Saturday, May 28, 2011

Knight Bus

 Greetings from the real big city of Vancouver, BC! In my absence from the internet, I wore only tie-dye for two weeks, paddled a canoe for five days, ate way too much hummus and fell in love with Hazards of Love by The Decemberists. This ridiculous outfit was thrifted entirely in the Okanagan Valley, more specifically Penticton, BC. The old ladies running the store went wild when they saw me trying on the shirt, they absolutely loved it and used the word "zazzy." According to the label its an original "Western Collection Styles" and I like to imagine the previous owner travelled around in horse shows and excelled at barrel jumping in this lacey fringe number.
Let me tell you, West Coast thrifting is damn good. I have a few unbelievably ridiculous finds that I will reveal at a later date!
All my fellow Potter-ites will be excited to hear that I rode the Knight bus to downtown Vancouver. Need photographic evidence? Look no further.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ravers and Geeks

Sometimes the stark underbelly of the internet can unearth some shocking discoveries. Like how a picture of 90s club kids in New York City bears an uncanny resemblance to this promotional cast photo of everybody`s favourite 'cancelled-after-one-season' tv show Freaks and Geeks! Am I right, people??

Kim Kelly is getting awfully chummy with pajama-clad Neal Schweiber here. And Bill without glasses is almost unrecognizeable!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inspiration: Odd Girls

 Any girl who is strange, weird or just a little bit 'off' according to the rest of the world. To me, they're just awesome.

Kay Kasparhauser Goldberg, RISD fashion design student

Allison Harvard, artist and America's Next Top Model contestant

Wednesday Addams

Enid Coleslaw

All members of Hole, past and present

Liza Thorn, lead singer of BRIDEZ

Ginger and Brigitte of Ginger Snaps

PJ Harvey, Queen of my World

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unshowered Masses

In a stroke of incredible luck, I found this colourful embroidered poncho in one of the rooms of the hippie lodge I'm currently staying at in BC. The embroidery is so intricate and beautiful that I just had to get a picture of myself wearing it, even though its not mine to keep. It made me want to prance outside in the natural world.
Speaking of prancing, I spent the last week rocking the unshowered look while camping in Valhalla Provincial Park. At the beginning of the trip carrying the weight of a massive backpack made me want to blow up things, but by the end, I was a tough as a mountain goat, displaying agility on those precarious rocky trails! Soon we're moving on to the Okanagan Valley, see you on the flip side.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In the Company of Moms

 I definitely get a lot of weird looks every time I step out into the streets wearing mom jeans. Luckily, I haven`t received any death threats, but it seems like not too many people appreciate the high-waisted, pancake-ass chic. We need to start a revolution for worldwide tolerance of mom jeans right now! Just look at all the amazing ladies who agree with me:
 Julia Dunstall!
 Paula Yates, mother of wee Peaches Geldof in the Minnie Mouse dress!
 Some angry-ass random model!
 Courtney Love!!! (With underboob slightly visible in that scandalous crop top)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Nelson, BC

 We finally got out of the wilderness for a bit and spent the day hanging around Nelson, BC. It's a pretty small city but the downtown is this amazingly vibrant hippie haven. Someone should seriously start a "Nelson Street Style" blog and just take pictures of all the gnarly hippies wearing lace pants, tabi boots and ponchos. I tried and failed to fit in by wearing my ridiculous thrifted tie-dye long sleeve shirt but had lots of fun just soaking in the  Nelson 'culture' by visiting the huge food co-op and eating at a vegetarian restaurant. I was so excited to see a wall painted with different musicals, especially my childhood favourite The Wizard of Oz and figured it was the perfect outfit photo-op!
 My new favourite book.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Beautiful British Columbia

No Shooting!

This post is coming to you LIVE from 'Beautiful British Columbia', or so the license plates would leave you to believe. There's something a little...intoxicating about waking up facing a huge mountain covered in lush trees, because that's not something that ever happens in Ontario. Or should I say, 'Onterrible'? Anyways, I packed as light as possible which is really messing with my fashion game, but yesterday I wore my Black Flag shirt with tie-dye leggings and thrifted Keds knockoffs on a brief morning walk, where we encountered this genius 'No Shooting' rock.

Just an example of the scenery...
My fabulously creative and artistically gifted name tag...

Monday, May 02, 2011

Brand New Life

 So its May 2nd, which means ELECTION DAY if you're a resident of that bounteous nation where maple syrup flows free. I mean Canada, duh. I tend to have pretty strong political opinions, and so here is a public service announcement to fight apathy. Vote! Please! Preferably not for Stephen Harper! It would be dumb to deny yourself the opportunity to participate in democratic society so as long as you're eligible, take the ten minutes out of your day and go vote! Even if you don't consider yourself 'well-educated' on the issues at hands, just go with your gut instinct.
Today is also the day I board a plane Westward to British Columbia, to embark on my latest travel adventure. I'm backpacking for five weeks and can't wait to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the Rockies. I'll be leaving behind regular internet connectivity and all semblances of fashion for longer than I feel comfortable with, but it's all about pushing boundaries your own, right? I mean I'm really pushing the boundaries of fashion with these hiking boots (thrifted, $13). The phoenix sweater will be there to be my spirit guide every step of the way.

So see you on the flip side! In the meantime, check out my weird girl mug in the latest and greatest video blog I made!! It's an entry for the contest sponsored by TriCylen-Lo and I have the chance to win a whopping ten grand if my video gets chosen. Send me positive brainwaves!