Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flowery Goodness

It was just a little chilly today, so I decided to cozy it up in a sweater, thermal socks and moccasins. This is probably the best comfy clothing combination I could come up with that didn't involve sweatpants, which I would never wear outside. See, fashion and comfort can be compatible! I just bought the sweater yesterday - its quilted, has a small floral pattern all over it and is the warmest thing I've worn in ages.

P.S. -I remember bashing the hell out of printed hoodies (a.k.a. 'bunny hugs') a while ago, but can this just be the exception to the rule?


WendyB said...

Uh-oh, you've caved in on the printed hoodie...what next?

Zita said...

AWE! super cute bunnyhug!

I'm a total mess for anything with roses on it right now, and that quilting just makes it even cuter/snuglier!

love. it.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

love the hoodie...

crayons said...

what's worse is the super zip up hoodies (the ones that zip up over your head). horrible

Fashion Babbler said...

those moccasins are quite amazing!

Miss Karen said...

That is seriously one awesome Hoodie and possibly the only one I would consider wearing too. I can't deal with sweatpants or anything too casual-like but that hoodie is great!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

<3 that print and the shoes

MR style said...

u look uber cute !!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Wow. That definitely doesn't count as a cheesy printed hoodie! And I love the whole outfit—it looks so comfy and warm without looking sloppy (sweatpants and Uggs, anyone?)


just to let you know that my NEW blog is up & running now FINALLY!!!
drop by & tell me what u think ok... You r always so fab sweetie!!!

Charmed as always*

Hailey @ said...

why not? it's so cute. Sometimes I wear things I swore I never would! lol

Caileigh said...

you are adorable
that sweater looks super cute ;;
come winter/
colder weather
i am going to wear my sweatpants
and my ugg wannabes ..
loud and proud
just for you
looovee youu