Monday, June 29, 2009

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick

I was about 8 years old when I first heard about the mystery of Harris Burdick. Legend has it that Burdick was interested in having some of his short stories published, so he met with a Publisher to give him the illustrations with captions from his stories in hopes the Publisher would be interested. After giving the illustrations a look, the Publisher tried to get a hold of Burdick for more information, but he never heard back because Burdick had disappeared without a trace!

This mysterious story captured every bit of my young imagination at the time, especially since the teacher had assigned us to make up our own stories based on the original Harris Burdick illustrations and captions. Even after all these years the story still holds its original appeal for me. All of the illustrations have an ethereal yet dark quality about them and leave me wanting to know more.

"He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late."

"The fifth one ended up in France."

"It all began when someone left the window open."

"She lowered the knife and it grew even brighter."

If I remember correctly, I chose to write my story on the wallpaper bird about to fly out the bedroom window. You can see more Harris Burdick illustrations along with a better version of the story right here.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garbage Man

I spent the morning poring over my mom's old books on vintage collecting while wearing crappy old lounge clothes, and subsequently felt the urge to put on something a little nicer.

I've only worn this dress once before because it seems so fancy. I found it on my thrift travels about a year ago and hacked off most of the skirt, the sleeves and the shoulderpads before it was actually wearable. It's pretty transparent and I need to wear a slip underneath at all times, which makes it a pretty impractical piece but I love it anyways...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"You look like a Tolkien character"

You've definitely seen me wear this little floral number before, but only as a skirt so here it is in full dress form. It's darn windy out!

My hair is really having an insane day.

I'm looking forward to a quiet country weekend of bike rides and boredom

Friday, June 26, 2009

keep my feet dry

It's time to announce the winner of the t-shirt giveaway! (Drumroll). Annnnnd the winner is, Jodache Turn It Up! Congratulations! You all have got to check out her flickr outfit pictures - she's going to be able to do that shirt so much justice it's enough to make you cry.

I also want to introduce you to a really fascinating blog I stumbled upon. La Chauve Souris (or the Weird Bat) is chock full of dark and off-kilter yet completely inspirational pictures. Oh, and girl rocks Balmain like no other!

Next off - with the abundance of blog shops out there, it's really interesting to see what closet pieces a blogger wants to get rid of. I urge you all to check out Shop It Right Now, which is run by Jayne of Stop It Right Now (definitely one of the most badassery-filled blogs ever). I can't believe she's getting rid of this wicked peacock sweater, which looks like something out of my wildest thrift dreams.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gouge Away

I wish I had a funny joke, witty banter or even an inspirational quote to share with you right now, but there are just some times when you don't have anything to talk about. I'm just kind of in love with my cowboy ankle booties and have even managed to work them into something "business casual".

Can't wait until I finish knitting my next sweater so I can start sewing this tunic. Thank god the pattern says "very easy", because I'm pretty bad at sewing...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roadblocks: Contest Officially Closed

Hey there kids! Looks like it's giveaway time in blog land! Just like everyone else, I've partnered with Chick Downtown to offer all the US residents who read this blog a chance to win this Wildfox Couture crop top. Wish I could win it - it reminds me of a dreamcatcher!

Anywho, just leave your name an email in the comment section below if you're eligible and want to win. I'll pick a winner on Friday. And while you're at it, check out their website that has a huge selection of designer dresses by brands like Mink Pink.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

fall on your face in those bad shoes.

I wore this yesterday to go eat sushi with friends when the weather was rainy and awful. Somehow, awful weather always translates to dressing super casual - if leaving the house at all.

Vintage Nirvana shirt from Elizabeth (<3), Billabong floral hoodie, DIY bleach jeans, thrifted shoes. This shirt is so old school. I like it that way.
I just thrifted these new cowboy-ish ankle boots which are fantastic. I am currently scheming up ways to match them with every piece of clothing I own.

As I get older, my shopping strategies are definitely changing. I'm finding myself far more willing to pay a lot of money for a piece of clothing I love instead of just buying everything in sight at the thrift store. Don't get me wrong, I still love thrifting but I am so much more selective in what I buy now! I think I'm just going to save up all my money for travel and big-ticket purchases from now on.

Friday, June 19, 2009

"It's the batwing, bitch!"

If any of you have ever seen the movie Waiting, then I expect you to get the gross-out reference in my title!

So the story goes, I had the opposite of buyer's remorse (miser's remorse?) after NOT buying the wicked sparkly batwing jacket I tried on when vintage shopping in Kensington with Mary. I regretted not buying it so badly that I stalked eBay until I was able to track one down and purchased it immediately.

It just came in the mail today, and as much as I hate to post a million redundant pictures of myself, I can't help but play around with the thing! It's so versatile and interesting. I think I'm in love (but it makes me kinda nervous to say so... Haha, I love Beck).

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hips like Cinderella

I'd say I have a really eclectic style overall, but one of my favourite looks to go for has always been "the sexy librarian". I wear glasses and am a total nerd* anyways, so I might as well play it up!

But of course, "sexy librarian" is always done best when there's a bit of a twist. Surprise! Heart-printed tights!

The tights were another goodie sent to me from Miss Woo, and I adore them. The outfit would absolutely not be complete without them!

*(Disclaimer: Not that I'm assuming all librarians are nerdy - I love you Pansy Lane and Diane!)

Inspiration Thursday

Why not? These pictures have sort of a black and white theme - I've really been going for bichromatic things lately.

Let's give credit where credit is due. From top to bottom: Jak + Jil, random google search, The Selby via Fashion Squad, La Flore et la Faune, La Chauve Souris, I forget again.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who the hell is Jesus H. Garcia?

Hey dudes, am I getting predictable yet? That drape vest and those sandals AGAIN?

I can't help it - when my clothes make me feel like a badass Batman-esque comic book character, I'm not inclined to wear anything else.

-Lately I've been jamming to 'I'm Confused' by the Handsome Furs, a song I discovered from those free Urban Outfitters playlists (don't judge!)
-I'm also itching to travel. July is going to be a wandering month if I can help it.
-Can anyone suggest any fascinating non-fiction books they think I might be into? I need another book I can escape into.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

conspirator so fine

I based this outfit on dressing up for a Sunday afternoon family picnic because, umm, I went on a Sunday afternoon family picnic today! I dressed up my floral romper with vintage brown t-strap shoes, and a crochet shrug with lovely little scalloped edges.

The weather was absolutely perfect and we ended up checking out a historical re-enactment campout, with people dressed in period costume everywhere! I kept obsessively taking pictures of this guy's amazing jacket.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

lost my taste for judging right from wrong

Yesterday morning I woke up with Alanis Morissette playing in my head and about ten bug bites on my leg (note the smudges of calamine lotion). When I got home, the family desktop computer had also crashed (currently typing this at the library). What the hell?

About three people at work had positive things to say about the Bart Simpson t-shirt, which I think is referencing the episode where Bart and Milhouse buy super sour Squishees at the Kwik-E-Mart and proceed to have a hallucinogenic trip. Apparently the more recent episodes have gone downhill, and I never got around to watching the Simpsons movie but I have nothing but positive memories of the show since I literally grew up watching it.

Oh, and I’m still wearing my thrifted cage sandals (coincidentally, so is the Cherry Blossom Girl!). I can confirm that they will not be coming off my feet for a very long time.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where I Belong

I generally enjoy reading "What's In My Bag" posts on other fashion blogs, but never really engage in them myself. Today is different.

The entire contents of my free Topshop canvas tote are: one wallet, one mp3 player, one stainless steel reusable water bottle (because only idiots pay for something that comes for free out of a tap), and three Hershey's kisses. Does this make me a minimalist? I tend to carry around only a few items with me, but I refuse to call it the "bare minimum", because really, what the heck else do I need to carry around with me at all times? I completely hate the idea of lugging around a massive bag filled with make-up around with me all day - anything requiring constant re-application isn't worth the worry, in my eyes.

But with all that being said, I have been stalking vintage Gucci bags on eBay and I am determined to MAKE ONE MINE before this summer ends. Perhaps then I can come up with a satisfactory bag post.

Oh, and and outfit from last week that I never got around to posting!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There Goes My Gun

Currently wearing: Cuffed Ralph Lauren dress pants that I thrifted a year ago, with random paisley socks and men's brogues. (Okay, so maybe I wore this yesterday which makes the "currently" a lie, but just go a long with me okay?)

Currently admiring: Lynn Yaeger, former fashion journalist for the Village Voice. She's sort of like a cross between Anna Piaggi and Clara Bow - that's the kind of crazy that I'm into. (Or "thats the kind of easy that I'm into" for all you Dandy Warhols fans out there!)

Currently reading: Sexing the Body by Ann Fausto-Sterling. Fausto-Sterling is a biology Professor at Brown University, and I had to read her classic article "The Five Sexes" for my Gender Philosophy class last term. She's an amazing writer (academic yet readable!) and considering my interest in all things intersex, it's making for a good self "summer-schooling" in gender politics and theory.

Currently listening to: The kickass mix cd that Miss Woo made me! I scanned in the tracklisting for your perusal along with the cover of the awesome Asian magazine she sent me as well - thanks a bazillion, Miss Woo!

Monday, June 08, 2009

As All Get Out

When in Toronto on Saturday, I bought two dolman sleeve tops (one black and one white) at American Apparel and I smell a bit of a wardrobe revolution coming on. They're perfectly slouchy for a slob like me who can't stand tight shirts yet still look kind of classy.

Yep, nothing says lazy sunday like my dolman sleeves, my drapey vest, yoga pants and Birkenstocks.

I've never taken a proper picture of what this vest looks like from the back which is pretty much a sacrilege, so here you go.

This is today's outfit with the black dolman sleeve top. I adore these shirts.

These thrifted lace-up sandals are destined to become my "Summer of 2009" pair of shoes, meaning I wear them as often as possible whenever appropriate. And if I may just reiterate... $3.50!!