Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ravers and Geeks

Sometimes the stark underbelly of the internet can unearth some shocking discoveries. Like how a picture of 90s club kids in New York City bears an uncanny resemblance to this promotional cast photo of everybody`s favourite 'cancelled-after-one-season' tv show Freaks and Geeks! Am I right, people??

Kim Kelly is getting awfully chummy with pajama-clad Neal Schweiber here. And Bill without glasses is almost unrecognizeable!


edgeindustrialphotography said...

never would have imagined these 2 together in a post
- but you're definitely right!!

street style:
what are you wearing,who are you listening to?

K said...

Wasn't that guy on the right in something else famous? I realise that's entirely unhelpful!

K xx

Meagan said...

freaks and geeks=love. i like to watch it with vanilla ice cream.

Samantha Lui said...

Freaks and Geeks is simply love. I wish they never cancelled that show. And To answer your question K, the guy on the right is Jason Segal from How I Met Your mother and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

iJazz said...

F&G look more like the cast of That 70's Show

Jessy said...

we can really see the style transformation from 80's to 90's


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megferdaze said...

freaks and geeks! i just watched all of the first and only season a little bit ago. so good so very good.


Victoria said...

My best friend and I can't stop singing 'Jesus is just alright with me'. Everyone thinks we're nuts.. we figure shame on them for being so ignorant about the amazingness that is Freaks and Geeks despite it's short-lived existence... :) How's your trip going? xx

Emmy Lou said...

Love Freaks and Geeks. Bill (Martin Starr) is the best hands down. Anyone know where I could find a huge flower necklace like that?

- D - said...

Your blog is so inspiring!
Now following you :)x


Damsels said...

i read an article about freaks and geeks but never watched it. im kind of curious now.