Friday, June 24, 2011

Bands I Like Enough To Own T-Shirts Of

These band shirts are sort of like a time capsule of my musical tastes. They're all bands I was super into in high school and early University, back in the days when I still bought and wore t-shirts on a regular basis. It's like, where is my Smiths t-shirt? Oh yeah, I didn't really listen to them when I was in my band shirt phase. Now I don't wear t-shirts very much anymore unless I'm feeling super lazy.

Pixies shirt from eBay
 Black Flag shirt from eBay
 David Bowie shirt, thrifted and cut into a crop top by moi.
 Joy Division, also from eBay
 There is an entire section of my closet devoted to Nirvana t-shirts, and funnily enough they were all gifts. This one was given to me by one of my high school friends, Jerrica.
 The vintage 'Come As You Are' Nirvana tee was a gift from Elizabeth. It is super beat up and full of holes and is my favourite t-shirt of all time.
 The Kurtney tee was a gift from Heartsrevolution.

I did a post a long time ago entitled 'In which I discuss life-defining music'. Everything I wrote back in 2009 still resonates with me today. In terms of blogging I think it is one of my finest works.

T-shirts absent from this photo session: PJ Harvey, Minor Threat, KMFDM.


Anonymous said...

Whilst I LOVE your hair, you just haven't looked as happy since you've had your undercut? I guess you're caught between the awkward/enviable positions of edgy and super cute! xxxx

j. said...

nice tees

much love


twoteensadventurers said...

Ahhh thats so cool. I love all your shirts. The pixies and Nirvana wowza.

olivias-pizzaz said...

Joy Division,Pixies and David Bowie!! All amazing!!

meagan said...

ahhh band tees. they are so great for when you feel like nothing in your closet comes close enough to saying "this is ME". what better way to proclaim yourself than with a killer band shirt? that joy division tank top is TDF.

taio said...

lindo post

taio said...


taio said...


hannah said...

Sorry for th long comment, I've been thinking about tees & personal fashion too much lately:

I've only recently become re-enamoured w/ tees, due to become re-obsessed w/ cult party kei & spank! & other various street styles. most of my band tees I don't really wear anymore, either. (I have two Boris tees, a Napalm Death, & an amazing bleeding boobs/pentagram/etc Electric Wizard one I can't seem to find amongst my piles of black clothes.)

As a film nerd, I tend to hunt down vintage obscure-ish horror film shirts & when worn w/ frillz it creates a neat effect. these director/metal logo tees are my favourites: (I have the Fassbinder & Tarr ones, & really need that bauhaus/Bunuel one.)

Jessica said...

I've seen that pattern everywhere! And now I know it belongs to Joy Division.
I've always thought that the pattern was about fault lines.

catheryne said...

My senior year song, Here Comes Your Man. Love your shirts. Miss my Echo And The Bunnymen T. Where did it go?