Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Take on TOMS

This semester, I decided that in order to build up my credibility as a "fashion writer," I should write a fashion column for the University of Waterloo student newspaper, The Imprint. Little did the Imprint staff know, now that I'm the self-proclaimed fash-expert on campus, I am free to hurl gleeful insults at the plebes whose lack of fashion sense offends my visual sensibilities! Ok, not really. But my first article was about I think TOMS shoes are dreadfully ugly. Read on.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tiger Woods

On Sunday I finally dragged my big, cookie-eating butt out of the house, onto the Greyhound and into Toronto for the Word on the Street Festival. As a magazine culture junkie, the idea of entering a park where loads of awesome magazines are being sold for ridiculously cheap prices is akin to going on a week long coke bender. I got 3 issues of Shameless for $5 and a subscription to Maisonneuve (which is hands down one of Canada's best magazines) for $20 and that is really all that matters in life right now. Plus, I got to hang out with the awesome ladies of Worn Fashion Journal and listen to a panel on "Diversity in Fashion Magazines" (necessary) and meet the coolest cat, my favourite writer-lady Chandler Levack! All this excitement was almost to much to handle! Better than a week long coke bender!

Oh yeah, clothes. I guess I decided to cover the top half of my body in light colours and dark colours on the bottom half. I'm not really partial to sports teams but the image of a shark biting a hockey stick clean in half over a backdrop visually screaming "ATTACK!" is enough to make me a San Jose Sharks fan for life.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Soul Windows

For some odd reason, I decided it would be okay to dress up like a total colour freak last Wednesday. I thought I looked like a tumblr wet dream in my floral leggings, chunky 90s loafers and huge glasses frames but instead I ran into a friend who said "Isabel, you're wearing Christmas sweaters ALREADY??" Sorry dude. Yes, the sad truth is - Christmas sweaters are an inescapable fact of my life when the weather gets chilly.

I GOT 3RD PLACE IN THE WHOINSPIRESU VIDEO CONTEST AKA $500 buckeroos to print issue #2 of PLANT magazine with. Hurrah and my deepest thanks to everyone who voted!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Camp Suds

If I look suspiciously outdoorsy today, that's because I'm leaving the concrete to go camping with my friends this weekend. Goodbye cruel world! It's going to be freezing at night so layering is crucial; thermal socks, Michigan sweater, winter leggings and my toque's first appearance of the season!

A huge bear hug to everyone who has been voting for me in the WhoInspiresU video contest! Today is the last day to vote so if you want to read a fashion magazine with brains, get your vote in my midnight. It's been an amazing ride and I'm excited to see where it takes me!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time of the Season

I ordered these Black Milk leggings in the mail halfway through the summer and finally got the chance to wear them on this freakishly chilly day. Tomorrow I might even have to wear gloves! All hail the return of Fall season!! This is kind of the pentultimate Fall outfit because it combines my "schoolgirl skank" style direction with lat year's mega-goth jams. The peter pan collar dress, creepers and skeleton leggings are sending off some seriously spooky Wednesday Addams vibes to scare off everyone in my 8:30am class.

VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: Tomorrow is the very last day to vote for my feminist fashion magazine idea in the WhoInspiresU video contest!! Creating PLANT magazine was probably the most gratifying thing I've done with my life so far and I want to be able to continue creating independent, feminist media for a very long time, so funding is necessary. If you've already voted, vote again! It's easy! Thank you so very much.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cash for Ads

It's the last first day of back to school for me... ever! This is probably the first year EVER that I didn't have a cute back-to-school outfit planned out the night before, instead I just let the Rei Kawakubo goth jams wash over me this morning while I picked out this polka-dotted poet's blouse, mullet maxi skirt and creepers.

The skirt is a recent DIY of mine, I just picked out a plain black cotton maxi dress from the thrift store, cut it up, sewed the hem and voila! a whole new silhouette. We'll have to see if my last year of school has a whole new silhouette soon enough...

Also, this is the last week to vote for me every day in the WhoInspiresU video contest!! I'm fighting for my life here in the top three so every vote I get is absolutely crucial. If you love fashion, feminism and smartass critiques of pop culture than you would love PLANT magazine. Get in on it!

Friday, September 09, 2011

99 Problems

This outfit definitely reflects that I've been spending a bit TOO much time studying my September issue of Vogue this year. I went thrifting yesterday and found a snakeskin print skirt, chunky loafers and a chartreuse shirt - so why not show them off all at once!
Snakeskin was all over just about every page of the September issue and though I've always been partial to leopard print, I figured that as long as the print still fits into the Animal Kingdom then it isn't to far out of my comfort zone. The shirt is some weird neon athletic bicycle shirt, but I thought that it had potential so I'm looking forward to styling it in new ways.
Chunky loafers are legit.

I'm starting my final year of University on Monday and there is only ONE WEEK LEFT to vote for me in the WhoInspiresU video contest!! I'm only in third place right now and the voting is really tight so help me hold my spot in the top 3 by voting every day! I really want this feminist fashion magazine to happen and we need this cash to make it happen. Also, spread the word! Tell your momma, poppa, grandmomma to log on to the interwebs and vote for Isabel.

To all my new readers who found me via Style Rookie, I LOVE YOU ALL.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Portrait of a Generation: The Love Parade Family Book

I first read about the book "Portrait of a Generation: The Love Parade Family Book" over on James' blog Swallow Glitter, and I knew just from the hilariously clueless images he posted that I just HAD TO BUY this book. It celebrate the glory days of The Love Parade in the mid-1990s, back when it was this crazy festival that happened every year in Germany, where freaks would descend to the city of Berlin en masse and just dress really weird, get stoned and dance to techno music. Sounds like fun!

Photographer Alfred Steffen captured hundreds of kids at the Love Parade but only the most unique got published in the book. The overall aesthetic of most of the subjects is heavily dated to the 1990s raver scene, but some of the outfits are just so plain bizarre that I had to share. VIVE LA RAVE!

PS - You voted for Isabel yet today? Giddy up 'n' get going!