Monday, November 03, 2008

fashion forestry: new favourite blog

There are so many damn fashion blogs out there, and many (but thank God not all!) of them seem to follow the same aesthetic. Really, I don't know how many more studded boot/ripped jean/Kate Lanphear-worshipping combinations I can handle. I'm not going to go on a long harp about originality, because I doubt there's a shred of it in me - I just think its so refreshing to see someone wearing exactly what they want for none other than that reason.

The person I am talking about is Nicole, from fashion forestry. I read about her on Susie Bubble's blog, and was shocked to see on one of the posts written on her there were quite a few negative comments. I instead would like to celebrate the cult of weird and wonderful.

Nicole wears the craziest vintage things, but always pulls them off and looks amazing! I wish there were more people like her blogging - what she wears on a regular basis is inspiration galore.


jad3d_banana said...

i LOVE her style ...especially the last outfit, its all kinds of amazing :)

WendyB said...

I heart you for this: "Really, I don't know how many more studded boot/ripped jean/Kate Lanphear-worshipping combinations I can handle. "

clairegrenade said...


she is just too fabuloso

mimi said...

I completely agree!
(though i like ripped jeans, i am not offended)
I love her style - it is unlike mine and i could never pull it off-and we need more people like that in the world. not necessarily people with her exact style but people who dress in what they like.

trends suck.

nicole, keep doing what you are doing, you inspire me with your courage to be your self.

i shall be reading your blog religiously.

much love. mimi.

oh and btw. isabel, i am also inspired by you and your uniqueness!!

Dot said...

AGREED. I'm really bored with outfits that only look well with crazy heels - quite simply because you couldn't ride a bike/run after a tram/walk through the city that way. That's actually why I like your blog so much (I'm trying to avoid an epic cheesy movie love confession here): Even if I wouldn't always dress your way, I can totally relate to it AND it's everything but boring.
As for Nicole, she's so fab!

The word verification thingie is "undearst" which I think could be quite a painful adjective with an added "e"?

Miss Karen said...

She looks amazing. I really admire people who buck all the trends and just dress for themselves. Thank you for posting about Fashion Forestry!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I dont know the difference between a blazer, jacket, or dinner coat! YIKES.HOW can I own a style blog?

youre so funny though. great feature...?

ldvnicole said...

Thanks so much for posting about me!!!

Shenanigans said...

Her outfits are adorable.

Rhiannon said...

I know!!!! I was so excited when I saw her on Style Bubble!!!!

Hannah Cheeto said...

She is just fabulous. Some people think they're "stylish" but they're really clones (hopefully I'm not one of them!). Nicole is just... amazing, and original.

trishhunterfinds said...

Hahah best post!
It even seems like she has personality and a sense of humour!
She could be the perfect blogger am I wrong?

Caitlin said...

That's my big sister, Nicole!!! he he

beauté magazine said...

waw ,, sexy

Anonymous said...

For once someone on a fashion blog who isn't stick thin!