Friday, August 01, 2008

'Administrative Support/Summer Student'

Has everybody been voting daily? I hope so.
Here is a sampling of this week's outfits brought to you in part by Corporate Canada. To be honest, nobody actually cares what I wear but its best to keep up some semblance of "presentable" when you're the new kid on the block. Hence the houndtooth jacket, which I adore.

Houndstooth Jacket - free from Swap Meet
Black Top - $10, H&M
Black Pants - Present from K.
Crappy red shoes - I've had these for ages, so no idea.

This was today's "casual friday" outfit. I pretty much live for casual friday because of that little extra bit of self-expression you're allowed. I might wear the same clothes on a regular weekday, but not with sneakers!

Ruffly turqoise tank - $4, Old Navy
Plaid Skirt - St. Vincent's $3 bag sale
Brown Western belt - From when I was 10...
Sneakers - $5, Value Village

I've learned my lesson - outfit pictures should always be taken outside with no flash. Preferably with a massive country backyard in the background.


Madison said...

hey, Virginia blue is back and err, I re-added your link and glad your back TOO!!

Am said...

I love the first look.... Very urban and chic!

Hannah Cheeto said...

The background is really beautiful! And I'm voting for you everyday.

lalaliu said...

liking your corporate canada look! :D

Anonymous said...

i really like your backyard
it looks so pretty

WendyB said...

Cute jacket.

beccajanie said...

Also voting lots!

And I agree with the background comment - great photos and also outfits!

Elizabeth said...

since when did this blog become about shameless self promoting? get back to the real posts!

Isabel said...

Hey Elizabeth - since when did I write posts for YOUR reading pleasure alone? There is nothing different about the posts I am writing, except for a link at the top. Don't like it? Move on.

5:32 In The Morning said...

Free jacket?!? What?!? It is fabulous.