Monday, June 13, 2011

Hazards of Love

Just like the clothing I wear, the way I choose to decorate my bedroom is undeniably an extension of my personality. I'm absolutely obsessed with Teenage Bedroom, and seeing how other people decorate their rooms! Minimalism is cool and all, but I don't feel at home unless my walls are covered in a busy array of colours and shapes. The theme of my new room is maps! I've got a world map, Medieval England map, Southern California map and Western Canada map and they make me feel at home.

Thankfully, I'm no longer living in a dingy basement (which I nicknamed the Bat Cave) so I'll have to think a little bit harder about what to name my room this time. Perhaps, the Tiger Lily is more suitable?
 Just above my bed: Medieval England, Kurt Cobain, witch card, Vagina Monologues poster, Vogue editorial and PJ Harvey.
 My homage to the Queen, clothing, The Smiths and Minor Threat.
 Work Space: World map, National Geographic California map, shoe organizer. And what is behind the shoe organizer, you may ask?
A walk-in closet, I do declare!!


Bridget said...

I love how you love maps!
They're probably one of my most favourite things ever because of all the information you can get from studying them.
I have a map of the US, but it's not currently up in my new room.

edgeindustrialphotography said...

I like that 'the queen is next to 'the queen is dead!!

Trivia said...

nice :)i like maps too although i don't have any in my room * nice shoe organizer

Sofie Marie said...

Extremeley awesome room going on there.I also have an obsessionw with teenage bedrooms,I love how bedrooms reflect the people they're home to. I to must clutter my walls,it's an absolute must otherwise I feel messed up in my belly,and the world will end.

ps I worship The Smiths.

Aisha said...

Love your style :) my rooms has red walls with gold animals representing my friends drawn on...glad I live with such an easy going dad

K said...

Awesome, I love seeing other people's rooms! Mine, however, is mostly mess.

K xx

Katie said...

That blog you linked to is so inspirational! I agree about the cons of minimalism. When I come home to my room I want to see colours and posters and STUFF, not white space.

Savannah Burton said...

I'm obsessed with teenage bedroom as well. And my room definitely reflects my personal taste and who I am :)

olivias-pizzaz said...

yees iver been so obsessed with teenage bedroom it is awesome! I agree my rooom is also cooovered!!

holly said...

ive covered my school diary with a map of london in 2000. whenever i look at it i pick a different street and dream of visiting it :)

Pralinka said...

amazing room! I want to have the same!

BTW, I’m your big fan – your style is really original and I read your blog very often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader <3


KAMI said...

cool digs!

twoteensadventurers said...

Im obessed with the Chambry or whatever dress
I love teenagebed room and college my walls is my favorite

therubylotus said...

I. Love. Maps.
I totally understand what you mean! I hate the feeling of being in an overly-modern or minimalist room; like you have to stay quiet and not touch anything. Teenage Bedroom is where I go all the time for inspiration. I just moved to the United States from China, and I got a new room. It immediately felt 100% more homey when I spread out some desk clutter and put up old posters. Not very practical, but homey nevertheless.
I love your blog! Keep it up, I enjoy reading it!

Ruby (check it out or blogroll me please?)