Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wave Goodbye

Note: This post is a response to the last one I wrote!

I do not think that I am alone when I say that I have a lot of clothes. It’s okay, I can admit to it but I’m not joining Shopaholics Anonymous any time soon. I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM, I CAN STOP ANY TIME. As much as I would love to hang on to every single piece of clothing I have ever bought, limited closet space has successfully kept me from becoming one of those creepy compulsive hoarders you see on the Oprah Show. Due to the miracles of the internet fashion blogging community, when I no longer love a piece of clothing I can almost immediately think of someone who would appreciate it and look way more fierce in it than I ever would. Here is a comprehensive list of all the pretty people who have received a little bubble-wrap package from Canada!

Marlena of Self Constructed Freak

Kylie of Nice and Shiny

Tavi of Style Rookie

Belle of Fashion Pirates

The Stylish Wanderer

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flattery is Awesome

Though sometimes I like to yammer on about how my style is affected by a severe case of multiple personality disorder, there are common elements that tie my ‘looks’ together. Sequins, Doc Martens and weird sweaters are all things that I wear on a fairly regular basis and it looks like a few of these have managed to catch on to the general population (of fashion bloggers, that is). I’d just like to give a special mention to some super cute bloggers who have created outfits that were partially inspired by my weirdo style.

Xu Box of Happenings in Singsong, wearing a polka dot shirt and cuffed pants.

Gem Fatale wearing sweet floral leggings and a cat-print sweater.

Hope of Pansy Lane wearing a gigantic crazy 80s sweater.

To these lovely ladies, I propose a virtual toast. Who cares about impeccable taste when you’re having a damn good time?!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ugly Lover

Every once in a while, you stumble upon a fascinating day and yesterday definitely lived up to that moniker. I started the day off with an early lunch at a greasy spoon restaurant that was like stepping into a time warp! It was a real 1950s diner (like Wowsville, you guys) and served milkshakes that tasted like chocolate heaven. Then on our way to do some groceries we witnessed a huge crowd of people in animal costumes. Seriously, they were dressed like giraffes, rhinoceros, and every jungle species I can think of! I really wish I had a camera to document it all. After work I ended up going out to a country bar where headbangers were doing heavy metal karaoke. I sang Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan! Then I ate some greasy garlic bread and went to bed feeling completely satisfied with life.

Oh yeah, I guess I should talk about the outfit for a bit? These tights got an awful lot of comments when I wore them. I guess they're weird but they're so perfect for a copy editing/internet nerd like me. The crop top, skirt and tights are American Apparel.

PS: Winner of the Lady Vanderbilt necklace giveaway is Christina from The Story of Wonderful!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time of the Season

Hope everyone had a lovely Earth Day 2010! Though it's largely a symbolic 'holiday', its cool to have a day to reflect on how beautiful and wonderful the Earth that sustains us really is. Uh oh, hippie alert! I was going to channel the planet through my outfit by wear a lot of blue and green, but I decided to celebrate by not wearing any pants instead. Actually, I just really felt like taking my new disco shorts for a spin! They are pretty scandalous so I have to wear tights underneath, but that just gives me an excuse to invest in nutty legwear. Win-win situation! Everything I'm wearing is American Apparel (even the shoes), because I had to work today.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Light 'em up like an atom bomb

Finally, school has released me from its evil clutches and I am now a free woman! Yes, the last of my exams are over and done with. The weather is great and there is celebrating to do, so I wore my 'Kurtney' t-shirt and managed to hit up 3 different thrift stores today!

The gold 'I' initial necklace is courtesy of Lady Vanderbilt, and I have added it to my ever growing collection of name necklaces! If you would like a Lady Vanderbilt necklace of your own just comment with your name and email address and I will pick a random winner in the next few days.

This was the fruits of my thrifting trip: two weird sweaters for my collection, and the cutest book I have ever seen!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Guys Don't Wear White

This post is dedicated to things that I deem to be 'fucking awesome'.

1. Other people's closets.

2. Other people's shoes.

3. Other people's houses.

4. The Trifecta of Awesome Bloggers (Tavi, Bryanboy, Susie Bubble) and Lady Gaga. Collectively titled "BLOGAGA".

4. My playlist, entitled 'Fucking Awesome'. If you don't like at least some of the music on here then we aren't friends anymore.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whistle Snap

There is now living proof that I have entered the life stage of an advanced geriatric about 60 years too early – new thrifted granny shoes! They are sort of an odd combination of loafers, moccasins and boat shoes which is a quirky combination that I happen to enjoy. Also, I felt like I haven't been exploiting the sequins in my wardrobe as much as they'd like me to so I felt like taking this little jacket number out for a spin. Lastly, I'm wearing the new American Apparel 'riding pants'. For those who asked, they are basically stretchy high-waisted leggings with a zipper and snaps. If you're looking for real pants than you can forget about them, but seeing as I hate wearing real pants (jeans are so constricting!) they're perfect for me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I decided to experiment with taking a few different pictures of my outfit, instead of one singular outfit shot. The results turned out kinda cool, if I do say so myself. My favourite part of the outfit it totally my lower half! I took print mixing taken to the x-treme limits, with my Navajo-inspired skirt, polka dot tights and Croc Docs. Unfortunately, the quality of the tights is horrendous! I bought them off eBay from a Hong Kong seller and they're already starting to disintegrate upon first wear, so I would really advise against buying cheap legwear on eBay. On a completely random note, I have an intense craving for sushi.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Soon Is Now?

The Way I See It #23
“Chances are you are scared of fictions.
Chances are you are only fleetingly happy.
Chances are you know much less than you think you do.
Chances are you feel a little guilty.
Chances are you want people to lie to you.
Perhaps the answer lies on the side of a coffee cup.
You are lost.”
– David Cross. Comedian, actor, writer.

The first time I read this was on the side of a Starbucks coffee cup sometime during my formative years that historians refer to as “high school”. Somehow the words of this wise, sage David Cross fellow (who I now know played Tobias Funke on Arrested Development) really struck a chord with me, mainly because I was lost and I guess that I really did want people to lie to me. I recently remembered how much this quote once meant to me, and when I decided to revisit it, I found it had lost its appeal. Chances are, I grew up a lot, realized that life it what you make it and made a conscious effort to find things to be happy about every day. Chances are, you have or someday will have a similar story to mine. I hope everyone reading this is much more than fleetingly happy and realizes that life is full of things that are far more complex and wonderful than a simple quote could ever capture.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happiness Means

So I can't help but chuckle when I think about how American Apparel, well-known purveyor of SEX, is now selling unisex grandpa pants. Hilarious as it is, grandpa pants are kinda cool so I'm not complaining. I also tried to be clever with this outfit by pairing a sexy see-through lace top and spectator heels with the utterly un-sexy grandpa pants. Ok, now I need to go settle in with a cup of tea and a blanket and attempt my best efforts at "studying" for "exams". Unfortunately, it will probably result in me watching movies on my laptop. Any suggestions?

Friday, April 09, 2010

Cranberry Locket

The concept of tumblr leaves a bad taste in my mouth. TO me, it represents the one-second attention span that everyone in my generation who grew up using the internet seems to have. I much prefer to sit down and absorb a few paragraphs of genuine honest commentary, rather than be visually assaulted by a stream of pictures lacking context. That said, I do have a bad habit of saving tons of pictures to an inspiration folder and sometimes I feel like sharing the love. Maybe this would be easier if I had a tumblr and could 'reblog' at will, but I would rather subject you to my commentary. So here are a bunch of pictures that mean something to me, though I'm not quite sure what. Now go read a book.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Alter Ego

Meet Olive. She is a 28 year old librarian from Portland, Oregon who enjoys baking shortbread, drinking black coffee and reading the newspaper. She is a fierce realist, but never comes across as harsh because she has a penchant for wearing fuzzy sweater twin sets from the 1960s. Olive likes to wear sensible shoes, because she walks to work and thinks they make people take her seriously.

If you haven't yet noticed, Olive is actually me wearing a pair of cat-eye glasses. I bought them at an antique store last summer, and sadly never got around to getting prescription lenses put in them. But you bet that once I do, Olive will be making a comeback.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Baby Lynnie

I want to be Lynn Yaeger when I grow up. The woman wears Clara Bow doll makeup on an everyday basis. She is a compulsive shopper, and collector of reindeer sweaters, Victorian baby brooches and Beccassine dolls a.k.a. she is whimsically weird and everything that I admire. Seriously, who else shares my affinity for bizarre knitwear?

I first heard Lynn’s name after reading an article she wrote called “On the Market” in the May 2009 issue of Vogue about losing her job at the Village Voice during the economic recession. Her writing style was self-deprecating yet charming, and I was utterly intrigued by the accompanying pictures of her wearing a fanciful Comme des Garcons skirt with plain leggings and gold sneakers. I sought out pictures of her outfits and voraciously read every article of hers I could find on the world wide web, from the old stuff on the Village Voice to various blog articles on NY Mag, etc.

Between Lynn Yaeger’s charming words, wacky appearance and amazing career, she is truly one of the most inspiring characters working in the fashion industry today. Oh, and she also happens to look like a fairy Godmother.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Waiting Room

It was such a beautiful day today, that I cast off all of my looming academic responsibilities and wore my most summery dress to go thrifting, drink beer and eat mangoes in a friend's backyard. Come on, I would rather sift through junky old clothes than write papers any day! As my tastes become more selective (and my closets more stuffed), I find it harder to find clothing that I actually like at thrift stores. But to make up for it, I absolutely ransacked the accessories section. I bought some cute earrings and about a zillion vintage brooches that I affixed to the collar of a mediocre blazer. (Yep, I copycatted Belle.)

How super sick does this look?

Ever since Elizabeth blogged about her creepy brooch hoarding obsession, I haven't been able to get this DIY out of my head. It was a pretty expensive DIY seeing as all the brooches ranged in price from $2 to $7, but totally worth it.