Sunday, September 21, 2008

You could have seen the real me!

Back to civilization, and its time to dissect some FACE HUNTER. Actually, I made a vlog for you guys but can't figure out how to post it so more on that later.

Jesus Crikey, this girl below is wearing just about everything I wish I was wearing right now. That is the grandpa cardigan vest of my dreams, and she is just rocking those leopard leggings with brown shoes. I might strangle her out of jealousy if I was bitter. But I'm not, so I'll just continue admiring her epic outfit.

Again with the leopard pants! I loves them! The glasses are leopard print too, which just about breaks my heart. I was going to get leopard print frames but they didn't look as good as the Burberry ones I'm currently sporting.

Ummm, could this girl and the last girl not be twins? Hair twins, at least. The hair is my favourite thing about this next picture too. The flag print scarf is cool too, but I'm not hardcore enough (or American enough, for that matter) to wear it.

It wouldn't be any fun without a smidgen of negativity, right? That's just who I am. Enough with the fucking pantsuits, Mr. Yvan! What do you suppose he finds so terribly attractive about jumpsuits? I swear you can't go on that website without ten pictures of people wearing awful jumpsuits attacking your eyes. Frig, I hate jumpsuits. Enough.

I really wish this post was my video blog. Godspeed!


Miss Karen said...

These girls (well, except Miss Pantsuit down below) are so ridiculously cool and awesome in every single way. It's. So. Unfair.

Caileigh said...

i was in simons the other day
and guess what i saw
that made me think of you
parachute pants
i kid you not
tight like
parachute pants
i threw up in my mouth
then thought of you ..
i love you!!

Ashleigh said...

Love the leopard outfit......she is beautiful!....and looking forward to the vlog...well...once you figure that all out...Im lucky I even have a blog considering how "techie challenged" I am....

Miss Woo said...

Leopard print is good. And I must admit I quite like the pantsuit girl, I secretly wish I could pull that off!

peaitlreiecnia said...

hello! i've only recently started reading your blog and I must say I am quite enjoying what I'm seeing .

I also like the fact that you feature muscians and other individuals such as BECK HANSEN'S mum, which I thought was super fantastickly awesome.

i guess i'd better comment about this post. well i like everything except the girl wearing the green guantanamo bay prison outfit.


Anonymous said...

i hate pantsuits aswell.

i also hate rompers...what are we 4?

billilovesmargot said...

hey i could help out with the whole posting video thing. i'm a video blogger on youtube so i know a thing or three. let me know if i could help in any way.


Rebecca said...

I love all the outfits and all your comments on them .. THE JUMPSUIT is gross! I can deal with them from time to time if they are impeccable, but for the most part they tend not to be - ick.

Daughters of Dawn said...

LOL, I love pantsuits! The lady in leopard print pants and red top is a true rock n'roll badass! She's great

Hailey @ said...

the 1st look is heavenly.


i personally think its quite hard to pull off lepoard print leggings but she could totally pull it off ! yay for her :D

Jazzy Stardust said...

Love that Dali...billboard? in the last photo.