Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fashion Sweatpants

Hi, welcome to the new and improved fashion blog of Isabel B. Slone. I rarely wear make-up or bras and I've started wearing sweatpants outside the house. I must admit, blogging these days feels a bit like documenting a train wreck. Look at me, I'm wearing fashion sweatpants. I believe Alexander Wang pioneered the high fashion sweatpants look a few years ago, making it socially acceptable for women to leave the house looking like the sartorial equivalent of a flipbook: fancy top half, slobby bottom half.

I was originally in the market for these Lululemon pants, but their Christmas pop-up shop came up sadly short. I scoured the rest of the uptown block, visiting at least four other stores and getting consecutively more frustrated by each one's lack of heathered grey comfy yet stylish sweats. The last store I visited was American Apparel, who (surprise, surprise) had exactly what I was looking for: tri-blend leisure pants, for a fraction of the cost of wretched "Lulus."

Do I look like I'm wearing pajama pants? Yes. But so do half of the fashion editors on Jak and Jil that wear too much jewelry and pair their spiky heels and blazers with baggy grey pants. Just because I'm dancing to the Dum Dum Girls in my room and reading about video games in this ensemble instead of going to a Dior show doesn't mean that I'm any less with it.

Ok, I have to go to work now. Guess its time to put on some real pants.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There Is A Light

I've never really considered my self a vintage girl. You know what I mean, those girls think they were born in the wrong era who like rockabilly and do their hair in pin curls and idolize pin up girls and stuff. My "healthy" appreciation for 90s fashion/music/culture may border on obsessive, but underneath it all I'm an internet-obsessed 21st century girl.

That said, one of my favourite stores to shop at is Patina Vintage in uptown Waterloo. The owner Donna is really fun to talk to because she knows the story behind each piece of clothing. The prices are super affordable, I'm talking like $20 for a really awesome blouse. I went shopping there last week to do a little "research" for my school newspaper column and came out with this perfect 1960s turquoise swing coat with huge buttons and this magnificent gold brocade crop top. The blouse was only $18 (!!!) and reminds me of the curved shoulders from Balenciaga

This lovely charm bracelet was a gift sent to me by Miss Ashley Peach of Cutey. Cutey, indeed! I never wear jewelry except for my Timex indiglo watch (which totally doesn't count, it's more like outfit furniture) but this is a friendly addition to my sad, decrepit jewelry box.

Also, mega thank-you to Meagan of Naturally Dapper for taking a picture of her shrine to PLANT magazine, complete with dolls and girly tiaras! It's perfect and I couldn't be more flattered. If you're interested in a PLANT shrine of your own, then giddy up cowboy because I added more packages of PLANT issue #1 and #2 to my Etsy shop. There are only 15 available, and this is the last time PLANT #1 will ever be printed so bring some cyber-pepper spray to beat out your competitors. Ok, just kidding. But if you're looking for a Christmas gift, give ideas instead of stuff. Give PLANT magazine.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Body of Work

It was super awkward taking pictures yesterday because the landlord is doing doing some owrk on the house, so I decided to take full advantage of the awkwardness and ham it up in full "schoolgirl skank" uniform. I bought the bobbly sweater on a recent trip to Value Village. It was a shoulderpad nightmare when I first spotted it, but I had to purchase it due to its uncanny resemblance to the Jeremy Laing bubble sweater I was obsessed with ages ago. My boyfriend thinks the bubbles look like balls of human hair. Gross! Overall, I think I look like the kind of preppy dresser that my mom might've been during her fashion career heyday in the 1980s.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tabi Cat

My desire for a pair of Maison Martin Margiela tabi boots is unparalleled and unending. Their chunky circular heel and split toe haunt my dreams with their utter perfection. My boyfriend think they're weird. He's right, but I love them anyways.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

"No Shave November"

Illustration by Katy.

If you're not a fan of dudes with facial hair, then Movember is not the month for you. Bristles sprout from manly upper lips like tulips in the spring, all to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer. Fortunately, you don't have to be a man to get in on all that hairy fun. My friend and potentially genius schoolmate Ryley Kornelsen is wearing a different mustache-themed outfit for each day in November. I can't think of a cuter way for ladies to show their support. Here are some of my favourite outfits, nabbed from her Twitpic.

Friday, November 18, 2011


So I went to Value Village in search of some pants that didn't make me feel like a total frump, and ended leaving with with possibly the frumpiest pair of 90s Gap jeans in the store. It's a little funny how the jeans that make me feel the most confident aren't the ones that are trendy or sexy, its the ones that actually just fit me comfortably. Pants that fit: what a revelation. I decided to wear it with my Cape Cod fisherman pullover for that perfect "L.L. Bean catalogue" look.

Also, have you got your copy of PLANT magazine issue #2 yet? Because Kevin did, and it looks rad with his Supreme toque. Kevin wrote an article on the evil empire of Apple and their censorship of Phone Story, an app game criticizing the environmental footprint of smartphones. Can't handle the heat? Then get outta the kitchen!

So far most of the people who have bought PLANT #2 are repeat customers, so it would be awesome to get the message out there to some fresh blood/young talent. Also, I hear that more people would be interested in purchasing a combo package of issue #1 and issue #2 if I printed more copies so leave me a comment or shoot me an email if yr interested.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Creating a Meaningful Wardrobe

It is easy to flop around life aimlessly, hoping that things suddenly present themselves to you in a neat, tidy and sensible fashion. But when you’ve floundered so long that you can barely breathe, instead you must grasp on to all the sense you can, sewing together some meaning out of some fishing line and the utterly random patchwork of jagged edges that comprise your life.

Depression, at least for me, is like swimming in a wave pool. You feel calm for a couple of minutes and learn how to breathe again until a wave crashes over you from out of nowhere and you can’t see or hear or breathe and you think you’re going to die or possibly explode. It doesn’t always matter what kind of bathing suit you’re wearing because it’s not going to stop the waves from crashing all around (Gang Gang Dance, anyone?) but clothing is your scales, fur, exoskeleton, whatever. Clothing is the first layer of armor you present to the world. What you wear is the version of yourself you want everyone else to see, though there have been more than a few times I could barely muster the energy to put on socks let alone do some colour blocking. Your clothes already provide some sort of narrative about yourself for others to read, so it seems natural that each item of clothing should have its own narrative, some unique story that makes it a special piece whether its a vintage gem or an impulse buy that changed your life.

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with the concept of creating a meaningful wardrobe. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of clothes but have nothing to wear. It’s the age-old dilemma: water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. As a thrift store queen, I’ve accumulated a vast array of wonderful, strange and unique items of clothing but not all of them are particularly suited to my lifestyle or aesthetic sensibilities during this transitionary period of my life. When I first started thrifting at age 14, I bought just about anything that looked cool. But as I got more experienced, I practiced a discerning eye and learned to hone in on the qualities that made a piece unique. Later still, I learned to purchase for both comfort and style instead of just the latter. The amount of money I’ve spent on thrift store shoes that just don’t fit is probably ghastly.

Day after day, I look at the same clothing surrounding me and find myself less drawn to a good chunk of things I once loved and found identity in. I have accumulated a large collection of similar novelty sweaters, sequins and ruffled blouses, most of which I longer have any use for. Yet this doesn’t make my collection of black ankle boots any less special, because each pair has a different quality that I bought it and wear it for. The more kitschy, novelty items in my closet have been put into storage temporarily, in the hopes I will sift through them at a later date and fall in love with them once again, understanding why I purchased them in the first place.

Other items will be leaving my closet permanently, sold online for cheap. These are things in which I have grown out of literally and figuratively, relics from an unfulfilling full-time retail job that no longer cover my slowly swelling frame. I am no longer a size extra-small, and that is perfectly fine. Instead, I need to find well-made, flattering pieces that are built to last and will grow with me instead of restrict my breathing.

Overall, I find the most pleasure in wearing clothing that has a story: a sweater that I knit by myself, a skirt which once belonged to my mother or the first pair properly-fitting of pants I bought in over four years. Some things people have sent me as gifts, which imbues them with the narrative of friendship. Still, some of these gifts have less resonance with my own style than the things I purchase for myself, because I know my own taste inside and out. As I learn how to become a better editor of my writing, I strive to become a better editor of my wardrobe as well, picking out only the pieces with the ability to make me smile, laugh and most of all, think.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tearaway Tuesdays

Judging by my last post, it seems I've delved into a seriously weird phase involving retro athletic wear? These striped Everlast leggings are certainly not the most flattering things I've ever worn on my body, but they juxtapose so deliciously with my crisp Paul & Joe (for Tarjay) button-down shirt that I couldn't resist.

My timing seems to have coincided with my discovery of this tumblr-tastic Etsy shop called "Yard Sale 666" which appears to specialize in bad wigs, Spice Girl platforms and tearaway pants.

Speaking of tearaway pants, I wrote a column about Tearaway Tuesdays for the school newspaper. It's kind of funny. Click to enlarge and read it!

Friday, November 04, 2011

PLANT #2 is here!

I absolutely adore this neon cyclist shirt, every time I wear it I feel like a saucy alien. Today I paired it with a rather normal looking black miniskirt and my Pra-duh boots to make this outfit more "fashion" and less Tour de France. There's just something about wearing pointy witch boots that makes me want to kick up my heels at the camera! I don't post multiple pictures of the same outfit too often (hello, having a fashion blog is narcissistic enough) but today's outfit deserves a 360 degree view.
Just in case you were a little curious about the title of this post, issue #2 of my feminist fashion zine PLANT is finally available for sale on Etsy. They're 5 bucks a pop, with 8 more pages than the last issue had along with 4 full colour pages. Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the WhoInspiresU? video contest for making this happen!

Or if you're a bargain hunter who hasn't bought PLANT #1, get a copy of each for only $8!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

You're Fired!

So I'm starting to get my weirdo groove back after this long period of stasis. I didn't realize how much this t-shirt looks like Marilyn Manson's creepy eyes are staring directly into your soul, eek! Also, my roommate who like to play Magic: The Gathering said the blue tights reminded him of the Nav'ii people from Avatar. I'm like a sci-fi goth Scarlett O'Hara (the skirt is definitely made out of an old curtain) today. Freak out!