Monday, July 25, 2011

Food for Thought

Severe Anarchy/Black and White/Food for Thought


Paolina of Calur Villade said...

yes, why do we have to pay to live on a planet we were born on. common sense really.


meagan said...

morrissey is being really meta that photo.

Jesi Yvonne said...

You should transfer to the Madison, WI store just for a holiday, because you would be awesome to hang with. We need a cool Canadian like you. Plus, we're not that far away! I'm sure you'd probably end up hating me because I'm into the free market, but I plan on moving to Viet Nam one day and living on a house boat, so maybe that makes up for it? Anyhow, love your blog.

Allison said...

I don't think capitalism is asexual at all. They use sex to sell everything nowadays.

Maya said...

haha the woman indulging in her own pungency... 'ahh, it is pour moi, it... is moi'

They exploit insecurities and don't even sell real food to people. It's a mess but at least there is that space to have choice and to share education.

Courtney Love and Morrissey aren't really people I would put at the top of an anti capitalist post! I'm not with it enough to suggest who else however, because whoever I say now has to be water tight now! I probably need to listen to their music properly, I tend to like both of them from a distance with only a few songs and inspirational messages creeping closer. I like that they both challenged what they were supposed to do as pop stars, rock stars. And I like Courtney Love but unfortunately she still buys into a lot of capitalist crap like drugs. what are drugs doing for the world. anyway that's a whole other story with what's wrong with the music business. Morrissey needs to think more before he speaks sometimes, also. Both have interesting qualities, they both have had important to messages to bring... Anyway, no one is perfect.
I wouldn't put people actually. Just animals maybe.. a little fly grazing on a free poo or something lol I'm just joking.

anyway, nice post, food for thought indeed.


Just in case- that great drawing with the little man asking is by (I don't like his other stuff that much AT ALL sadly!)

melly said...

good stuff <3

Clairedontcare said...

gahhhh morrisset and courtney love. <3
good stuff