Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chaos and Random Order

If I ever met this man, it would be the most cathartic day of my life. (Face Hunter, you really do have the knack!) The fact that someone is still rocking that hair restores my faith in humanity. If we really want to deconstruct the hair, it looks like a seriously exaggerated version of Steve Urkel's hair. Let's now discuss Urkel's status as a renegade fashion icon? Please? Stripes, plaid, suspenders and high-waisted pants have each weaseled their way into my heart and seeing them worn altogether reduces me to a state of bliss.


Danielle Fletcher. said...

I definitely agree with you about Urkel being a fashion icon.
the man-boy had style!

plus, Jaleel White(the actor who played Urkel) is totally hot now!

crayons said...

watching those old episodes of family matters makes me, and probably everyone, sad and happy at the same time

Hannah Cheeto said...

That guy has really awesome hair.

Anonymous said...

dude don't forget the ubiquitous nerd glasses too!!!