Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tax Dollar

Last night I wore a new dress, kindly sent to my by POLYGON. I'm in love with the freaky hippie pattern, but the flattering cut makes it perfect for serious booty shakin'. It's very "Woodstock Goes To The Bar". If it was a perfume, it would smell like patchouli musk with notes of gin and whisky sour. The ruffles are so perfect they deserve a close-up, but you haven't even seen the best part yet...
Peekaboo! My tattoos!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I can't be your apologist very long.

This outfit is so close to the realm of minimalism, it is not something I would usually picture myself wearing. But after watching Rushmore for the 3rd time, I realized I had to dress like Rosemary Cross, at least for a day and I knew I had the perfect cable knit sweater, maxi dress and clunky boots to get her look just right. Miss Cross is my favourite lady character out of all the Wes Anderson movies I've seen. She seems like such a beautiful, kind woman and I am inspired by her worldly innocence and strength of character. It's a shame she gets so much less attention then the harsh creative Margot Tenenbaum, because I think I'd much rather be friends with Miss Cross.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ladies First!

In the spirit of being radical, honest and celebratory – might I bring your attention to Lady Porn Day? I would not label myself as a consumer of porn, probably because I’ve never really explored the genre far enough to get past the unnerving lack of body hair and the unfortunate coupling of younger women with the kind of gross pudgy men who looked like they just wandered onto the set after auditioning for ‘America’s Lamest Dude’. However, I am certainly a Lady, and in the interest of promoting self, healthy and open sexuality for women I have decided to chronicle some of the funniest life experiences I have had regarding sex videos.

Early 2009: Watching ‘Pirates’ with a group of friends in a residence lounge my freshman year of University, fast-forwarding through all the dirty parts. Except a few times they guy with the remote control ‘accidentally’ pressed play a little two early and we caught a glimpse of Jesse Jane or whoever being, um, “penetrated” by lit candles. Ouch! Otherwise, the acting was pretty hilarious. I loved the Asian first mate called Wu Chow – the poor guy is acting in a porn film and didn’t even get any sex scenes!! I also remember repeating a quote absolutely central to the sophisticated plotline; “Loooook, there’s a body floating in the water” with the accent of a dying Valley Girl for weeks after. Actually, I still say that sometimes…

Late 2009: The same guy who was in control of the remote during Pirates introduced me to the genre of ‘pterodactyl porn’. Yes, from what I can remember it was three men dressed as prehistoric dinosaurs doing a young-looking girl who did not seem to be thrilled by the experience. Frankly, I was pretty horrified and decided I hated porn after that. I still haven’t fully recovered since then. Though when I found out a couple of my friends watched ‘Pirates 2: The Revenge of Victor Stagnetti’ when I wasn’t around, I was admittedly a little disappointed.

2011: Last week I was in a convenience store, wearing pajamas and buying munchies with my roommates. I decided to look at the movies and then noticed the existence of a sketchy looking white door near the corner of the movie section. We immediately figured it was the secret porn section and decided to go investigate. The door turned out to be a broom closet filled with cleaning supplies instead of containing titillating dirty movies like “TITanic”, among other hysterical titles. Instead, the store owners thought we were trying to steal stuff from them, so we bought our chips quickly and got the hell out of there.

After reading some of the great stories from other Lady Porn Day Stars, especially the project’s founder Rachel of Rabbit Write, I’m a little embarrassed that the extent of my porn knowledge doesn’t really go past a few mishaps involving the NSFW section of Vice Magazine and Street Carnage. I am inspired to seek out some feminist porn. I’m not exactly sure what that is, but I have the whole internet at my disposal. Let’s get to it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

She's Ovulating!!

Roommate: "I feel like its Halloween today."

Yes. Last night in a half-ass attempt to study for my Women's Studies midterm, I watched the movie Ginger Snaps and accidentally stumbled upon the greatest angsty goth girl outfit inspiration of all time. It's a lycanthropy-themed campy Canadian horror movie and the two main sisters Brigitte and Ginger are the ultimate creepy yet awesome examples of teenage ennui. Ginger's style was a little "high school Wiccan" for my tastes while she was busy transforming into a werewolf, but Brigitte's awkward style and twitchy mannerisms were the ultimate inspiration behind this outfit. The plaid skirt is vintage, worn with an American Apparel turtleneck and Blundstone boots.

Why not add a cape for good measure?

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day! It's very gloomy and wet outside, so the gothic dress and black lace is super appropriate for such a subversive occasion. Perfect for casting witchy love spells and burning Dragon's Blood incense, right?

My neon + black lace legs are sort of channeling an "Edward Gorey-on-hallucinogens" vibe, which is weird but then again, aren't all Hallmark holidays weird enough?
Here are some of my favourite valentine-y cards I've gathered from around the interwebs. And if you want to reminisce, last year's V-Day post was a badass one!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Blank Generation

It has been nigh impossible to take outfit photos lately because of this massive bank of snow!! Also, my winter outfits have been suffering because I have to wear huge snow boots everywhere, and nobody wants to se pictures of those! Luckily, I have my thermal sock Cougar boots for those days when slush puddles are ankle deep. Eww. Going for a simple, lazy look today with taupe riding pants and a black turtleneck, both from American Apparel.

See how much happier I look with a coat on??

Monday, February 07, 2011

Carry the Zero

I wish I took more pictures of my nighttime outfits, as they're pretty good. Last Saturday I broke out the sequin jacket for a friend's birthday and had the best time ever. Is it even possible to have a bad time while wearing sequins? I would like this to be scientifically tested.

Been listening to a lot of Built to Spill and Eric's Trip lately, this Cat Hartwell playlist on Viva Radio is entirely life-defining at this moment.
Also, the awesome lady at the hippie store gave me some free incense samples because I am such a regular customer. I love incense; partially for the woodsy scent but mostly because of the hilarious names. I wonder what the scent of Dragon's Blood, Spiritual Guide and Money Drawing will be like?

Friday, February 04, 2011

Just When I Think I'm King

 I've been feeling like a nomad lately, relying on the kindness of other to take my outfit pictures for me.  It's kind of at the point where I want to develop my own language of hobo signs. Today's goth jams were captured at American Apparel before the store opened, thanks to a kind co-worker. I'm loving the sexy slouch of the lace raglan, tucked into my chiffon maxi skirt. It took long enough for me to warm up to maxi skirts, but I'm into them full force right now!

If you haven't noticed I finally changed my blog font to Courier, which is probably the font I most relate to. There are new links to my Sponsor page as well as my writing portfolio, so maybe dig my slang and throw out some dollars?