Monday, January 30, 2012

My Beautiful New Bright Pink Boots

After the slew of balmy days in December/January, Old Man Winter likes to playfully remind you of his presence by shoving his steel-toed boot up your arse, cackling “Honey, I’m home!” Whenever this happens, I am usually stopped dead in my tracks, forced to wander around for the next few months like a deer in the headlights, wearing an insufficient pair of slippery-soled Doc Martens (they’re secondhand, okay?) I haven’t owned a pair of half decent winter boots since my pride and joy broke on me in 2009 and since then each winter I’ve been making do with ill-fitting substitutes purchased from a thrift store for no more than $10.

But this time, I’m going to laugh right back in Old Man Winter’s face when he comes a-creeping. That’s because I bought a pair of real (capital-w) Winter boots. They are bright pink Sorel monstrosities, and I knew I had to own them when the only pair in the store was my size. They were $90 at discount depot Winners, usually Sorels will set you back around $130 so I consider them a minor deal.

Now, not only will my feet be able to withstand slush and subzero temperatures but the colour will beat away those winter blues. I like being the girl wearing tacky bright pink boots when everyone else is swathed in black, just waiting for the cold weather to subside. I know some people will shake their heads at me in disapproval, but if I can make just a few people smile then it’ll be ok.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Born Again Blonde

(Dress: Gift from The Stylish Wanderer, Black Milk leggings, John Fluevog boots)

I was fed-up with being a boring brunette, so I decided to reject my former views on Tumblr and join the legions of "fashion girls" all around the world with ombre blonde hair. This is the most exciting thing I've done with my appearance since I shaved half of my hair off last April and proceeded to embrace the hippie lifestyle and spent a month camping in BC. I absolutely LOVE how it looks, and if anyone ever tells you that you'll look weird or they just "can't imagine you" with blonde hair, please ignore them full-stop and do your own thing.

This is me looking sultry at the webcam with blonde hair!

This is me taking a Myspace picture while winking at you with blonde hair!

This is me lounging in a chair with blonde hair!

Sorry for diverting your attention from the outfit picture to go on a rant about my hair. These brand-new John Fluevog shoes are probably the most badass (and definitely most expensive) shoes I have ever owned. They've got the nerdy aspect of being clogs, but they're black leather bitch boots with five-inch heels and buckle hardware. Plus, the square toe is all Vivienne Westwood. BEHOLD.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Julia Butterfly Hill

It is hard to imagine loving someone whose convictions are so strong that they are willing to live and die according to their beliefs. There aren't too many Joan of Arcs walking around these days, so you can forget that convictions so strong do exist until you realize that Julia Butterfly Hill lived in a tree called Luna for 738 days. She first climbed Luna, a thousand year old Redwood tree near Stafford, California in December 1997 and did not come down until 1999, when Pacific Lumber Co. agreed to preserve the tree and all others within a 200 foot buffer zone.

Julia describes what it is like to live on a small platform 180 feet above the ground in her book, The Legacy of Luna, and not to wreck the book for you, but its absolutely terrifying. The lumber company tried to starve her out of the tree and she nearly died in the violent windstorms which are very different when you are not planted safely on the ground. Throughout it all, she fielded a media wildfire making her the poster child of the environmental movement for years to come. Not only is she a beautiful woman whose strong convictions make her unique, she has a beautiful heart whose perseverance and dedication knows no bounds. We could all take a lesson in finding our passion and purpose in life from Julia Butterfly Hill.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Purp-etrator

This is photographic evidence that I own and wore purple leather pants on the day of January 11th, 2012. Nothing more, nothing less.

Worn with my gumshoe wedges, because flats just don't cut it when you're goin' grape.

Friday, January 06, 2012


I woke up this morning with a groove in my heart and so I decided that I care about being fashionable again. This is a bit like my old Miss Cross outfit, updated with a sprinkle of Scarlett O'Hara thrown in, mostly because this skirt spectacularly resembles a curtain. Then I decided I didn't look quite frumpy enough and paired the skirt with argyle tights and crocodile Doc Martens. Frumptasticness achieved!

Also, I know I've posted it before but whenever I put this coat on it's like a stick of dynamite goes off and BOOM! instant glamour is achieved. The leopard (maybe ocelot?) fur paired with a dark lipstick makes me feel like an Old Hollywood movie star who wears pin curls and smokes and says "dahhh-ling." Also, how cute is the bottom of the curtain skirt peeking out beneath the coat like a petticoat? Adorable.

I think it's only appropriate to replace the lyrics of Elton John's Crocodile Rock to "crocodile Docs," don't you?

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Good Morning 2012

My inspiration wall, including cats, flowers, dandy chipmunks and quotes.

A lot has happened since I wrote my last post on the distasteful state of the fashion blogosphere! It seems to have resonated quite a bit with many people, as I am surprised and flattered by the outpour of support regarding such a critical post on the state of the fashion industry and 'independent' media. When you see something wrong, speak up don't shut up! My original post was edited and then reposted on the Toronto Standard, which led to my first paid writing gig ever.

First of all, on December 28th, I had a birthday! If you really must know, I'm 22.

Then, I was named one of the top stylemakers in Toronto of 2011 by the inimitable Sarah Nicole Prickett, also on the Toronto Standard.

New Years is a really weird time of year because you're supposed to be reflecting on the year that passed making all of these plans, ahem, "resolutions" for the year to come. This year I have decided to bypass all superstition and refuse to make any resolutions. New Years Eve itself was a strange occasion, as it is doomed to be when you're spending it in the small town you waited your whole life to escape. Somehow nights that are prescribed to be "fun" never live up to expectations, but I had the most marvelous day of December 31st with my best friend, the talented artist Shelby Seu.

 We spent the day recreating a traditional British Afternoon Tea, with scones and jam and finger sandwiches on a cake tray using fancy china teacups. We did the same thing last year after she had just come home from an exchange term in London (England, duh) which I guess makes it an annual tradition!

Then we made an insane gingerbread house that was loosely based on Hagrid's hut, complete with a Forbidden Forest and red food colouring for Ron Weasley's hair. This is probably one of those "you had to be there" moments, but there was nowhere else I'd rather be.

I'll be spending the rest of the year with my nose deep in books like this one (Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty) on fashion, art and nature. It's my last year of university, which means that in my program I get to write a THESIS and it is haunting my dreams already. Good thing I picked an awesome topic I really care about, or else those dreams would most certainly be nightmares.