Friday, July 30, 2010

Over Here

I would say that bloggers usually fall into two camps - those whose outfits get oodles of compliments in real life, and those whose ensembles warrant snide remarks from strangers. I (shockingly) usually fall into the latter camp, but today it was a pleasant surprise to get oodles of compliments from lovely people on my lace top/pencil skirt. The lace top is new/old, I won it from a giveaway that The Clothes Horse was having. It's a beautiful piece but is so scratchy to wear!

I went thrifting this morning and the haul wasn't significant, but was pretty good.

Two pairs of shoes. Granny tapestry flats and chunky boots that remind me of Margiela tabi boots, without the tabi...

Sequin top!

Long sleeve lace top, by Linda Lundstrom (a Canadian designer). It's really cozy and the lace isn't see through, which is nice for a change.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three Times

Excuse me for getting all down on your summer jams, but is anyone else ready to pack up the shorts and tank tops and just transition into the full-length pants and sweaters already? Perhaps I'm just impatient because I have my inspiration for Autumn all planned out? The look is going to be "nerd goth" and I'm already starting to rock it. Wheee, I can't wait to be sullen and read books all season long!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Genie Master

Last week my friend went to a tie-dye party (I am not making this up, these sort of events seem to happen rather often within me social circle), so I gave her a pair of white leggings so she could her worst! I am insanely pleased with the results of this colourful experiment. I am not giving up. 2010 is officially the summer of tie-dye!

P.S. - This picture made me realize how crazy long my hair has grown! Remember when it was a pixie cut? Yeah, me neither.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tax Dollars

So the day before I left for my NYC trip, I had the opportunity to chill with the wicked Winnipeg-er Kylie of Nice and Shiny in Toronto! I like groping shiny things and making funny facial expressions too, so it should be pretty obvious that we had quite a bit in common and got along famously!

Kylie took a whole bunch of amazing pics of our vintage-hunting excursion that you can see on her blog. She also was gracious enough to take my outfit photo with her totally professional camera. Thanks so much Kylie, it truly takes a fellow fashion blogger to understand!

We both ended up buying a pair of matching petticoat shorts at a costume shop in Kensington Market. Insane awesome how we're on the same brainwave like that.

You know what else is insanely awesome? The costume that Kylie wore to the Lady Gaga concert in Toronto. This is duct tape madness at its finest! She should get sponsored by a hardware store just for that.

Major thanks to Kylie for taking amazing pictures - come back and visit again soon!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can You Feel It?

So I managed to get up to a little bit of 'shopping' whilst I was away on my trip to NYC. The only place I actually bought anything of note was BEACON'S CLOSET. Y'heard of it? You have to go. I went to the one in Park Slope which is apparently way smaller than the Williamsburg location, but I was still blown away by the quality and selection of everything. I found this ultimate Wednesday Addams dress, which is perfect for sulking while listening to the Smiths. During the long, cold wintertime I will wear it with weirdo leggings and Doc Martens every day.
The other EPIC FIND OF A LIFETIME was a Comme Des Garçons crushed velvet top. I was shocked to find a high quality, serious designer item that I actually liked just hanging out in the racks like that. The ruffled asymmetrical hem is so good I can't even describe it properly, and the price tag? Even better.

Let's get a close up shot of that. Awww yeah.

So I know that outfit was kind of weird, but the top is definitely more of a winter piece in my eyes, and I plan on pairing it with black skinny pants and my Prada boots.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chronicles of NYC

In order to conquer the sometimes overwhelming sense of doom that tends to wash over me, I skipped town for a week and hopped on a bus bound for New York City. Marisa Meltzer and Elizabeth Spiradakis (my spiritual 90s lady-loves) were kind enough to take me in while I did sophisticated things like observing at museums, attending parties, wearing sequin hot shorts and hobknobbing with totally famous people. I know. Like Samatha Pleet and this triceratops.

I had the most amazing time just living in the moment that sometimes you don't always find time to do. Consequently I didn't take any pictures to prove I was actually there save for these foxy snaps of Anna, Elizabeth and Laia. We all have blogs and are cooler in real life (or so I'd like to think). I also met Caroline from Louise or Valentine, who is a super sweetheart and photographer who snapped this photo of me. Humidity perverts my hair, so sorry about that.

My favourite place I visited was definitely the American Museum of Natural History. I actually visited twice, because I felt like I had to go back or else I was going to die. Everything about it was awe-inspiring, but mostly bears, squids and dinosaurs.

The only catch is, now I need to go experience nature in real life. This equates to reading Walden in my backyard.

Of course I did lots of other stuff, but that can be discussed later.

Moral of the Story: Be friendly to strangers and smile at people you don't know. Because they might have your wallet.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Legend of Leigh Bowery

I recently finished watching a marvelous documentary called "The Legend of Leigh Bowery". For those of you outside the know, Leigh Bowery was an Australian fashion designer and artist who made a name for himself in the London art/fashion/nightlife scene of the 1980s.

I was absolutely taken by this man's ability to transform his own life into performance art by wearing the most outlandish costumes possible. His propensity for sequins, ruffles, bright colours and overall extravagant appearances is endlessly inspiring.

A big part of the film was Leigh Bowery's collaboration with the dancer Michael Clark, designing costumes for his choreography. I spent waaaay to much time staring at Michael Clark videos after this, because weird costumes and dancing set to music by The Fall is just a winning combination. These videos will change your life (if you are me).

Most of the documentary featured Leigh's friends discussing his life, and the most honest part was when somebody noted that "he was a fashion designer, but he really didn't want anyone else wearing his clothes". That doesn't sound particularly lucrative but his originality was certainly unparalleled.

RIP Leigh Bowery 1961-1994

Saturday, July 10, 2010


The other day I saw a girl wearing THE coolest dress. It had fancy criss-cross back detail and it took me a minute to realize that 'hey, that dress is from American Apparel!" So, I promptly exchanged a dress I wasn't quite warming up to for this navy blue bandeau pencil dress! I am copying the style of a complete stranger, but let's just pretend that's not weird.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ugly Boots

Today I dressed like a post-punk zebra - Joy Division shirt and striped bike shorts. It pretty much looked like I wasn't wearing pants the whole day, but "decency" isn't really an important word in my vocabulary. Also, thanks to Anna who has excellent timing! She sent me this rad watercolour painting postcard of me wearing my Joy Division shirt that reads "Hipster Musings frowns upon your ugly boots." TOO FUNNY, YOU GUYS!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Royalty Excitement!

 This is the best day of my life, for I have seen THE QUEEN! Observe the genuine happiness on my face! This sunflower dress was the best and breeziest outfit I could muster while waiting outside in the blistering heat to catch a fleeting glimpse of Her Majesty. But catch a fleeting glimpse I did! Her and Prince Phillip pulled up in a motorcade and I saw her step out of the vehicle wearing a wonderful yellow suit dress with a matching hat. I only really saw the back of her, but it was such a wonderful experience! The celebrity of the Queen is so much more awesome and historical than that of Britney Spears, y'know?

Here is an outfit from a few days ago, I got about a million weird stares and awkward comments on the tights.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fly a Train

I found the most life-defining (okay, maybe just wardrobe-defining) book at the public library last week! It's called Dr. Martens: The Story of an Icon by Martin Roach, and i can hardly believe I've never heard of this book before seeing as I wear Docs almost every day the temperature is right. In fact, I have 61 posts tagged as 'Doc Martens' as of this moment and most of them are my outfits. Oh right, quit bragging and back to the book.

It discusses the history of the Dr. Martens brand as well as a brief history of each decade in the 20th Century since the inception of the brand. It features a timeline of important world events in each decade, but the most interesting parts are the ones discussing Dr. Marten's relation to underground music subcultures. By the time I finish actually reading the book (not just browsing the pretty pictures), I'll have a huge list of bands to research.

Since the book coincided with the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martens, the brand commissioned British designers to re-envision what their ultimate Docs would look like. It was fascinating to see all the ideas!

Great book, great photos, can't wait to finish reading it!