Friday, October 28, 2011


So I haven't blogged in a while because I had a lot of homework and my camera was malfunctioning and life kind of got in the way. But I hope everyone read the final installment of my LG Fashion Week coverage! Everything I'm doing here at University is starting to have an air of finality to it. I had to present my undergraduate thesis proposal as well as get graduation photos taken this week and it made me feel so old and tired and wasted. I have pretty serious goals but I'm not sure how I'll be able to achieve them when I'm always so worried about money. Anyways, thanks to the winnings of the WhoInspiresU video contest I was able to afford a new camera, so this blog isn't dead yet.

I've been trying to look a little fancy (read: adult) lately, always wearing heels and black pants and a scowl. But today I felt compelled to dress up a little more youthful than usual, seasonal appropriateness be damned. As always, thanks for reading my blog. You really have no idea how much it means to me that some people actually read this and kind of care about what I have to say. Mad love to everyone.

Monday, October 24, 2011

My life is charmed.

Oh, the thrift gods smile upon my once again! For some odd reason, my spidey senses were just tingling today so I decided to head to the consignment shop down my street that generally specializes in old lady blazers and Ann Taylor Loft pantsuits. But,  knowing that I've struck gold (er, silver) there before I figured it was worth a shot. Damn son, within the first five minutes of scouring the racks I came across this indescribably beautiful Chloé dress...for a mere $80. You best believe I RAN to the change room with the dresses clenched as tightly as possible, lest some middle aged woman try to snatch it away!

I got lipstick on it in the change room and thought all was lost, luckily the friendly counter girls used their magic stain remover and now it is mine, all mine!! *Cue evil laughter*

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I think I need to go back to bed.

Day 3
 Day 4

Wellll, fashion week has finally come to an end. I had a funking amazing time but I'm quite glad to be back, so that I can lounge around in sweat clothes instead of having to put "effort" into my appearance. A special thank you to all the Wornettes who were kind enough to take my outfit photos each day!

On Day 3, I wore my thrifted Comme des Garcons top from Beacon's Closet (NYC, baby!) with an American Apparel skirt and what I kindly refer to as my "fashion week boots." I bought them especially for this week because I didn't own any suitable high heels for wearing all day.

On Day 4, I finally figured out how to wear my special Balenciaga dress without looking like a matronly office worker - pair it with weird tights, a flannel shirt and 90s square toe boots. Words to live by, people!

Everyone seemed to want to take pictures of my leopard print coat, I seem to have been featured on both the Toronto Standard and Toronto Life wearing it! By the end of the week I my almost wished I wasn't wearing it because I felt like a loser who only had one "outfit." But it's been my perfect Autumn weather jacket and my most prized possession ever since I bought it six years ago, so it's not going anywhere. I guess it'll be my signature look 'til the day I die. Or possibly get a better coat, but that seems unlikely.

You can read my post on the first few days of fashion week at the Worn Fashion Journal blog, and my next post will be up soon!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well, hello there! Here I am, blogging live from the office of WORN Fashion Journal! I don't really know what's going on with this outfit, it's kind of twee-goth who loves candy and creepers? Anyways, I'm here to attend some of the fashion shows as a part of LG Fashion Week and blog about them for WORN. Even though I’ve been blogging since 2006 (we call this measure of ancient time BSB or “Before Susie Bubble”) I’ve never once been invited to a fashion show. Sometimes it makes me sad, but then I remember that:
 1) I’ve never lived in a “fashion capital” or even a “big city” before
2) My blog is more about what I’M wearing rather than about what models get paid to wear.
But times are a-changin’, and the Editor-in-Chief Serah-Marie McMahon was kind enough not only to forward all of her personal invitations over to me, but also to let me stay with her throughout the week. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the kindness of people in this world!

My first post will be up on the WORN blog in a day or two (I still have to write it, oops), but in the meantime, enjoy this hilarious photobooth picture!

In the sponsor tents there is a booth that "accessorizes" you, then takes your picture and prints it out. Whatta keepsake, thanks for the memories LGFW!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Repulsive Costume Ideas

Hallowe'een, Hallowe'en, the most magical time of the year! A time for unabashed sugar consumption (check), outrageous outfits often called "costumes," decorative gourds and parties galore.

I thought that I had my Hallowe'en costume for this year under control. I planned it almost a year in advance and all I needed to do was purchase a used Insane Clown Posse t-shirt from eBay, face paint then I would be totally set and ready to be a JUGGALO.

However, I dropped the ball and totally forgot about the eBay part. Now it's too late for me to order a t-shirt because it won't arrive in time for All Hallow's Eve! Last night I was racking my brains to come up with an equally repulsive costume idea, and then it came to me... TOMMY WISEAU!
If you haven't seen The Room, then you haven't lived. All I need is to wear black and find a long scraggly black wig, sunglasses and run around yelling "YOU'RE TEARING ME APART, LISAAA!!!!!

PS - Next week I'm in Toronto covering Fashion Week for Worn Fashion Journal! I will be attending most of the shows promise to think of clever, witty things to say about them for your reading pleasure.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hurry Up Harry

So while I was away for the weekend, chilling with my parents and getting weirded out by this unseasonable summery weather, I managed to get out of the house for a mandatory small-town thrift binge. I managed two totally solid finds.

I feel like Anne Frank (but not really, because that's kind of offensive) with these wispy pigtails, Hebrew charm necklace and 1980s lace collar dress that is totally pretending its from the 1940s. The dress is long, fancy, perfect and reminds me of the Winona Ryder dress that Sunshine was kind enough to gift me earlier this year.
Also, Look at these boots! Not only are they the pentultimate 1990s boots with their square toe and chunky heel, they are also snakeskin! SNAKE SKIN. Not the actual skin of a snake, but a real snakeskin print. Can you dig it?

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Votin' Day

Busted out some bitchin' business-goth jams yesterday and wore black lipstick for the first time since Hallowe'en 2009! Unfortunately it was a short-lived experiment since black lipstick seems to smear all over my face after 15 minutes. Better invest in some eye, ummm, I mean lipliner! I'm wearing an American Apparel gingham button down with a pair of thrifted Club Monaco slacks that I altered to be skinny. They kind of look like Audrey Hepburn pants, right? Just me? Ok.

Worn with the most perfect vintage shoes in the history of the universe.
A big thanks to all the wonderful folks who I did zine swaps with! Angry Violinist is for string players who like their music abrasive not gentle, Sweat (the hairy leg zine) is a great zine by fellow blogger Jess and Victoria made a zine about the genius of John Hughes teen movies called If You Were Here. And it's pink! Double whammy!
It's Election Day in Ontario AND Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada, so I'm on the train home to vote and spend some time with my parents. I made myself a little playlist to listen to on the lengthy train ride home. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

No Church in the Wild

This is what I wear when I just don't give a crap: thrifted Polo Ralph Lauren button-down shirt, a pilly camel cardigan from American Apparel, new Gap jeans that I'm "breaking in" (aka I've been wearing them for 4 days straight) and the Most Comfortable Boots in the World, Blundstones. Unfortunately, neither school or fashion has been particularly enthralling lately. I mean, Kanye, why did your collection have to stink so royally? You could have paid anyone to do an awesome job for you and it still looks like an awkward mash-up between Balmain and Bebe. Eww.

However, let's get all jazzed up because I've designed the cover for issue #2 of PLANT magazine. WHEEEEE, I love it! There's going to be wicked articles on everything from Harry Potter to iPhone apps to Lady Gaga vs. Marilyn Manson plus so much more. Here's hoping it'll be available for sale by November 1st!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Sometimes the shit hits the fan, and you decide that you really need new pants. I woke up yesterday frightfully disillusioned by all my leg coverings and decided that it was imperative that I to go to the mall and find a pair of tight yet comfortable black skinny pants. This sounds simple enough, but is actually a Herculean task when you don't have a standard body type. BODY, Y U NO FIT PANTS? It seems to me everyone has a pretty difficult time trying to find a great pair of pants. Is it some sort of retail conspiracy against big-hipped women? Luckily, these Gap skinnies fit the bill and were on sale to boot(y).

Also, it's rather entertaining that I'm wearing not one, but two designer Target collaborations! The cardigan is Rodarte for Target and the shirt is Paul & Joe for Target, which I magically thrifted.