Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Depend on Me

Schoolwork continues to pummel the life out of me, so here is another ‘outfit dump’. When I look at these pictures of three outfits that I have worn over the past week, I am almost alarmed by how schizophrenic my personal style actually is. The first look I had to wear to work, so everything is American Apparel (for those who asked; yes, AA employees are obliged to wear head-to-toe AA while in the store).

Perhaps I feel oversexed by my job, and so my ‘go-to’ rebellion happens to be dressing like a complete Grandpa. The cardigan, the button-down shirt, the pleated pants and the men’s brogues: androgyny at its weirdest.

The last outfit I wore out to a bar for my friend’s birthday. I was purposefully going for ‘hipster redneck trash’ with the plaid shirt, AA disco pants and FUBAR-inspired crop top.

How is it even possible for one person (namely me) to feel equally comfortable in all of these outfits? I either have multiple personality disorder or am just a really gifted actress.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

All the money in the world is not enough

As a hippie at heart and sometimes in appearance, it is only natural that I have a deep affinity for tie-dye. After years of admiring tie-dye t-shirts at craft fairs, the first tie-dye piece I ever bought was this bright rainbow spiral longsleeve shirt at Value Village. Admittedly, I found it in the men’s section but it fits pretty well for a shirt whose tag reads “Beefy-T”.

I had always wanted to try my hand at the DIY tie-dye process, so I bought a kit and experimented on my (expendable) frosh t-shirts. As you can see, the result was endearing but amateur.

When my friend invited my to a free tie-dye workshop I jumped at the chance, but later had to bail out to do homework. She ended up making a shirt for me even though I couldn’t attend the workshop and the result is pretty badass if I do say so myself! I am proudly wearing my new expertly hand tie-dyed t-shirt today, if only to sit in the library and write a paper.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Lower Half

There's no getting around it, some people just have naturally great legwear...

Also, I'm busy working on my (totally serious) application for a Master's Degree from Marisa Meltzer's Advanced Academy of Nineties-ology in NYC. Read her epic blog entry that I will re-quote here.

"I can teach French, Cultural Criticism in a Thousand Words, and will coteach West Coast Appreciation with Alice and Molly. Emily will teach Maximizing Email Wars, a class on Francesca Lia Block’s oeuvre, and Yoga. Elizabeth will be Fashion, Crafts, and Art History. Kara will be Queer Theory, Gender Studies, Performance, and will teach some kind of Teen cultural studies class. Jon will teach Drivers Ed, Math, Music Appreciation, and some kind of class on Magazine Studies with Elizabeth. Claire will teach Science Fiction. Jona will teach a class on Nirvana. Doree will teach trend reporting and History or whatever she has a masters in. We will all come together to do a mega advanced class on the ’90s. Obviously."

Pics from 00888, The Clothes Horse, Elinkan, and some random tumblr.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Exquisite Corpse

It's been an awful long while since I've worn anything with sequins on it, and I decided that needed to be remedied immediately. I wore the sweater with my new AA disco pants to create a shiny tacky-trash vibe that probably belongs in the 80s but I keep resurrecting it. The weather has been depressing me lately, which is probably why I'm wearing all black. Also, I need a break from school. This shiz is driving my batty.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Drain You

It's not that often that I get excited about all the blog-related 'special offers' in my inbox (wedding rings? no thanks!), but this is one exception that I was genuinely excited to share with you. The t-shirt I'm wearing is from T-post, a Swedish project that bills itself as the 'world's first wearable magazine'. Basically, they come out with a new t-shirt design that correlates to a pop culture article printed on the inside of the shirt that gets 'published' every month. The shirt I'm wearing is called 'Higher Education of Just Plain High?' and features a fascinating article on the value of traditional education in light of crazy University classes like 'Cyberporn and Society' and 'the Simpsons and Philosophy', not unlike my 'Nature, Art, Myth and Folklore' class! Read the article online here and browse all the t-shirt back issues. T-post is the future, dudes!!

I think I was in high school when bright colour pants became trendy, which probably makes me an idiot for jumping on the bandwagon when I'm almost halfway done university. But I'm all about crazy legwear and these pants are it. I also paired them with neon socks for a potentially blinding effect.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Radical Mistress

I've been working like a madwoman lately! Between term papers, tests and my new job at American Apparel A I barely even have time to, umm, think? I finally scored a pair of these rad disco pants, which make me feel like a character in Grease. Then I paired it with a lace top, which is generally inappropriate for the general public but it is literally my job to dress more outrageously than the status quo. Plus, I really like how the lace top shows off my tattoos.

I guess I was kind of going for a 90s goth-y Winona vibe, huh? Funnily enough, I ended up wearing this to a 'Jersey Shore' themed party too...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Squelch Monster

I'm going to take an outfit dump on all you guys. I've taken an outfit pic every day this week but am finding I have zilch time to post them so here you go. I'm going to rebury my head in homework now, thanks.

Tuesday: Why don't I wear this Joy Division tank top nearly as much as I should? (Oh yeah, its because I have too many clothes.)

Wednesday: St. Patrick's Day!! I wanted to avoid being labeled a 'grumpy bastard' so I wore a green shirt and paired it with an Irish grandpa cardigan. I hope everyone overdosed on green beer.

Thursday aka Today: I had my first training shift at American Apparel and I seriously could not get any happier. AA is the only store I ever buy 'new' items from (because thrifting rules) so its kind of a perfect fit. Perhaps the best job ever?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet and Tender Hooligan

Proof I am super busy: I took this outfit picture on Thursday and completely forgot to post it! Maybe its a good thing I forgot about it, because this rainy weather has totally zapped my outfit mojo. Anyways, I got a wonderful little package in the mail from my Grandma containing this shirt! It reads "Organic Farm Girl, Naturally Down To Earth", which is proof that I can never forget my rural roots, even though sometimes I try to. Plus, the flowers on the shirt mis-match with the flowers on my dress and tights, which is kinda awesome. I love you Grandma!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

9 Minutes of Awesome

I love this tune (Telephone by Lady Gaga) so I was killer excited for the video to come out, and let me tell you it did not disappoint!

So apparently she is in prison and is wearing cigarette glasses and chains. I'm pretty sure prison reform laws mean that nobody has to literally wear chains while incarcerated, I guess Gaga didn't get the memo? Also, those glasses must be worth a fortune in prison bucks.

The next notable outfit involves Diet Coke curlers and a badass studded jacket. Also, I heard the brunette in this frame is her younger sister? The Diet Coke is the first in a long line of unfortunate video product placement from Virgin Mobile, Polaroid and some lame dating website. The product placement was super disappointing, but I guess this just shows that Lady Gaga is the Queen of Commercialism, bar none? Image over music everyday.


Gaga gets bailed out of prison wearing a funky hat. What a classy lady.

Here we are continuing with the subliminal message in the song aka TELEPHONE. Nice 'telephone' headpiece. It really goes well with the title of the song.

Yes, whenever I choose to poison people while cooking contaminated foodstuffs my preferred attire is always rubber.

The Mickey Mouse glasses from the Paparazzi video make a return appearance! This time Beyonce is wearing them and she looks fierce.

This is the outfit where Lady Gaga quits her day job as an 'entertainer' and turns into a mega pro-wrestler. The facial expression is perfect, all she is missing is a huge belt.

Beyonce, Honey Bee, whatever you want me to call you - this outfit is kinda rad. It reminds me of bejeweled Balmain, but rad nonetheless.

A leopard print CATsuit? How clever.

Finally the video ends with Gaga and Beyonce running "far far away" to go join the Mormon cultist subsect of the FLDS church. Its ironic that they choose to do so in a truck named the "Pussy Wagon". The intellectual juxtaposition is killing me.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Triumphant Blaze

I am so proud to show you guys this picture that my super best friend in the whole wide world painted of me! Bow down to artistic talent! I have been immortalized! Someday when she is world famous, this painting is going to be worth a ton of money.

In other artsy-fartsy news, I got to do a photoshoot last week for my super-hippie art class! These photos are meant to depict the intersection between urban and nature and I dunno, but I really like how they turned out. Plus, they feature my epic leopard coat, which I am considering naming Ethel. I am the urban animal in a concrete jungle!! Oh, symbolism...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh hey now, this is nuts!

Exciting news, everyone!! American Apparel and Lookbook.nu collaborated on a little booklet on styling AA pieces that will be available for free in AA stores everywhere, and guess who is in it? That's right, folks. Yours truly!! This is crazy exciting and I feel so lucky and flattered to have been chosen. Check it out online, see if you can spot me in the video or try to pick up a hard copy at one of the stores. This is pure funking insanity. Today, American Apparel. Tomorrow, the world!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fuzzy Brain

Today was an overall glorious day. I went on a long walk in the morning to enjoy the weather and fetch some caffeine, then had thrifting/adventure times with a friend and ended up at a restaurant named "Cock Block" or some other malarky like that. Sadly, I had to part with Karen the Tiger Sweater but we certainly enjoyed our time together, and she will surely make another appearance in the future. Plus, I have a new sweater to make up for the loss.

I hope everyone who reads this is feeling jubilant.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.

It's starting to look like Spring is here! What a marvelous day, I went outside without wearing my winter coat, a scarf or gloves and didn't die of hypothermia! The leopard coat is my favourite item of clothing that I own, hands down, and I find a way to style it differently every year. I got the beret as a birthday present from my Grandma last year - wasn't sure of it at the time but it's really growing on me! Sorry if this is all incoherent, I am in the throes of a beautiful weather/sushi coma right now and it is wonderful.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


So I got another book in the mail. This time it happens to be 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls' and the cover art is so beautiful that I was inspired to create an outfit right away! The zombie girl on the cover is super creepy and wearing a white lace dress, so I decided to go with a granny dress and slip. Usually this outfit would be considered pretty and romantic, but today I was going for the 'demented anti-goth' look, if y'know what I mean?

I predict this will be an exceedingly entertaining read. Click here if you want to win the book!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

You're Standing on My Neck

Yet another bizarre sweater has entered the realm of my charmed closet! It happens to be a massive tiger sweatshirt and it is going to do battle with the Phoenix in order to prove itself worthy. Unfortunately, I am only borrowing it from my favourite d00d and I will have to give it back eventually but until then I am basking in its warm, comfortable glory.

My choice of footwear was definitely influenced by watching old episodes of Daria.

Stare into the hand-painted eyes of doom.

The man, the sweater.

Monday, March 01, 2010


VANCOUVER 2010, FUNK YEAH! SO PROUD OF OUR MEN AND WOMEN FOR BRINGING HOME THE GOLD! TEAM CANADA YEAHHHHH! Ok, just had to get that out of my system. Anyways, so I guess F/W 2010 was all about being nice and pretty and romantic and ladylike? None of those traits have ever been my forte, but I did manage to find quite a few looks I liked from my favourite designers.

Vivienne Westwood is my number one. Always has been (since I was fourteen and liked the Sex Pistols) and always will be. Nice to see that Dame Viv shares my adoration for freaky-ass legwear. Creamy beige, highlighter yellow and environmental justice seem like a bizarre mix, but I really really like it.

Proenza Schouler was absolutely wicked! Screw the babydoll dresses, I need this entire outfit.

Marc Jacobs was pretty school. I guess longer skirts are like THE thing right now? That sucks for stumpy people (like me) but I like the fair isle sweater quite a bit.

Jeremy Scott is always a good time, guaranteed. That reminds me of a scribbling I saw in a public washroom the other day that said "For a good time... READ A BOOK."

Christopher Kane was all about the bad-ass granny this season, a.k.a so far up my alley I can feel it coming from the other side.

Of course, I had to save the best for last. Charles Anastase really took me by surprise! I had him pegged as someone who designs for the 'soft, pretty ingenue' type but this collection was just wild! The unexpected colours and ruffles are the totally the best part.