Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Leaving for New York City tommorrow morning. Coming back Sunday. So excited! Cannot speak in complete sentences.

Just learned that technically the Statue of Liberty in New Jersey, not New York. Ironic!

Anniversary Shopping

Ryan and I went to Kingston for our one year anniversary and just had a grand old time that of course, involved thrifting, American Apparel and a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant. I finally got my bright yellow sweater at AA and am looking forward to cozying myself in it every day I am in New York.

Thrifting at Value Village was spectacular. There were so many vintage beaded purses that I saw and loved, but could not bring myself to buy because they are an impractical expense. Finally, I found a pair of good quality spectator pumps! The toe cap is brown instead of black, but that shouldn't be too hard to work into my wardrobe.

I couldn't resist getting this sweater because the detailing is fantastic. Plus, I need a new black croc print bag, so this one is perfect.

Lastly, I bought this super-utilitarian pair of winter boots. They might not be pretty, but at least they aren't Uggs!

Also, winter boots are the furthest thing from my mind right now, but when I looked at them that little 'conscience' voice in my head told me that I needed them for practical purposes. And when the 'conscience' tells you to do something, you'd darn well listen.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

fluffy poodles + hello kitty

Dear Face Hunter;

Can you please stop posting pictures of sweet outfits that involve the colour pink? Of course I like them, but I have a reputation to uphold! You know the girl in who walks alone all over town wearing a black motorcycle jacket and a backpack covered with "progressive activist" type pins all over it? That's me. I'm not supposed to get caught up in pink, the most trivial of all colours. Isn't it enough that I already admitted to liking, okay, loving ruffled blouses? I can be girly... So what? Please, no more pink. I can't just give in like this.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

food and fashion never used to mix.

As if it wasn't enough to make me a green-eyed monster by posting pictures of fabulous clothing find, stylish bloggers have discovered a new realm in which to awaken my jealousy - food!

Umm seriously, this avocado soup that was on Agathe's menu a few weeks ago looks absolutely scrumptious. The food presentation is like a five-star restaurant. You definitely won't be seeing any pictures of what I eat on a regular basis (mmmm, leftovers).

I suppose I'm a food-neophyte (not that I haven't being eating all these years, but..), because I've never heard of black sesame ice cream before. But if the adorable and irrepressible LC finds it delicious, then I'm inclined to agree.

Ahem, I'm going to eat some (brie) cheese and (whole wheat) crackers.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ethereal People

Some of the people I see on wardrobe_remix manage to look like they're from another planet. In a good way. Like, a planet where everyone is gorgeous/fashionable/angelic-looking, and none of those 'mere mortals' exist.

'sunshineupton' looks like a life sized fairy. The white dress, the tree and the sequin headband are whispering "otherworldly" and its not just the voices in my head.

Then there's 'snail and the cyclops', who is one of my favourite contributers to wardrobe_remix. She looks so cute in every picture! Its definitely the blonde hair and the vintage clothes.

Lastly, we have 'i believe in unicorns'. Do you really? If I told you I believed in unicorns would you let me live in your really pretty house decorated with baby clothes on the walls? Oh yes, and the vintage bag/dress combination in really quite nice.

I wonder if all of these really cute people hang out with other really cute people in real life, or do they just coexist on the internet? I can just picture them all drinking tea, eating scones and discussing the latest issue of Lula.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Turn off that computer and go read a book, I say. Electricity. I did some enviro-friendly thrifting today and picked up a vintage San Jose Sharks t-shirt and a ruffly shirt. I don't like hockey, it was just the "ATTACK" that sold me on the t-shirt.

In some general image news, I have been wearing one dangly earring and neglecting to straighten my hair for the past two days. Yes, my hair is finally starting to get long enough to embrace the romantic waves. Its like the 1980s meets the 1880s.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Exciting News!

Yes, that is me featured as Stylemob's "Most Wow" look of the day! How flattering! I've seriously been wishing for this honour since I first joined the Stylemob network. Hmm, this might be my Cinderella moment.

Current Inspirations

Beware! This is a very random list of pictures and people that I think look very good.

You might be surprised to know that this picture was not lifted from Stylemob or Wardrobe Remix. I went to high school with M. (isn't that so Gossip Girl?) and her Facebook profile picture was so lovely that I just had to repost in the context of a fashion blog. M. work at American Apparel and I think she looks just like Agyness. But I won't tell her that, because I know she dislikes Agyness!

This is Sunny from Stylemob. I've had this photo saved on my computer for ages because I like her sweater and ripped tights. Nobody really seems to ripped tights other than me, but I just feel there's something very attractive in looking a little bit off.

Though I saw this picture of Boboniaa on wardrobe_remix after I bought yellow pants, this must have subconciously influenced me. Honestly, they are so cool.

Also, piksi from wardrobe_remix appears to be the reason why I am lusting after a pair of spectator pumps. If I could thrift a perfect pair, life would be marvelous. After that, perfect blonde hair and a hot pink bow blouse wouldn't be so far off...

Sigh, those Finns - they know their stuff!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Family Vintage Part 2

After noticing my absolute ecstasy upon finding the said vintage treasures, Mom went and dug out a whole pile of her old 70s/80s stuff to sort through and pick out what I wanted. Amazing...I could've sworn I pawed through every vintage item she owned years ago! That kind of makes everything all the more exciting. Out of the pile, I only picked out two shirts and a black lace camisole.

The plaid shirt is absolutely perfect, the camisole fits me like a glove and the floral top is a bit out of my element, but it reminds me of Ranna so I'll try to work it into my wardrobe like a fabulous Finn.

Oh, and ahem, note the ruffles!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Family Vintage Treasures

The last few days have been a little weird, but I hit the vintage jackpot in a semi-unlikely place - Granny's closet! I've already raided Grandma's closet for stuff once before and thought that a yellow Burberry trench was as good as it could get. But lo and behold, my style must of changed because I found three notable amazing pieces.

Finally, a cream frilly shirt is all mine. Victory at last!

This 1960s coat used to be my mom's when she was a kid. I hate the colour orange, but I can't help but adore the cute swing-y feel of the coat.

Lastly, a pink and white frilly dress! Its very tiny - I just barely fit! But I love it anyways. The front ruffle was exactly what I've been searching for. The pink was an unexpected surprise, too. A colour which I never gravitate towards feels just right.

I'm seriously considering the Ebay store thinger right now. But first I need to procure myself a credit card/possibly learn html...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Old Rave

Ahh, I have done so many photoshoots in the last few weeks that I might have to change my name to Gemma Ward. And I'm not even finished them all! I think I might have to start charging for this. (Kidding, kidding! That conceited, I am certainly not.)

Anyways, Adam took these for a Comtech project and we went for the crazy neon rave vibe/American Apparel sex fiend vibe. As I am not really either of those, I look a bit stiff. But I hope you enjoy the results anyways and don't get a colour-induced seizure.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Rattlesnake: Its been a while!

Because the Rattlesnake is SUPERFABULOUS, we can do photoshoots and take pictures of our SUPERFABULOUS selves whenever we want. We don't even have to pose! Because we're just so naturally cool, the pictures just turn out that way.

Yeah, totally natural, right? I wore that Mickey vest with my star dress to a job interview. And Cindy never takes off the patchwork hoodie. Its her signature, you know?

*In a non-Rattlesnake note, isn't it funny how Katrina looks like a real model and Cindy and I just look ridiculous?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Organizing my Capital

In the next few weeks, I'll be a travelling woman! Next week, I'm off to Ottawa for a day and the week after that - New York City! I'm very very very excited. Since I don't want to go too crazy spending money and end up 'in the hole' for the rest of my life, I've come up with a neat and tidy 'Buy List' for both trips. Does that make me obsessive-compulsive? Making lists seems to be my greatest talent.

1. Bright yellow hoodie from American Apparel

2. Is there an H&M in Ottawa? If so, I'm totally gravitating towards this black and white ruffled dress that Sally Jane is wearing.

New York City
1. More and more ruffled blouses. I stole this ruffly picture from Sally Jane too, because she is the Queen of Ruffles.

2. Spectator pumps. Obviously not these Chanel ones, because I'm not filthy rich but you get the point.

3. Brogues. Women's brogues. I'm praying there is such thing, that does NOT involve Urban Outfitters.

4. Cheap Monday Jeans.

5. "Miu Miu" knockoff heels. I think they're from Forever 21?

Ugh, I'm a shoe fiend AND a ruffle fiend. I need professional help.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Diane Arbus

Everyone probably knows this already, but Diane Arbus is amazing. I just discovered her recently, and I have never been so awestruck by art in general. It's just so raw and human. Amazing. How about letting the pictures speak for themselves.

To Shelby; Christos told me you "just looooooved" Diane Arbus. True or exaggeration?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Right Ruffles, Wrong Colour

My mom needed to buy nursery rhyme books at the thrift store for an upcoming familt baby shower, and I'm very glad I tagged along. In the seemingly neverending quest for a ruffled blouse, I found this teal dress. It's a dowdy length but the ruffles are perfect. Should I turn it into a minidress or a top?

Then there was this Mickey Mouse vest that I pretty much had to have. I thought vintage Mickey t-shirt were pretty awesome, but they pale in comparison to this sweet vest.

Lastly but not leastly, an YVES SAINT LAURENT RIVE GAUCHE jacket! It's too big though, so I'm thinking of selling it on Ebay.

Actually I saw so many awesome things while thrifting today (mainly sweet t-shirts. I don't need any more t-shirts.) that I should probably start my own Ebay store. I'm no Sally Jane, but I could probably do it! Not right at the moment, though.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fashion in the Produce Section

Joe Fresh clothing is apparently sold in grocery stores all over Canada. Except, you know, the one in my town. They only stock baby clothes and underwear, so for now I'lll sit drooling over the cheap chic of Joe Fresh on the computer.

I just knew that being able to buy spectator pumps with your baguette and brie was too good to be true.

Oh, and that coat? Simply divine.

It's best that I keep my Joe Fresh lust on the computer - I might just be disappointed. After all, good prices + (possible) bad quality = sweatshop labour = bad news.

Fun Fact: My mom used to work for Joe Mimran at Club Monaco before it was bought out by Ralph Lauren and Joe started designing clothes meant to be sold along sliced deli meat.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Me + Bob Dylan

I'll give you 10 guesses as to who I'm supposed to be channeling in these photographs.

Yes, you're right...