Friday, August 26, 2011


Hi, today I'm a creepily unrecognizeable cross between adult and child! I was originally wearing a plain jane outfit (pretty much this outfit, but summer-ized) but then decided that I have to "Carpe Summer" and actually wear some colour before the weather starts getting chillier than an Ice Capp.

This vintage silk dress was gifted to me a long time ago by The Stylish Wanderer and I love it, but wear it infrequently because it' I always feel so strange wearing pink, but I decided to play up the girly factor by braiding my hair, adding pink floral socks and mary-jane dance shoes. I look sweeter than cotton candy and deep-fried Mars Bars (which I was privilege enough to sample one for the bargain price of $6 -hahaha- and are DELICIOUS by the way).
For easy access, I added a 'WhoInspiresU video contest' button at the very top of my sidebar so you can "vote for Isabel" every day! It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings, on September 16th so please help a sister out and VOTE! I would put all of the winnings towards starting a fashion magazine that encourages critical thinking, feminism and ecological awareness over blind consumerism.


Theeny said...

spanakopita means spinach pie in greek...very interesting train of thought

edgeindustrialphotography said...

cute outfit

deep fried mars bars - DAMN!!!!!
they originated in scotland you know!
the irony, that you've tried one
but me - in the *UK* hasn't!!
nice to hear they've gone global :)

the vote button looks cute on your blog
but I already have the page saved in my favourites bar(!)

can you vote more than once each day??
I tried and it doesn't say '*you've already voted* like others do when you can only vote once - it says thanks for your vote (again) ???!!

- George

Emma said...

the dress is so cute on you! really suits your body shape. x

Victoria said...

TOO much inspiration on this post and I can totally relate to dressing part adult part child. It is a very different look for you but lovely nonetheless - especially the socks surprisingly! I mean, hey, the dress looks gorgeous, but THE SOCKS. Love those in particular :)
Voting in a mo - if you don't win I will curse the entire organistaion and faith in life.

Angie Bitchface said...

wow, I can't believe you found socks that match your dress so perfectly! the shoe/sock picture is so nice to look at.

deep-fried Mars Bars sound horrifying and extremely Midwestern. once I tried deep-fried ice cream and it was extremely disappointing :(

also you've probably seen this before given your environmental and ethical awareness, but I was wondering if you'd ever seen PETA's list of companies that do and don't test on animals? I was shocked to see how many huge companies openly test on animals...I didn't even know animal testing still went on, let alone to the extent that it does!! and I'm a person who tries to research and keep informed about stuff like this. now I'm trying to get the word out to as many people as possible.

ana said...

i've been voting for you EVERY DAY

Mana said...

Hey! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog bloshed. i vote for you every day.

Meagan said...

Cotton candy pink dress = win, always. I use my dance shoes as mary janes and it totally works.

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

OMG sock sisters! lol i bought like 25 pairs of those socks last summer and I wear them all the time!

And I got the shoes at VV. I think it has been one of my best thrift finds yet! 12 bucks! they are wooden, and comfortable and beautiful. The label inside the shoes, which wasn't even a label to begin with but a stamp said "Boogie shoes." that's what sold me :P


Marlena said...

You look supercute, Isabel!

I've been voting for you twice a day everyday! (like the good little fangirl that I am ;) I'm really hoping you'll win!

Lauren said...

Your feet look absolutely darling!

Iridescent Adolescents said...

That outfit is great, and it looks great on you, despite your apprehension. The shoes make it, and may have inspired me to dust off an old pair of mary janes and kick it schoolgirl-style.

And my vote has been counted... because I would SO read that magazine.

Payton Hamilton said...

Love this dress ! <3

Magnet said...

I FREAKING LOVE SPANAKOPITA, my grandmother makes the best ones. Have you ever had tiropita? because they're pretty good too. Very cute girlish vibes going on. I think I have a very similar pair of socks.

Suri May said...

this outfit. i really really like! pretty! i love your floral socks :D

Amy Creyer said...

Those socks are amazing. I have been looking for a similar pair but have come up short. I'm not really a fan of American Apparel's floral print socks and that's what everyone seems to automatically recommend.

Jenni Wells - Stop Making Sense said...

You look darling! The socks are the perfect touch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Isabel

You and this dress are in absolute harmony, which makes this photo a really good one.

If possible, I would recommend that to insert a vote button somewhere below the photos and good photos would get a lot of hits I guess.

All the best

Rebecca Jane said...

I have an eerily similar pair of shoes sitting in my closet - so clearly I am a fan.

Plus, I definitely just snapped up a copy of Plant. I have been trying to vote as regularly as possible for you too - btw.