I documented what I wore to work this week, just so I could make the effort to look decent while maintaining that professional lacquer.

Monday: H&M top -$25, American Apparel skirt-$40, Salvatore Ferragamo flats-$6, thrifted croc bag-$3.
The "light ruffle shirt with dark skirt" is always a good formula to fall back on. Also, I carried this bag around the whole week.

Wednesday (Tues. was a holiday): Zara dress-$30, thrifted ruffle top-$6, thrifted tapestry shoes-$3. Here I am following the formula. I was planning on wearing just the dress but figured it was a little too "revealing" for work, so I covered up the cleave with some ruffles. (Holy crap I look tired!)

Thursday: Thrifted button-down-St. Vincent's $3 bag sale, Guess jeans-gift from friend, Urban Outfitters shoes-$35. I think this might be my favourite outfit of the week. Nice, simple and these are the best fitting pants on the planet.

Friday: thrifted H&M blouse-$6, thrifted Ralph Lauren slacks-$7, thrifted leather oxfords-$2. Crap, I forgot it was "casual friday"! Oh well, at least I looked half decent in this crisp kinda outfit.


Caileigh said...

my favourite outfit was mondays ..
uberrrr cute ..
but then again ..
i like them all ..
loves you!

Anonymous said...

This is coming from the girl who once posted others' work pictures and ridiculed them for being boring! No, but actually, I quite like these. I just got a job (start Monday - wish me luck!) so it's SO nice to see you making this post! I'm worried about finding things to wear while sticking to the white-shirt-black-pants dress code, so thanks for a little reminder that I can still make it cute. Your last outfit's my favorite-- i love those rolled up slacks!

lalaliu said...

ahh you're a working woman now getting ready to take over the corporate world! lol :D

Annie said...

the last outfit tis supercute.

Vintage Vinyl said...

Cute! Working in an office is always hard when you are a fashionista like yourself. But you made it work!!

And thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it!
ps. do you know Rachael Meckling?

WendyB said...

All very cute looks :-)

N/OutofFashion said...

Very cute outfits, I especially love the blue striped shirt.

Richel said...

I like these photos a lot. You look great in every picture!

Hailey @ said...

These are really cute looks, especxially the 1st and last! :-)