Friday, August 19, 2011


Ok I admit it, sometimes I pretend I'm on the cover of i-D magazine while taking blog photos! Since I've been living the semi-unemployed life, it's fun to go stomping around like a mean boss in the most gothic outfits this summer can handle. The weird lace body-skirt I'm wearing was thrifted from the lingerie section while I was in high school and is one of those freaky pieces that I wear once every two years but still can't get rid of it. I should probably just send it to Tavi already, who would wear it better than me but it's just so much fun to wear. Plus, the sleeveless turtleneck dress underneath is so 90s and I'm wearing it to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon of undetermined length. It doesn't get much more perfect than that.
I'm entering the last year of my undergraduate degree and am figuring out exactly what I want to do. So far the list of super-duper meaningful activities I'd like to engage in includes:

1. Make more zines, sell advertising
2. Do yoga
3. Volunteer with Food Not Bombs
4. Write a fashion column in the school newspaper
5. Attend LG Fashion Week
6. Dumpster dive
7. Write some more


edgeindustrialphotography said...

love it
that is *SO* an i-D cover!!!
I'm voting *every day* (!!)
- George

Damsels said...

i voted! this is amazing ! i wuddnt wear it more than twice a year but it looks incredible im glad i got to see it .

chelseybell. said...

love this. the buffy marathon puts it over the top.

I've been voting for you every day, so you better win, goddamn it.

O*A said...

LIKE! Looks gorgeous!

Dom said...

Cool look. I love the eccentricity of the silhouette. It looks great on you.

OrigamiGirl said...

They sound like good ambitions. I love how you have the iD post down to a tee. :)

Victoria said...

OLD GREG <3 ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I love him so so much. Of course I'ma vote for ya, already have done many a time in fact!

Love the lace, very lydia deetz methinks.

Totes agree with your list. I'ma definitely do more zines too as well as have a go at volunteering and obvz writing more :) xxx

Meagan said...

Sooo gothy and delicious.

olivias-pizzaz said...

ahh I really want to find something like this!! It is so cool!! haha yes i agree I'm always thinking of clever ways to cover one eye!! Iv'e been voting for you, really really hope you win!

- D - said...

Really enjoy reading your posts just so you know :) Voted too!


Anonymous said...

Damn girl! You look sexxaaay!

Voting as always.

<3 Shelby

meagan said...

you look fantastic! gothic princess bride.

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit!! It screeeeams summer glam to me. I am from New Zealand where there is currently a massive snowstorm. Makes me happy! Voted!

Renee Revolution said...

I am completely in love with this outfit. And I love you even more for including Old Gregg as your spokesmodel ;) I am definitely voting for you again.

Let me know if you can find a good way to get motivated to do yoga. That's on my goal list as well and I just can't seem to get my ass moving.

Cat said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT DRESS. I'm saving up for these shoes at the moment. They are my dream shoes ^^
way to expensive but I can treat myself every now and then :')
Can you give me some feedback on my blog pleease?

Tess said...

The Old Gregg reference really topped off this post x

Clairedontcare said...

I really love that awesome turrtle neck dress. Its kinda amazing.
I voted for you cuz your magzine sounds so amazing.

!♥ m i m i said...


I think I alrdy voted but lemme just go check :*.

This outfit is just spectacular. And i know i've said this before, but your hair! I love it. the short bangs. They match the outfit so well! They match all your outfits so well.

Don't send it to Tavi! Keep it for that Buffy marathon and beyond.. who knows if you'll need a black lace body-skirt in the future for something :D


!♥ m i m i said...

oh and congrats on finishing uni!!!! what a good role model :D hahah.

meg // said...

Buffy marathons of undetermined length: so necessary.

Magnet said...

Nice skirt, I think you should wear it more.. I could totally see it in more of your outfits. Good luck with your final year btw, I'm in my last semester right now 0_0... 7 weeks to go!

Lydia said...

This dress is amazing. Love.

Born for Joy said...

The dress makes it look like you're summoning something within an, albeit pink, incantation circle. Is that a good thing? .. HELL YEAH

OneMousesFox said...

wow best dancing get up ever-
yoga is the best -
we're bringing food not bombs to our town!