Friday, May 30, 2008

I need a distraction.

I am not one to deny the fabulousness of Louise Brooks. Was she an actress? Was she an it girl? I don't know, but her flapper sensibilities are wicked stylish.

As you probably noticed from outfit pictures, my hair had grown from a pixie cut, to a bob, to a natural curly hairdo. But Louise inspired me to chop it all off again, and here are the results!

(As much as I would love to, I cannot bring myself to wear the sequin cape outside the house. It is far too delicate!)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hey Jude

I'm going through a rough patch and am going to halt posting for now. It probably won't be long, but I just need to collect. I will leave you with a picture of what is hands down, the best backpack on the entire planet.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Still Funny.

Does anyone else remember playing the "Paperdoll Psychology" games on as an adolescent? I remember how much fun it was to put clothes together on "thrift store paperdoll", "concert date paperdoll" and "jake gyllenhaal paperdoll". Sometimes the outfits ended up being much more heinous than expected, but hey, that's the fun of it! Plus, you could tell that everyone in charge of that website was a totally hilarious person. Check out this disclaimer "Please be advised, as usual, that although we have lots of experience in being judgmental about people's fashion sense (and more experience with psychological analysis than we are comfortable discussing), we really have no idea what we are talking about."

If you want to regress to the akwardness of your early teen years, then visit now!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shoes are just too irresistable.

My iFraud broke the other day, and while I was in town returning it I couldn't help but go into Value Village. 10 minutes later, my shoe collection was up three pairs! I got the Keds because the pair I have now are a size too small and keep rubbing my feet. The tapestry slippers and brown shoes are both so liebemarlene it hurts, except they are the most comfortable/good quality shoes I have bought in moths. I keep getting suckered in by cute cheap shoes, but no more! Yes, I have failed at shoe bans before, and will likely fail again. But honestly, no more torturing my feet! The first step will be selling all my painful shoes by consignment.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Din Sko Secret

Do you know where all those stylish Scandinavians find their pointy-toed brogues? I do! After many, umm, minutes of deductive reasoning I realized that there's a store called 'Din Sko' that can service all your heart's brogue desire. There are 100 stores in Sweden, 27 in Norway, 11 in Finland and 4 in Denmark. Now that I know where to find them, I must buy those pointy silver brogues.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Style Snatcher

If I could steal the style of any two people in the world right now, it would be without question these two Helsinki fashion plates.

She is the Queen of Badass. If I could look that mature and hardcore at the same time, I would go for that look all the time.

Yet I can't help but resist her polar opposite, the cute grungy mismatching teen. This look is something I always admire but never actually wear.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More love for Courtney.

As if Courtney Love wasn't already a woman out for my heart...she's wearing ruffles! This is a solid shred of proof that she might not be completely nuts.

If you want to read (or re-read) the legendary Kurt and Courtney interview from April 1992 Sassy magazine, it can be found here. It was a good read, mainly because she was very talented not completely nuts back then.

Friday, May 16, 2008

List-making Time


Best friends, Reach for the top, summer jobs, Vice magazine, riot grrrl, high-waists, comfy clothes club, bright yellow, no more high school, moving out, geeks, frosh week, free money, buying online vintage, baby farm animals, womens studies, American Apparel, tapestry purses.


America's Funniest Home Videos, male chauvinists, worms, fuschia, how badly I want acid wash jeans, American Apparel employees, boredom, foreign oil, Adrian Orange (no offense, Ryan), not being in NYC, excessive air conditioning, wide leg jeans, Coach purses.

I invented this trend!

In the words of Britney Spears, "Back off, Face Hunter bitchez. Girl rocks this girnormous patchwork hoodie way better than y'allz!"

In my actual words, I really hope that the "oversize patchwork hoodie" becomes a legitimate trend. Because then, I can credit myself with starting it. This particular piece first made its Hipster Musings appearance on March 28th 2008, whereas this girl's sweater made its Face Hunter debut on May 11th 2008. I smell a copycat?

EDIT: To the mean anonymous commenter, FUCK YOU. This is a blog. I'm writing because I want to, not because you have to care.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer? The air conditioning states otherwise.

Yesterday, was quite productive - I went thrifting and job-hunting! There was nothing to be had at my usual haunt of St. Vincent de Paul's, but when I stopped at a consignment shop I rarely go to there were two blouses and a pair of shoes greeting me pleasantly.

A pair of spectators with the black toe cap I desire. The downside? They hurt like HELL!

Ruffle shirt #28430815932 added to my colelction. Okay, more like ruffle shirt #4 or 5, but its vintage (made in Montreal) and I couldn't resist.

I found the polka-dotted poet blouse yesterday and ended up wearing this today. Holy crap it was cold in the school! Why must the administration crank up the blasted air conditioning when the weather is only starting to warm up? Give us kids a chance to experience the heat. Its Canada, for Gods sakes. We cherish the heat!!!

Rant over.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Delightful Blog Nuggets

I have discovered two new adorable blogs, that I will likely be reading for a long time.

The first one is Virginia Blue, written by a vintage-loving girl who manages to find the most amazing things!

I mean, this polka-dotted dress from the 1930s is just magical! Not to mention those perfect red t-strap flats. I just love it.

This dress is too cute as well, because it has little automobiles on it. Seriously, they're little Model T's!

Oh and anyone who has to ability to uncover vintage Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords is raised up to deity status.

Next is the Finn (lord knows I can't resist them) No Signposts, who I discovered through wardrobe_remix. She has great style and even better hair. I love the ruffled Victorian style shirt paired with her thoroughly modern short hair.

I have been looking for a bag like that forever! I found one somewhat similar at a vintage store for $35, but where is the justice in that?

The more time I spend looking at Finnish fashion on the internet, the more Finland seems like the perfect travel destination.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back from Really Fun Nerd-land.

If I was to fill out one of those surveys telling you seven odd quirks about myself, or something of that nature, it would probably involve me admitting to being a nerd. Therefore, my brief absence from the blogosphere was because I was playing trivia. The 'Reach for the Top' Provincial Trivia Tournament, to be exact. We got 28th place, which is pretty good considering we aren't a super-competitive team that plays mainly for fun. Since I don't have anything remotely fashionable to report back (though I met some wonderful folks), the best I can do is share what our team's t-shirts look like.

Strike first, strike hard, no mercy. Is that not the best logo/slogan for a trivia team (or any team for that matter) ever!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Hey, more free stuff!

Best friends are best friends for many reasons, but when they decide to get rid of old clothes, you get first pick! Namely, this beret and jumper plus some green tights and a Hello Kitty coin purse.

Just remind me to wear tights next time, since this picture will probably end up on an installment of 'Don't Show-cha Your Chocha'.

Thank you so much, generous lady - I love them all! Let's watch disturbing movies and eat candy again soon.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Musings on Doc Martens

Doc Martens are pretty cool in my book, but they haven't always been that way. They used to be the footwear of threatening and rebellious youth! And weren't they orthopaedic shoes before then? I don't want to be the indie kid who hates his favourite band once everyone else caught on to them, but having them co-opeted by high-fashion has ruined them a little bit in my books. I know a few lovely bloggers have bought them and I wouldn't try to discourage anyone from wearing them, but just try to keep Ian MacKaye in mind instead of Alexander Wang. Though I would rather have you think about Alexander Wang than skinheads. That would just be wrong.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Purchase Post

NYC really was the trip of a lifetime, and I feel like I'll be back again and again.

But on to the important things? Namely, what I found in the big city. Well, most importantly: Cheap Monday jeans! I found them for $30 at Century 21 and felt like I had experienced total catharsis upon purchasing them. They are so TIGHT - literally and otherwise. I just love them. The sushi shirt I'm wearing was also from Century 21 and I bought one for Ryan too, because we loooove sushi together all the time.

This zebra dress is from H&M - I bought it because I thought it would be a nice simple summer dress. (I swear, I only own one pair of shorts!) The oxford flats, did involve Urban Outfitters, unfortunately but the price was right and they don't even give me too many blisters when I walk. This is a bonus, since lately I've been doing the whole "fashion over comfort thing" (cough, Cheap mondays, cough) and it just makes me want to change into sweats every day when I get home from school.

This asian flowery jacket was $26 at Church Street Antiques. It was the only secondhand thing I bought on the entire trip (believe me, I felt bad) and the store reminds me of Tribal Rhythm, my favourite vintage store in Toronto. The bow shirt is H&M, the jeans are Zara and then the oxford flats are Urban Outfitters, again.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Back and Better Than Ever!

Day 1 was spent primarily traveling - trapped on a 10 hour bus ride with only a half-hour stop at a rinky-dink McDonalds somewhere. The scenery was pretty great, until we got to New Jersey where it seemed like the only signs of inhabitation were garbage and auto shops. The first thing upon arrival was go out for a group dinner at Puglia in Little Italy, where the food was average. Most of the indescribably lame girls in the tour group were clamoring to buy fake purses in Chinatown. I was not. There’s a big difference between “Pegaso” and “Prada”, people. In the hotel lobby after a long day, one girl asked me if I was “as excited as [she] was” upon arriving in NYC. When I said ‘no’, she thought I was upset so I had to explain that I was too cool for that. (Okay, I was excited. Just blasé).

The highlight of Day 2 involved singing “Pegasus! Pegasus!” at every opportune moment. If you are wondering why, then watch this Super Bingo video, which should explain everything.

Now you should understand my delight upon seeing some old man wearing a Pegasus jacket. I saw the Dakota and visited Strawberry Fields in Central Park, which was lovely and peaceful.

Me in front of the Bestheda Fountain in Central Park. Not exactly a fashion plate - I wore this yellow hoodie almost every day.
I walked around Fifth Avenue a bit and saw Mary Poppins on Broadway that night. It was spectacular - the sets were like candy and the acting was dead on. A spoonful of sugar and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Day 3 was sort of a crappy day. The tour group went to go see the Statue of Liberty, which involved waiting for hours in a long line up, taking a few pictures of the statue and waiting in more line ups. We didn’t even get to stop at Ellis Island! Total tourist trap, which I definitely would not have gone on if I had the choice.

Eff you, Statue of Liberty!
The afternoon was spent walking around Greenwich Village. Damn, gentification is a bitch! Seriously, a store called Cherry Vintage was selling a plain pair or “vintage” Keds for $125! Who can afford that? Even buying new Keds is cheaper. Every thrift store in my town is guaranteed to have at least two pairs of these “vintage” Keds for $2. The Marc Jacobs store was great and even had some pretty affordable stuff, but I felt like a tightwad in Greenwich Village so I didn’t spend money on anything other than food today. I had dinner with my friends at Red Bamboo, a hip vegetarian restaurant that I highly recommend eating at. I had ‘Bamboo Curry Soy Chicken’ and sweet potato fries! It was an epic meal and I was stuffed. After that we skipped out on a Yankees game to walk back from Greenwich Village to our Manhattan hotel. It was a long walk, but a hell of a lot better than baseball!

Day 4 really could not have been better!

Me on the Brooklyn Bridge wearing the omnipresent yellow hoodie.
We started the morning off by walking the Brooklyn Bridge (eep!) and then I hightailed it to Century 21. Seriously, I have wanted to go there since I read about it in Ellegirl 2 or 3 years ago. It was kind of like a glorified Winners until I got to the third floor where all the designer stuff was. It was still mostly too expensive for me, but I did pick out a few thing I liked that I will share at a later time. We had the day all to ourselves so my friends and I opted to walk to the East Village which was so chokingly HIP. I loved it because people would never dress that well where I live in a million years. Some hot skinny guy in a plaid shirt asked us for directions to Cooper Square - though I think it was because we had a map, not because we looked like native New Yorkers. We perused all sorts of vintage shops which were wonderfully curated, though a little pricey. We kept walking and made it all the way up to the New York Public Library where we collapsed of exhaustion among the majestic architecture for about an hour. When we felt a little more well rested (seriously, carrying big shopping bags around the city was brutal) we had dinner at Dean & Deluca. Their raspberry cheesecake is amazing. The last large group activity was going up the Empire State Building, which sucked because everyone who worked there was a total freak (can’t even describe it) and there was zero visibility due to fog. Then we drove the whole night home on the bus where everyone attempted to sleep. Overall it was a fantastic trip and I’m sad to be back home because I had such an amazing time.