Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dark Fantasy

Hel-looks, Mermaid Hair, Everyday Inspiration, Kay Kasparhauser Goldberg's Pixies tattoo, Alison #1 by Shelby Seu, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg from Sea of Shoes

Monday, June 27, 2011

Creed lives by the quarry.

I managed to do some super serious epic thrifting this weekend, and emerged from Value Village unscathed with a few solid gold finds. Also, I apologize to any and all manifestations of summer for my complete and utter inability to wear colour.

1. Navy 'Modrobes' skirt, which is size Large and so huge on me that it makes a tulip shape when I adjust the best buckle waistband. It's a total throwback to 1999, when pretty much every kid in public school owned a pair of crayola-coloured Modrobes hospital pants. I conducted a short lived nostalgic experiment involving a thrifted pair of purple Modrobes in first-year University, but I think this skirt is here to stay.
2. 1990s throwback platform sandals. I've been scouring eBay for a pair of dark brown Kork Ease sandals in my size, but to no avail - not that it would matter with this bloody Canada Post strike. Anyways, these squishy platforms are almost exactly what I've been looking for. I wore them yesterday (with jeans) and they felt like walking on marshmallows, but today they chewed up my feet and spit them out.

3. The ORIGINAL Royal Wedding mug, with Charles and Diana. I was so excited to find this piece of retro Royalty kitsch, until my friend shot me down by saying; "Isabel, that mug is making me sad because they got divorced and now she's dead."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Leopard vs. Cheetah

What is the difference between leopard print an cheetah print? I often hear the terms 'leopard' and 'cheetah' used interchangeably to describe my outfits on multiple occasions. But don't get lazy and fall into the trap of animal nonrecognition!

Leopards have uneven rosette-shaped spots.

Cheetahs have solid colour polka dot spots.

People who get it wrong time after time make me feel like this.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask this guy.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bands I Like Enough To Own T-Shirts Of

These band shirts are sort of like a time capsule of my musical tastes. They're all bands I was super into in high school and early University, back in the days when I still bought and wore t-shirts on a regular basis. It's like, where is my Smiths t-shirt? Oh yeah, I didn't really listen to them when I was in my band shirt phase. Now I don't wear t-shirts very much anymore unless I'm feeling super lazy.

Pixies shirt from eBay
 Black Flag shirt from eBay
 David Bowie shirt, thrifted and cut into a crop top by moi.
 Joy Division, also from eBay
 There is an entire section of my closet devoted to Nirvana t-shirts, and funnily enough they were all gifts. This one was given to me by one of my high school friends, Jerrica.
 The vintage 'Come As You Are' Nirvana tee was a gift from Elizabeth. It is super beat up and full of holes and is my favourite t-shirt of all time.
 The Kurtney tee was a gift from Heartsrevolution.

I did a post a long time ago entitled 'In which I discuss life-defining music'. Everything I wrote back in 2009 still resonates with me today. In terms of blogging I think it is one of my finest works.

T-shirts absent from this photo session: PJ Harvey, Minor Threat, KMFDM.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spill Everywhere

 I finally am in possession of a rad new pair of spectacles, after the tragic demise of my former pair of frames. I am currently busy rejoicing in a state of utter ecstasy over this fact. Having to wear really ugly glasses that I couldn't even see out of properly was brutal!
 I wanted to debut them with the least cat-lady outfit possible, because when I wear them with my usual granny style, lets just say I'm prepared to have legions of feral tabbies clawing at my door in search of affection. So instead I'm wearing them with this really trash bag outfit because its summer and I'm lazy. I probably look like an extra from the cast of This Is England, but the American Apparel mom jeans are the most perfect/awkward pantaloons that have ever graced my body. Crop tops with high-waisted pants are my favourite, even though they pose the (not really problematic) issue of PEEKABOO TATTOO!
Deal with it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fashion in the Wilderness

When you're living out of a backpack for longer than a month, you start to come up with some pretty crazy combinations for the 6 clothing items you brought with you. All of a sudden, Halloween socks were socially acceptable in the middle of May and it was more than natural to pair them with a thrift store Phoenix sweater and Adidas shorts. I wanted to share some of the photos from my time in British Columbia with you all, not only for the beautiful natural scenery but also for my hilarious getups! I swear that for the rest of my days, I won't be able to wear my Black Flag shirt without remembering backpacking in Valhalla Provincial Park.

I was known for wearing tie-dye...all the time. I was always wearing either my tie-dye shirt or my tie-dye leggings, and everyone kept urging me to wear them together!! The tie-dye suit never materialized (I do have some shreds of dignity still clinging to my ego) but I will henceforth refer to all tie-dye outfits as a "camping tuxedo." Like a Canadian tuxedo but weirder.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Emancipation of My Former Frames

Notice anything different? The crop top, Doc Martens and floral skirt are standard issue - its the glasses that aren't quite right. A few weeks ago, my wonderful glasses had a run-in with an errant foot and came out defeated. My dad patched them up but they were bound to break again and now I'm stuck wearing these awful glasses that not only are a tragic reminder of my high school days, but aren't even the right prescription!

Tragedy strikes!
Picked myself out a pair of subtle cat eyes that I'll be rocking soon enough!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hazards of Love

Just like the clothing I wear, the way I choose to decorate my bedroom is undeniably an extension of my personality. I'm absolutely obsessed with Teenage Bedroom, and seeing how other people decorate their rooms! Minimalism is cool and all, but I don't feel at home unless my walls are covered in a busy array of colours and shapes. The theme of my new room is maps! I've got a world map, Medieval England map, Southern California map and Western Canada map and they make me feel at home.

Thankfully, I'm no longer living in a dingy basement (which I nicknamed the Bat Cave) so I'll have to think a little bit harder about what to name my room this time. Perhaps, the Tiger Lily is more suitable?
 Just above my bed: Medieval England, Kurt Cobain, witch card, Vagina Monologues poster, Vogue editorial and PJ Harvey.
 My homage to the Queen, clothing, The Smiths and Minor Threat.
 Work Space: World map, National Geographic California map, shoe organizer. And what is behind the shoe organizer, you may ask?
A walk-in closet, I do declare!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


A new day, a new picture-taking spot. As you probably suspect, I moved out of the Bat Cave into a new house (the 3rd house in 3 years) and have been taking my time decorating the place. I should probably stressed but I'm not. Maybe its the Decemberists on repeat, the day-long electricity outage or the inner peace, but life after camping is idyllic as can be. 

Just taking the time to actually enjoy the summer weather right now by enjoying the simple things, like drinking Sidral Mundet apple-flavoured soda and hanging out with rusty-winged Promethea moths.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Living With Less

Or, "I went camping in British Columbia for five weeks and all I got was this lousy armpit hair."

So I'm kind of going through a major transition phase right now. In case you couldn't tell, about 95% of the blog posts I made in the last month were scheduled posts I wrote before leaving because I didn't want to go camping and come back to a blog filled with tumbleweeds, reader population: zero. But the truth is, does it even really matter?

For the past five weeks, I lived out of a 65L backpack with about 6 articles of clothing and 2 pairs of shoes, sleeping outside in tents, falling asleep at dark and rising with the sun. I stopped shaving my armpits and peed in the woods and campground outhouses. Not very glamorous, I know, but it was hands down one of the best experiences of my adult life. I am no longer rotting from the inside out, and feel more in tune with the wondrous beauty of nature. There is an indescribably affinity, a little bit of myself within the peeling bark of Arbutus trees and the pockmarks of salt-eroded rock that I will never let go of.

I ended up bringing one 'city' outfit for when we were in Vancouver. It was this semi-creepy thrift store polka dot dress with a peter pan collar and it came in really handy for those days when I got sick of wearing Adidas track pants for days on end.
Tomorrow I'm taking the plane home back to Ontario. Back to work, back to life, back to responsibilities, financial woes and Twitter updates. Not that I'm complaining at all - there's a lot of people, places and things that I love back in Ontario, I'm simply ready to look at life with a new level of self-awareness.

I've decided that my ecofeminist-themed magazine is a go regardless of funding, and I plan to start creating content for it as soon as I have regular internet access once more.
Now all I have to do is re-shave my head, move into my new house, buy a new camera to replace my crappy old one that broke on the trip, and receive some cool pieces in the mail from Egocloset and I am a new woman.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Courtney Love in The People vs Larry Flynt

My boyfriend gave me a copy of The People vs. Larry Flynt to watch about a month ago because he knows I'm a Courtney fan, and I took about a trillion screencaps of all her amazing stripper-esque outfits. It's awesome how Courtney's character Althea morphs from a stripper with a heart of gold to a bondage fetish dope junkie who looks like she belongs on throughout the course of the movie.For your viewing pleasure: