Monday, June 30, 2008

Find that noose and tighten.

I cannot and simply don't want to get over shiny, metallic gold. Because I'm working full-time in an office, my outfit creativity is getting a wee bit stifled and I feel the need to go overboard with my lounging outfits. I mean, at my last trip to American Apparel I almost bought gold shorts, which is completely unsensible since I already own their gold skirt. Those pieces are nearly identical!

The first picture is via Face Hunter and the second is from Hel-looks. Her dress it vintage Vivienne Westwood and is the most divine thing I have laid eyes on since Veruca Salt and the goose with the golden egg in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bucking the Something

What are more clownish, less stompin', more orthopaedic, less trendy, much uglier but WAY MORE COOL than Doc Martens? Ummm, my Clarks boots!

A rather different take on the "clunky black boot" trend of 2008. I got these around 5 years ago and grew out of them really fast, so they were thrown in our family's 'Goodwill Donation Bag'. A couple months ago, I was digging through the bag and found these boots - magically they fit my feet again! And not a moment too soon... Erin Wasson eat my dust!

Riot Grrrl Backlog #6

Today I went on the most lovely day trip. Seriously, it was perfect. First stop was American Apparel, where I picked up a dark grey jersey skirt with pockets and a gold headband. Most of the time, AA employees are scarily elitist but I actually struck up a conversation with this nice girl and it turns out we're living in the same place come September.

Then I was walking down the street and saw Cheap Monday jeans on sale for $40. Ugh, I am a slave to hipsterdom because I just had to have them.

Normally, I would never post a picture of myself wearing sweatpants but these Batman sweatpants from Value Village are THE exception. They are the coolest pair I own!

And finally, we were wasting time in this weird mall that nobody ever goes to and stumbled across one of those giant "Half-Price" book stores the pop up every so often and I found a $10 copy of "We're Desperate: The Punk Photography of Jim Jocoy". I'm not cool enough to pretend I know who Jim Jocoy is, but I remember reading about this book a long time ago in ELLEgirl and the pictures are wonderful.

Riot Grrrl Backlog #5

In a weak moment of consumerism (I was buying Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at the grocery store), I picked up the ELLE magazine with Mary Kate Olsen on the cover and decided to buy it solely because Mary Kate was on the cover. What a terrible idea! Mary Kate looks way better in any unstyled paparazzi shot than she does when she’s posing and wearing someone else’s clothing. The article wasn’t even any good either. I never seem to learn my lesson about the low quality of American fashion magazines. Hey, at least I haven’t bought Vogue in…I don’t even remember the last time I bought Vogue.

Riot Grrrl Backlog #4

Remember when Natasha wrote about the Ukrainian street style website called, "FAK!"? Holy crap, is it ever awesome! I feel lame re-posting about something, but this website is second to only Hel-looks. Seriously, it is leaps and bounds better than most street style websites out there. Especially since I can exclaim "FAK!" in public and have it sound like a curse word. (I am immature.) I love how they put detail shots along with pictures of the whole outfit. I wish more websites would do that!

These Ukrainians are sleek and seem to love leopard print just as much as I do!

Riot Grrrl Backlog #3

I am sorry. I am so so truly sorry, but I just cannot get in to Hammer pants. *Shudders* I know everyone who has a blog seems to like them but they are just so...unflattering?

On the other hand, this is exactly the look I am loving right now. Thanks Face Hunter! Those brogues are fantastique!

Riot Grrrl Backlog #2

I don't care how much of a poser this makes me, I freaking love these Hot Topic pants! I already have a pair of grey leopard print skinny jeans, but the fact that these are coloured makes them infinitely more awesome.

These are definitely going on my ultimate wishlist.

Riot Grrrl Backlog #1

I ventured out to the dreaded mall yesterday to find a pair of badass gladiator sandals. Winners had a really awesome pair, but they were $40. I was not prepared to pay that much. Then I went to Payless and saw a pair of gladiator-like sandals that did not have an ankle strap. They were $30, which was still too much for something that wasn't perfect. Then off to Old Navy. There was the perfect style of gladiators there but the quality was absolutely terrible. Perhaps if I had more money, I would be willing to shell out for the The moral of the story is: I should've bought a pair last year, before Old Navy started making crappy knockoffs.

In other news, I found my new favourite purse for $1 at St. Vincent's. It's the perfect shape and the nude-grey colour is pretty awesome too. It looks perfect when worn with a simple outfit, like a plain white shirt and jeans.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

I feel as if I should fully explain myself, but I won't for fear of sounding incoherent or possibly like a babbling idiot. However, I will briefly say that I like this blog, it likes me and sometimes things seems worse than they really are.

It shan't be interesting this "first day back on the job" post, but I have been asked by Sally Bowles to reveal my seven favourite favourite songs this summer. Or something like that. I usually think tags are really dumb and refrain from doing them, but I like music so this time I will oblige:

1. Sugar by Ladytron
2. Search and Destroy by Iggy and the Stooges
3. Killing an Arab by the Cure
4. Good Guys Don't Wear White by Minor Threat
5. Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag
6. Tess by Weird War
7. How Soon is Now? by the Smiths

My taste in music is a little bizarre...

Iggy Pop vs. Donatella Versace. Run away, fast!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

So, ummm. Here I am. Writing again. Awkward.

Overall, I reacted a little too quickly to being trailed by psychopath stalkers and am contemplating a return. Give me a little while to figure things out. Everything will work itself out eventually.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Going Going Gone!

R.I.P. Hipster Musings. Its been fun. E-mail me, or leave me a comment with your email if you want the address to my new blog.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Why People Stop Blogging

Now that the dust has settled around Style Bytes, I thought I might add my two cents. Agathe had a fantastic blog going for her and I'm really going to miss it. Especially since she took the whole thing offline and I can't even paw throught the archives looking for fresh material either. But the sad reality is that blogging is kind of hard work and its difficult to keep up, especially at the quality level she had.

Does anyone remember Leith from You Know You Love it? Her blog was in freakin' ELLEgirl and totally got me hooked on fashion on the internet. She stopped for about a year and is back to it now, but read this quote from her: "Maybe you have heard of You Know You Love It? I loved it for some time, but then it sucked away my soul and washed down the marrow with some nice red wine."

When you are high profile, you get a lot of flak. Leith ended up getting a lot of ridiculous and completely uncalled-for negative comments. Of course when you are popular, some will like you and some will hate you. Hell, I hate Fall Out Boy though the rest of the world seems to disagree. But when you are constantly having negativity shoved in your face all the time, it becomes a drag. I'm saying this because some nasty commenter called me a "stupid cunt" in my last post because I don't like Peter Gabriel! How lame is that? All that proves is that she has terrible taste in music and likes to spend her time making other people feel bad. Haters should really stop wasting my time and theirs. I have an opinion and so do you, and just because they are different DOES NOT MAKE ME A CUNT.

Umm, so why do people stop blogging? Because it gets stressful and negative commenters are a bitch. Enough said. Luckily for me, the positive more than enough make up for the negative.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Suffragette Silhouette

I have a lot to say right now.

Number one. I hate Peter Gabriel. 'Shock the Monkey' used to have a humourous 'so bad its good' appeal, but after being forced to watch the disturbing 'Sledgehammer' video among others of his in music class makes me really want use a sledgehammer against Peter Gabriel.

Remember those those tiger tooth necklaces that Ashley Olsen used to rock? I think I want one. I'm only about three years behind the trend!!

I have also been tagged by Jello on Springs. I generally dislike tags, but this one seemed bearable and I love her blog so I am compelled to oblige to her tag request. Here goes.

1. What were you doing ten years ago?
Ten years? That would make me eight. Eight was a good year. I learned how to knit (which is still one of my favourite activities) and for my eighth birthday my parents gave me a watch that I have worn almost every day since then.

2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today?
-Get a job interview call-back
-Study for exams
-The other three go a lot like number two.

3. Snacks you enjoy?
I drink green tea for sustenance, but tend to enjoy cheese and crackers. And anything containing sugar…

4. Places you’ve lived:
Born in Toronto, then my parents moved to the country. Whyyyyyyyy?

5. What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?

-Pay off my University tuition
-Stop oil companies from developing the Alberta Tar Sands.
-Rig political elections so that Elizabeth May was Prime Minister and Obama was Prez.
-Establish some sort of Pro-choice organization or just donate a lot of money to one that already exists.
-There probably wouldn’t be any money left over, but I’d love to own a few pieces of fashion history: the Warhol Campbell Soup dress, a YSL Mondrian dress and an original Vivienne Westwood punk t-shirt from SEX or Seditionaries.

6. People you want to know more about?
I’m not motivated enough to tag anyone. But I’d love to know more about Tobi Vail’s relationship with Kurt Cobain and why there is the distinct possibility that Kathleen Hanna or Ian MacKaye might actually be incarnations of God.

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Filth and the Fury

I am almost sad that is is summer, because that means it is too hot to wear my yellow AA hoodie. That thing has almost become permanently attatched to my body. It is the brightest, comfiest, most awesome 'statement piece' I own. Some womens' statement piece is a Chanel bag or a Pucci scarf - I think mine is an American Apparel hoodie... Should that make me sad? I don't know, but the party sure was fun.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Goal No. 1: Buy Dresses

Oh, what I wouldn't give to be a pretty Francophone with an equally gorgeous closet full of vintage gems.

You see, normally I might find it bizarre, if not a little creepy for a grown woman to have animal masks hiding in amongst her shoe collection - but for the Cherry Blossom Girl, it feels just right. Why must I feel so much envy for another human being?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Is it really worth $400?

The only thing better than Marc Jacobs, is going to Holt Renfrew and making the sales ladies angry by trying on all sorts of Marc Jacobs clothes that you can't afford! I loved these dresses. The pictures really don't do them justice. Plus, my socks realllly don't match. But just ignore them. Trust me, trying on designer clothes with no intention of purchasing them is really quite liberating. I suggest you try it some time...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sewing Paraphenalia

I have discovered a new blog for your reading enjoyment! Stitches and Threads takes mysterious and cryptic outfit photos, looks a bit like a cute elf in red boots and has an enviable collection of purses. Like most of the cool new blogs I stumble upon, I found it through wardrobe_remix.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More than Necessary

Eek! I have been vintage shopping much more than I can afford to right now. But I just keep telling myself, "you have to spend money to make money!" Recent finds include this little boy's Bart Simpson shirt. (The boy knows that blue slushies will inherit the earth.)

I love the swiss-dot lace and sweetheart neckline on this dress so much. So much that I can forgive the awful ruching on the bodice front.

Lastly, a vintage needlepoint nightgown that is massive, but has potential.

Lately, I've been obsessed with acquiring as much real vintage stuff as possible. It all started when I read an interview with Clhloe Sevigny from an old i-D mag talking about how all you could thrift in the 1990s was vintage, but now most things in thrift stores are only a few years old because clothing is so disposable and cheaply made.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Mini Minidress

Remember when I posted about a turquoise green ruffly dress that I thrifted? And I asked you if I should turn it into a minidress or a blouse, because the length was incredibly unflattering??? I followed everyone's advice and made it a minidress.

A very mini minidress. Perhaps too mini. As in, "Holy-crap-I-can't-wear-this-without-tights-for-fear-of-indecent-exposure" mini. There are three distinct options i can follow: Wear dress with tights, turn dress into blouse or give away dress to skanky ho.

Just kidding!