Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hippie Ragamuffin

Today's outfit is pretty simple, but I feel the scarf gives it the extra kick it needs. Like hot sauce. Except tie-dye hot sauce. I stumbled upon a "buy one get one half off" deal on scarves yesterday and I knew that I just needed this one. Step number one in expanding my tie-dye collection. The first thing I will do when I go home is buy a kit, and tie-dye the hell out of all the free white shirts I've acquired.

If I end up having a knack for tie-dye, then I pledge to move on to bigger and better things, like bleach. Providing I have the confidence, I would love to follow through in making bleached jeans as awesome as Kirsty Lee's, using her excellent tutorial.

Watch out! I'll be a tie-dye menace before long.


Anardana said...

Thanks! Aren't you in TO? You can get any ingredient you need there!

Amelia said...

I love the scarf. Stripes make for cool tiedye.

Miss Karen said...

If I could, I'd tie-dye everything in my wardrobe. I just love it!

Your scarf is so cool and it definitely adds a little something special to your outfit.

Caileigh said...

i saw someone where grey knit
uggs the other day
and i thought of you
i miss you!
phone date soon!
loovvee youuu

Ashleigh said...

I actually made a pair of acid wash jeans myself but have yet to feature them on my blog...hmmm...maybe this weekend at the clothing show...runs all weekend by the way (if you can make it down to Toronto)...cute scarf (those two for 1 deals always get me :s) said...

wow! I totally want to tie dye my jeans!

Annie said...

omggg her jeans are awesome!

jo said...

ooh a tie dye party sounds really great! cool scarf (: