Monday, August 29, 2011

Nail Beds

I was way excited to find this vintage Marilyn Manson t-shirt on eBay - I've been going on a total Marilyn Manson kick lately. His old music videos are so theatric and fun to watch - Lady Gaga can bite Manson's dust! The shirt came all the way from Italy and is really faded and worn-in. It must be pretty old because it's got lyrics from the Portrait of an American Family (Marilyn Manson's very first album!) on the back. Spooky stuff.
Worn with a thrifted plaid pencil skirt, and leopard sneakers from H&M, special clover pin from my boyfriend

It's a total treat to be able to send out packages of my zine to far-off places in the world, like Sweden, Germany, Australia and Poland. An eternal thank you to all the special people who have bought a copy of PLANT magazine so far. Someday we're going to get a magazine about feminism, fashion, art, politics, nature and news on the newsstands, and it's not going to tell you "20 WAYS TO PLEASE YOUR MAN" because I can guarantee that mushed banana in your hoo-ha is going to be weird, not sexy.

You can get a copy of PLANT here, and if you're looking forward to a next issue, vote here for "Isabel" (aka me) so I can get funding towards printing/distribution costs!


edgeindustrialphotography said...

damn girl - that's one shirt I never had!!

I was a real old school mm fan!!!
saw their first ever uk gig in london 1996
then in 1997/1998 - last time 2000
by then it was arenas and kids with their parents - nothing like the early gigs
when they were actually kinda scary/shocking - great band, so many great songs - love that first album

looks real cool with that skirt!

ParisiannSkies said...

This shirt is the best find ever.
I've voted for you a few times! I hope you win because there needs to be a really great magazine to make up for all the dumb ones out there.

Cat said...

What online thrift stores would you recommend?

Stephanie Marie said...

This outfit is great, but I am especially envious of that Manson shirt! Also, have you heard this remix Manson and Gaga did together? I still can't believe it actually exists, even though I've listened to it a few times now just to hear the way Manson says, "Fame!"

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I just want to preface this by saying I hope you do win the contest.

So lets say you do, I would like to suggest that starting a physical magazine isn't the best way to get your message out.

With ten thousand dollars you could buy a domain, get a awesome website designed, hire freelance writers to do stories and advertise your site. Your website (and message) could get out to hundreds of thousands of people (or more) easily. Once your site gets off the ground you can of course start making money through ads.

With a magazine you are entering an industry where even the big players are having a difficult time.

Please don't take this as a "your magazine is doomed to fail" type comment. I just feel that if your goal is to get your message out then you should make a website, if your goal is to make a magazine, then by all means do so.

But hey, what do I know? What you should do is put a market research survey together and find out the kinds of things you ought to know like what magazines do your readers buy?, how much would they be willing to spend on your magazine?, would they prefer to read your content online instead of in a magazine?

Hopefully you actually read this and take something away from it.


You can create surveys in google docs, just go to create new then form.

Here's a site where you can hire web designers and pretty much anything else.

Angie Bitchface said...

hey that shirt is badass! Marilyn Manson was also a terrifying-but-intriguing staple presence in my childhood. I love the contrast between the leopard sneakers and the plaid too!

...I just read that Cosmo link about the fruit. WHAT. THE. FUCK???!!! I've always had a hunch that the women who write Cosmo are actually man-hating bitches (well really, humanity-hating bitches) who write these articles as revenge against the universe.

K said...

I think I have that skirt. I have never worn it with a Marilyn Manson shirt.

K xx

Peacock's Hat said...

I think we have the same shoes. Or else H&M made almost identical leopard print trainers several years in a row.
Er, I don't have much to say about Marilyn Manson.I just find him scary. Apologies.
I am still so impressed by you actually going ahead and making this magazine yourself. God, I wish I had that level of initiative right now. And I am very proud to be a tiny part of it :)

olivias-pizzaz said...

wooow that shirt is a treasure!! Very cool, love your skirt too! Been voting for you heeaaaps!

Cat said...
This skirt would look killer on you

wobblinbetty said...

I'm a huge fan of Mr Marylin Manson and that tee is so rad!!!

Cat said...
Now it just seems like I am stalking you sorry >< But this dress made me think of you

luciussomesuch said...

Well, I think it shows great fortitude to already have your first issue out before the 'grant money' may come in.

--I can't yet buy the 'print is dead' meme because I find electronic reading a real eye- and hand-sore. And yes, I'm neurotic and nearsighted.

But a zine feels like a properly lux (in a weird kind of backward minimal way, which is the order of things) new alternative today. So I *am* hoping it can be a long-running success!!

meagan said...

unabashed marilyn manson love <3 i remember sneaking onto at school to vote for his videos to be on TRL and then racing home after school to see if it did! mall goth years. great memories.

ps did i tell you how good you look with your baby bangs?

Suri May said...

i voted for you! there were a bunch of other people there...probably should have weighed up my options and listened to what they had to say too... but meh. hope you win!!! :D

p.s. that pencil skirt is the shiz!

minimal coast said...

love this outfit in particular

Jess said...

I am well jealous of your t-shirt. I love the cheesy font of the lyrics! Where have I been? You've started a zine?

Do you do zine swaps? If you do e-mail me I'd love to swap!

Jessie said...

The plaid skirt!I'm in love with it completely,and your Manson t-shirt is great,glad you found it!

Just a lazy morning said...


Sister of Death said...

Great shirt! And thanks for reminding me that I should listen to Marilyn Manson more often.. :-)

I just started (trying) to blog myself, so I'd be happy if you'd check out my blog eventually!

diane said...

I love the theater of MM too.
Really loving your look lately.
Will check out your zine.

Sean said...

truth re: manson v. gaga. she could learn a lot from him.

Liberty Walk Sara said...

you are so pretty! :)
nice outfit. :)

lusine said...

cool look!

Ellesse said...

Just stumbled upon your blog - really refreshing. Think I'll be a consistent visitor :)

Jenni Wells - Stop Making Sense said...

I was never really into Manson but I did read his book when I was younger. It's actually a really great read. Anyway, you look adorable.

Anonymous said...

You're very good looking. Have you seen the Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids t-shirt that reads, "WARNING: THE MUSIC OF MARILYN MANSON AND THE SPOOKY KIDS MAY MAKE YOU WANT TO KILL YOURSELF, KILL YOUR FRIENDS, OR KILL YOUR FAMILY"?
I ask because I've been searching for it, on and off, for rather long time now. I've seen it but once, when I was in Middle School, and it was being worn by a girl in a bookstore. I've never seen it again - Are you at all familiar with this item?
Also, do you have a copy of the actual first MM&TSK EP, which appeared only on tape?
Wonderful work on your zine. Congratulations on your accomplishment.